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Lithuania wildlife and bird watching holiday

An essential Lithuania tour for birdwatchers and wildlife enthusiasts, this trip begins in the Vente Cape headland, where many birds pause during their migrations. Over the next nine days, as you venture from west to east, there will be opportunities to spot up to 190 species across some of the top birding locations in Lithuania. Black-throated Diver, Black Stork, Whooper Swan, Montagu’s Harrier and White-tailed Eagle all frequent these areas, as do some of Europe’s rarest birds, including Great Snipe, Citrine Wagtail and Greater-spotted Eagle. You’ll be accompanied throughout the trip by an expert birding guide, enabling you to find the perfect viewing positions. From the Nemunas Delta ... Read more >
From €1,600 excluding flights

Lithuania short break

Experience calm wilderness and reconnect with nature in one of the most fascinating corners of Lithuania – Curonian Spit. Explore local fishermen villages and get to know it’s long history that dates back to the Late Stone age. A picturesque walk all along the Curonian spit - a magic narrow piece of land between the Baltic sea and the Curonian lagoon. It is one of the UNESCO world heritage sights – during your walk you will pass through the white sand beaches as well as thick pine forests. You will stay in the old fishermen villages that turned into tiny resort towns. The Curonian spit is easily walkable, there is plenty of forest, sand and fresh air and no high altitudes. The route is ... Read more >
From €490 excluding flights

Soviet history tour in Lithuania

Description & Activities: Go all into the topic of Soviet Union and Cold War and discover how it felt to live under the red flag. During this tour you will be introduced to the most important sites of Vilnius during the Soviet times and get deeper understanding of the KGB repressions in the Genocide victims museum. On the other hand you will explore a nuclear bunker near Kaunas and will get an exclusive chance to visit a Cold War museum near Plateliai to get a first hand experience and knowledge about this dark period of history. HIGHLIGHTS: • Get a deeper understanding of the Cold War • Visit top Soviet military secret site • Explore KGB surveillance equipment and devices as seen in ... Read more >
From €369 excluding flights

Lithuania cultural holiday

This tour is not about running from place to place and crossing out the must see's from your list. It is a week length experience to feel the pace of no hurry locals, to breath fresh air in our vast countryside and enjoy calmness of our wild beaches. This is the best place on Earth for us. Expect to meet local fishermen and learn about their lifestyle, try our local specialties coming straight from the people who make it. HIGHLIGHTS: -Start in Vilnius. We will drive you to the nature paradise. -All stays in a local homestays -Remote nature and wild beaches -Taste our local specialties coming straight from the people who make it -Live in the village along the Curonian lagoon -Marked ... Read more >
From €890 excluding flights

Baltic Flyway bird watching holiday in Lithuania

Every October, millions of birds leave their breeding grounds in Scandinavia and northern Russia, headed for some winter sun in Western Europe and Africa. Along the way, they pass through the Baltic states and, because Lithuania is the narrowest point of this ‘Baltic Flyway’, it is a natural bottleneck where birdwatchers will be in their element. During this eight-day tour, you can expect to see many thousands of passing birds, including Black-throated and Red-throated Divers, Bewick’s swans, Capercaillie, White-tailed eagle, Merlin, Greater Scaup and countless others. You’ll arrive into Vente Cape in the Nemunas Delta, with its old but still-functioning ringing station. At the peak of ... Read more >
From €1,490 excluding flights

Self guided cycling holiday in Lithuania

Explore the Lithuanian coast and tranquil nature on this self guided cycling tour. Cycle through small fishermen villages while enjoying the beautiful wildlife and landscape. Most days will involve cycling between 18-35 miles a day. There is no need to worry about carrying your luggage and bikes as we will take care of all the logistics. Stay with locals and experience true Lithuanian hospitality and spirit. HIGHLIGHTS: -Cycle through the paths where no car can pass -Hike Sand dunes and pine forests of the Curonian spit -Explore small fishermen villages along the Curonian lagoon -Visit Lithuanian summer capital Palanga -Experience real sauna on the beach -See the only seaport of ... Read more >
From €845 excluding flights

Lithuania family short break

Description & Activities: This is not your usual tour of hopping and ticking off the three Baltic capitals, this is a true off the beaten track adventure where you will get it all - see our biggest cities with their charming old towns and get out to the countryside, exploring nature trails and rivers by hiking, kayaking or cycling. We want to show you the real Baltic states like we would enjoy exploring them ourselves. HIGHLIGHTS: • Discover Vilnius, Riga and Tallinn - charming Baltic capital cities • Get out to nature by hiking, paddling or cycling • Have a picnic on an island in Trakai • Stay with locals in their home and taste delicious home made food! • Off the beaten track hikes • 5 ... Read more >
From €1,295 excluding flights

Lithuania small group holiday, 7 days

This small group tour of Lithuania showcases many of the country’s must-see destinations, as you depart from the capital, Vilnius, to explore castles, lakes and lagoons. Begin in Trakai, which is among the most popular day trips from Vilnius, and home to a stunning castle that stands on an island in the lake. This is an excellent place not only to try a traditional Lithuanian dinner, but also to snack on some tasty kibinas, which are pastries stuffed with meat and onion. You’ll see Kaunas, with its beautiful historic architecture, and the small town of Rumsiskes where a collection of carefully restored buildings provide a fascinating glimpse of rural Lithuanian life through the ... Read more >
From €945 excluding flights

Lithuania highlights holiday

Description & Activities: There is no need to choose between Lithuanian cities, history and natural beauty. Discover the fascinating diversity of Lithuania in 9 days and meet many friendly local people. Let us escort you around all the best places and sights that we love in Lithuania. We loaded the trip with as many authentic experiences as we could think of to make sure this will not be another standard tour for tourists. Expect to see cities and feel the countryside, breathe fresh air by the sea and see broad horizons from the sand dunes. Get couple days at your leisure in the magic land of water and birds - stay with locals and try homemade local food and specialties. This is all of ... Read more >
From €1,195 excluding flights

Highlights of Baltic States holiday

An agenda of local best hits to spend a week in Baltic countries. Full of authentic and memorable details. This tour is about you getting to know Baltic countries: biggest cities and get a grip on history, culture and nature. There is so much to see and to feel in here! You’ll start in Vilnius – marvelous historical city with 48 churches, green parks and cozy Old Town’s streets. Keep in mind all red roofs of Vilnius because these roofs will be the first recognizable thing in Riga. Some say Vilnius and Riga are quite similar, others deny this – well, you will get the chance to compare it by yourself. Your last stop on this beautiful journey – charming Tallinn with all secrets, stories ... Read more >
From €1,050 excluding flights
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