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Agriculture volunteering in Indonesia

This agricultural volunteering trip in Indonesia takes you to Ende, a city on Flores Island that’s had huge farming potential for centuries. Its vast farms and lands create a quaint charm of a serene village. However, the sector has been struggling; local children today prefer to leave farming behind in favour of urban office jobs. The volunteering programme you’ll join was established to help smallholder farmers continue their businesses while keeping them environmentally and financially sustainable in a highly competitive global industry. Become a force of empowerment for local farmers by sharing your knowledge, from teaching English to navigating social media platforms for ... Read more >
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Volunteer with young people in Indonesia

Established in 2014, this community service initiative aims to provide non-formal learning opportunity for the local children and young people in Lumajang, East Java. Its projects are geared to empower the locals and build their capacities while remaining close to their roots of culture and traditions. In this program, you will be participating in their up-and-coming permaculture garden. If you have a green thumb, this is your chance to try farming first-hand in their eco-projects. But, worry not! If you have no prior experience in the field, this can be a wonderful opportunity for you to learn about responsible agricultural practices. You can also work at their open library and assist in ... Read more >
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Youth development volunteering in Java

On this volunteering trip to Indonesia, you’ll join a diverse range of student volunteers in their daily tasks, such as making inventories and archiving, as well as taking part in conducting research and facilitating community service projects in the field. There are a wide range of projects with diverse focus areas, from the empowerment of women and children to developing community-based tourism. A university town will be your base – an opportunity to immerse yourself in campus and community life. A day’s orientation session will help with that, as well as a quick lesson in Bahasa Indonesia. You’ll also stay with a local host family, who’ll help you navigate Java and its rich traditional ... Read more >
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Bee Conservation in Bali

Honey bees are responsible for over 80 percent of the world’s produce, yet its population is on a dangerously steady decline. With an NGO partner in Bali, you’ll get the chance to help protect these tiny threatened creatures and the environment they rely on to thrive. In the NGO’s HQ in southeasterly Sanur, you’ll work alongside fellow bee campaigners on developing a project plan, crowd funding campaign management, social media marketing and admin. But the volunteering will also take you all over the island as you help set up and develop the West Bali Plan Bee Centre and visit other beekeeping farms on the island. You might also be asked to help develop training support tools and lead ... Read more >
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Teach English in Indonesia

Dubbed as the next Raja Ampat, Mandeh boasts stunning natural beauty known to only a few. Consisting of small islands, the area boasts white sand stretching along the coastlines, towering cliffs over the water, and lush forests covering its land. In this program, you will teach English to local youth representatives in informal classes as a way to empower them with skills that will benefit their personal growth as well as others'. This program is part of an effort in developing the ecotourism field in Mandeh. It aims to prepare locals in receiving international visitors and minimizing the language barrier in interactions with local businesses, as well as day-to-day life. Bask in the ... Read more >
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Indonesia volunteering with traditional Balinese culture

This volunteering trip to Bali places you in a library in Ubud that’s home to over 30,000 books – along with a wealth of learning opportunities for its community. You’ll join an informal educational project that lays on intensive lessons in Balinese dance and gamelan music, learning and playing alongside local people who are passionate about preserving their craft. Help the library by organising after-school reading events and teaching English (or your native language) in an informal setting. Throughout this Bali cultural volunteering trip, you’ll stay in modest housing in the library – a great opportunity to meet the community you’re helping. You’ll also get a full-day orientation and a ... Read more >
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Community volunteering in Bali

The village of Bengkala in rural Bali is known for its inclusivity, where the deaf-mute community (known as the Kolok) can develop their local sign language. It became one of the primary means of communications in the village, and the Kolok can integrate with hearing people in the community with little difficulty. Embark on a community development journey by helping with basic life skill training and workshop sessions on topics such as household finances and waste management. Assist literacy workshops and help develop the creative economy, establishing a sustainable community-based tourism. You’ll get the chance to become part of a tight-knit community that not only embraces diversity, but ... Read more >
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