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Law internships in Sri Lanka

This law internship in Sri Lanka will give you valuable insight into the workings of the legal profession. You'll work at a small law firm in the middle of Negombo, a lively city on Sri Lanka’s west coast, alongside five friendly local lawyers, all of whom speak good English. Godfrey, the head partner of the firm is also an acting magistrate in the city. Although they speak Singhalese and Tamil in Sri Lanka, the official language of law is English. Most court hearings take place in English, and all legal documentation is in English. While the bulk of your day to day work will involve proofreading and using your native English skills, you’ll also get the chance to get involved in current ... Read more >
From £995 excluding flights

India sports coaching volunteering

You will have the opportunity to coach cricket, football, tennis, volleyball, badminton, basketball and table tennis to many age groups mainly in secondary schools in the bustling city of Madurai. The schools we work with are all situated in the bustling city of Madurai in the southern state of Tamil Nadu. The schools are mainly ‘Matriculation’ which means that English is taught as the first language. These schools tend to have play areas for sport which is enjoyed as PE classes throughout the day. However most of the schools have only basic equipment such as a few deflated footballs, no nets or bibs and potholed pitches! Some schools even use the car park as a playing ground. Although ... Read more >
From £945 excluding flights

Sports coaching volunteering in South Africa

Coach football and other sports to local children in underprivileged schools. Double your experience by combining this sports project with teaching in the schools for an all round, varied and exciting experience! What you'll gain from the project: - The incredible satisfaction of knowing that you’ve helped deserving children. - An exciting, never-to-be-forgotten adventure into Africa and the many diverse cultures in South Africa. - New skills, more confidence, a greater understanding of a different culture, invaluable personal and professional development. - An entry on your CV or résumé that will put you head and shoulders above most others in the job market. - And best of all ... Read more >
From £895 excluding flights

Volunteer with horses in Florida, USA

Get stuck in and make a real difference to the lives of rescued mustang horses, who have been neglected and abused, at our dedicated rescue centre in Florida. The Centre was founded back in 2000 to address the fate of mustangs that are taken from the wild. After these mustangs are captured, they are placed in holding pens where they await adoption. Currently there are over 40,000 horses awaiting adoption. The ones that don’t get adopted, are killed. You'll help to rehabilitate these wild horses, so that they have a chance of being adopted into good homes and have a dignified life! Your volunteer work at the centre is totally focused on helping the horses! For example – on some of the ... Read more >
From £845 excluding flights

Medical work experience in Madurai, India

Our medical work experience placements are based in the delightful and bustling town of Madurai in the southern state of Tamil Nadu. We work with many different hospitals and clinics which have a variety of departments. For example, one is a non-profit charitable institution and is ideal if you hope to gain an all round exposure to medicine. Here you start the day with the superintendent in charge of the hospital and accompany him on his ward rounds to see the in-patients. You will then most likely be assigned to a doctor or nurse and they will explain the workings of their job. The departments you may work in are the burns unit, ICU, physiotherapy, X-Ray and dentistry. What you'll gain ... Read more >
From £895 excluding flights

Teaching projects in Livingstone, Zambia

Teaching takes place in Livingstone town, a quaint but lively area very close to Victoria Falls. You will assist in teaching anything from English to maths and sports to children aged between 2 and 16 years. Your help will form an important part of their educational and social development. Livingstone is a very friendly place and the schools are no exception! You don't need any qualifications to take part in this programme. The level of education of the children in Zambia does differ, and it will be up to you and the Principle to find out how best to use your skills. You will be accommodated in a small, modern, and lively hostel situated in the center of Livingstone. The hostel has a very ... Read more >
From £795 excluding flights

Learn to Tango in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Learning the Tango in the home of this flamboyant dance! During your first week you'll be taken to see a Tango Show. Tango shows include both singing and dancing and take place in local theatres. Currently, “Homero Manzi” and "La Esquina Balcarce" are both popular shows which interpret the story and history of Tango from its early beginnings to date. Your dance lesson schedule will allow plenty of time for sightseeing and absorbing the experience of being in Argentina. Location: The romance of Argentina takes one's breath away. The natural wonders alone take some beating! From the northern deserts to the southern Andean Cordillera, from Iguazú Falls to the magnificent desolation of ... Read more >
From £1,390 excluding flights

