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Lithuania wildlife and bird watching holiday

This tour is designed for those who want to experience the best of Lithuanian wildlife and the chance to tick-off up to 190 species of birds. Hosting three of Lithuania's greatest birdwatching destinations – Nemunas river delta, Curronian Spit and East Lithuania – this tour offers possible sightings of some of Europe’s rarest birds. HIGHLIGHTS: Greatest bird watching destinations: Nemunas river delta, Curonian spit and East Lithuania. See up to 190 bird species including: Black-throated Diver, Black Stork, Whooper Swan, White-tailed Eagle, Osprey, Lesser and Greater-spoted Eagles, Montagu’s Harrier, Honney Buzzard, Goshawk and many others. Sightings of some Europe's rarest birds such as ... Read more >
From €1,600 excluding flights

Soviet history tour in Lithuania

This is an opportunity to see the remains of Soviet times that still stand in Lithuania. During these 4 days we want you to see and feel how it was to live under the red flag and how happy we are to be independent and free. We will uncover Soviet times in full in history, art, culture, architecture, food and meet local people on the way. HIGHLIGHTS - KGB prison and museum - Vilnius Soviet Tour with your guide - Nuclear Power Plant visit - Stop in Aukstaitijos National Park and climb the tallest view tower in Lithuania - Watch Vilnius from a soviet-built TV tower - Go all in Soviet style – ride an old Lada car! - Grutas park a place full of soviet monuments TOUR PACKAGE INCLUDES: 3 ... Read more >
From €560 excluding flights

Lithuania family short break

We invite you to spend some relaxed and easy days in Lithuanian countryside. No city buzz, no traffic jams and no noise – just you and stunning green nature around. Regain all the time for yourself – walk in the forest, row a boat on the lake or walk in a swamp. If you want some adventures – climb the tree tops – all is available in the forest stay we are bringing you. You will do some sightseeing as well, but in no hurry – have a relaxed trip to Trakai and Uzutrakis manor, enjoy the castle and lake views and try some warm and filling authentic local food. This is about getting down to earth. HIGHLIGHTS: Live in a forest resort Relax in a private beach Visit Castle and Lakes of ... Read more >
From €380 excluding flights

Baltic Flyway bird watching holiday in Lithuania

During this tour you will have the unique possibility to observe one of nature's most amazing phenomenons; the annual autumnal bird migration. The Baltic Flyway is among the most important bird migration routes in the world. Each autumn millions of birds pass through the Baltic states from their breeding grounds in Scandinavia and Northen Russia to wintering places in West Europe or Africa. Lithuania is located at the narrowest point of this flyway, thus, creating a 'bottleneck' effect for millions of passenger birds. HIGHLIGHTS: The Baltic Flyway is among the most important bird migration routes in the world Visit Vente Horn and the biggest bird ringing station in the world Watch ... Read more >
From €1,490 excluding flights

Lithuania small group holiday, 7 days

We have prepared an agenda of local best hits to spend a week in Lithuania. Not superficial, but full of authentic and memorable details. Be sure you will meet our biggest cities and get a grip on history and culture. See our main castles and countryside sights. Go off the beaten track, meet locals and get authentic experiences like smoked fish in the picturesque Curonian region. HIGHLIGHTS - Cities of Vilnius and Kaunas uncovering our history - Authentic castles of Trakai and Panemune - Authentic food of Karaims and smoked fish from a fisherman - Picturesque villages and nature of the Curonian lagoon - Curonian spit with its dunes and broad horizons - The biggest in a world Amber ... Read more >
From €900 excluding flights

Lithuania highlights holiday

There is no need to choose between Lithuania cities, history and natural beauty. Discover the fascinating diversity of Lithuania in our 9 days tour. Let us escort you around all the best places and sights that we love in Lithuania. We loaded the trip with as many authentic experiences as we could think of to make sure this will not be another-standard-tour-for-tourists. Expect to see cities and feel the countryside, breathe fresh air by the sea and see broad horizons from the sand dunes. See how green is our country. Visit Soviet remains and once the biggest Nuclear Power Plant station. This is All of Lithuania ready to take Your senses, memories and load Your luggage with good ... Read more >
From €1,600 excluding flights
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