Sports coaching and teaching volunteering in Perth, Australia

Rewarding refugee sports coaching and teaching underprivileged children. Make a difference by helping refugee children in Perth. This is a unique sports project where you can coach sports and teach English to refugee children from war-torn countries. The Refugee Project is a very worthwhile project designed to help disadvantaged refugee children to adjust and settle into their new home. If you do any placement in Perth, an Indigenous Heritage Tour in Kings Park, Perth's No. 1 tourist attraction, is included in your itinerary, free of charge. What you'll gain from doing this project: - An exciting, never-to-be-forgotten adventure into Down Under Australia! - New skills, more ... Read more >
From £2,400 excluding flights

Coach football in Brazil

Brazilians are passionate about football! The national obsession with football appears to be instilled in children of all ages and classes, who can often be seen having a game of barefoot soccer on the dusty backstreets of towns and cities across the country. On the football project, you'll be working at a really great football club in the north of Rio - the poorest area and so the area most in need of voluntary help. The club trains everyone, from younger kids right up to older students of around 18 who are really great at football. Their aim is to get these kids off the street and provide football lessons to give them something creative to focus on. The only thing required by the club is ... Read more >
From £995 excluding flights

Volunteer with children at a creche in Brazil

A very deserving placement working with pre-school children that has a high feel-good factor. Do you fancy teaching little ones who could really use your time, energy and affection? Throughout Brazil, in a beautiful town next to the grand Iguaçu Falls and within inner city areas of Rio de Janeiro, there are many 3-6 year old girls and boys with magnificent spirit and from very poor families, waiting for volunteers to share their joy with! One particular crèche that we work with desperately needs voluntary assistance because they are in danger of being shut down by the Government due to a lack of funds to pay for building repair work. On this project you'll be working in one of our many ... Read more >
From £1,295 excluding flights

Game capture and relocation in South Africa

Game captures usually only take place when there are too many animals of a particular species on land that is not big enough to sustain their numbers. The game is usually captured so that it can be relocated to another Reserve or game farm that may not have sufficient of the species or that wants to repopulate its land with a species that once was indigenous but now no longer lives there. Game capture and relocation is essential for restocking new areas and keeping the different populations diverse amongst the Reserves. It plays a major part in conserving endangered species and is a positive means of stimulating the local economy and providing local jobs. You'll have the rare opportunity ... Read more >
From £1,595 excluding flights

Teaching English in South Africa

This teaching English in South Africa volunteering project is based in the lovely coastal town of Knysna. You will be teaching disadvantaged children there, initially assisting the teacher but eventually leading classes on your own, if you feel confident to do so. There are typically between 15 and 40 students in each class. The emphasis of this 14 day project is on helping students to speak English – there’s no need to be an expert in grammar and literature to volunteer, although you need to be comfortable standing up in front of the class. Sometimes, you might be asked to help out with other subjects, but this is optional. If you’d like to teach other subjects, including sports, drama, ... Read more >
From £895 excluding flights

Elephant conservation project in Sri Lanka

Help conserve the Elephants and other wildlife of Sri Lanka in Wasgamuwa National Park. Go back to basics in stunning rural Sri Lanka and play a part in the conservation and protection of the county's majestic giants while getting involved in the local community. A real gem of a project!. The main aim of the project is to "save elephants, other biodiversity and their habitats by helping people". The activities undertaken on this project are vast, and you could find yourself involved in any number of things while working and living in Wasgamuwa. One moment you could be laying cameras to identify new leopard trails, and then next you could be staying overnight in a treehouse to watch for ... Read more >
From £1,545 excluding flights

Game Reserve conservation in South Africa

You'll work on one, two or all four of the Game Reserves, depending on how long your placement is for. You'll gain a wealth of conservation knowledge and experience working under qualified conservation experts and on location out in the bush on a daily basis. You'll definitely experience Africa in a way that no mere tourist can! If you do this project for up to four weeks, you can choose which Game Reserve you'd like to work on. If your project is for longer than 4 weeks, you will most likely work on all three Game Reserves - a fantastic experience! The experience you'll gain on this project is varied and fascinating. You'll be the Conservation Monitor's right hand, assisting with all ... Read more >
From £1,795 excluding flights

Volunteer with deaf children in South Africa

Help children with hearing difficulties. Work in a school in Cape Town that caters for partially and fully deaf children. You'll work with children from 3 to 13 years old, right from when they're first introduced to sign language. The content of the lessons is the same as a regular school, so any subjects you have some knowledge in would be most welcome. Your help and support are appreciated by everyone, but mostly by the children! The school is very poor with just a few classrooms, library and a hall, so every bit of involvement makes an incredible difference! The project is located in a suburb of Cape Town, called Observatory, situated at the bottom of Devil’s Peak (so named because of ... Read more >
From £1,145 excluding flights

Lion rehabilitation volunteering in South Africa

Help with the care and rehabilitation of lions. These animals have been rescued from hunting facilities and relocated to a beautiful Wildlife Reserve which will give them sanctuary for the rest of their lives! The end-goal is to allow rescued lions to live in a protected area. The project does not support or involve breeding or cub ‘petting’, however, there may be initial hands-on care needed for a short while if younger lions and cubs are rescued. Your work will offer a variety of opportunities, including some veterinary experience and possible participation in game captures (which are hugely exciting!). You’ll also get involved in other conservation-related fields, including wildlife ... Read more >
From £1,475 excluding flights

Teaching assistants in New Zealand

Teach at a school in the largest city in New Zealand, Auckland. You will be teaching at a school where the children are from underprivileged countries and communities. A lot of the children come from different backgrounds and countries such as Somalia, Ethiopia and the South Pacific islands. You will work as an assistant teacher, helping small groups of children in a variety of subjects. You'll be accommodated in a centrally located lodge that is friendly and relaxing, making it ideal for long-term stays. You may have your own room or you may share a room with other volunteers. There is a communal kitchen and storage area for cooking meals and plenty of space to relax. Entertainment ... Read more >
From £1,495 excluding flights

Rainforest conservation in the Amazon, Peru

This multi-activity project is an opportunity to live and work in the greatest jungle in the world - the Amazon! - Visit one of the most bio-diverse regions in the world - Experience life in the Amazon jungle - Trek through the rainforest - Live in a beautiful, traditional lodge - Participate in important conservation projects - Train with experienced guides and conservationists - Understand the issues for rainforests & endangered species - Contribute towards scientific research - Adventure through mountains, rivers and forests The Project takes place at a centre based in the Manu Biosphere Reserve, which is a large conservation area located in the South Eastern corner of Peru in ... Read more >
From £1,695 excluding flights

Teach children in Cambodia

Under the supervision of the Buddist Monk you can teach English, Music, Sports, Drama and Healthcare. This very friendly school really wants you to come and help out! You’ll live in a sociable and lively guesthouse in Siem Reap, commuting daily (possibly by tuk-tuk!) into the heart of the ancient Angkor Wat ruins. You don't need any qualifications for this project and you’ll experience the best of city, history and spirituality that Cambodia has to offer… and that's saying something! This extremely friendly school is a non-government organisation and is very keen to have volunteers. The NGO was established and recognised by the Cambodian Government in February 2006. The school is based in ... Read more >
From £525 excluding flights

Teach children in Brazil

You can teach a huge variety of subjects in Brazil, in just about every type of institution, with children, teenagers and adults. Teaching here is exciting and rewarding. You will have students from a variety of backgrounds, and you are likely to learn about their culture as they will hopefully learn from you. Many of the children that you will teach, particularly in Rio, are from some of the poorest areas, but they are full of life and their cheeky manner is infectious and endearing! We have a selection of institutions that you can teach at, each one individual with its own atmosphere and attraction. Some cater for children ranging in age, from the very young, where you will probably ... Read more >
From £995 excluding flights
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