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Law internships in Sri Lanka

Intern in a small practice in Negombo (5 lawyers), which means you'll gain experience across all areas of law. The variety will be greater than you would be exposed to in a big practice. There are 2 Courts in Negombo that conduct proceedings in English and you'll attend both, as well as assisting in other duties, such as drafting legal documents, in the office. You'll learn about the Sri Lankan Constitution and also gain an insight into the history and background of the Sri Lankan Legal System. Sri Lankan law is based upon two legal systems - 95% of Sri Lankan criminal law is based on the British legal system, the other 5% of their criminal law is based upon South African law. Some of the ... Read more >
From £745 excluding flights

Sports coaching volunteering in South Africa

Combine sports coaching with some teaching in poor township schools in the coastal resort of Knysna. Sport classes are run in conjunction with the Life Orientation classes and the average class size is between 15 and 40. The purpose of these classes is to develop Team work, Confidence, Self Esteem, Communication Skills and Leadership. You can coach a variety of sports, such as Cricket, Football, Netball and Rugby. Although facilities are basic, there is still a lot that you can do to help the children in their development of sports skills. The purpose of the Life Orientation classes is to develop Team work, Confidence, Self Esteem, Communication Skills and Leadership. These classes also ... Read more >
From £1,695 excluding flights

Sports coaching and teaching volunteering in Perth, Australia

Combine coaching sports with teaching in Primary Schools in Perth. You'll coach refugee children and also do some teaching, helping them to adjust to their new home country. Your efforts help them to learn new skills and gives them the confidence to interact with their peers on a level playing field (pardon the pun). If you do any placement in Perth, a City Cultural Tour is included in your itinerary, free of charge. You'll soak up the many faces of Perth, from the relaxed yet buzzing atmosphere to the impressive cultural elements that make up this fascinating city. This is a wonderful way to get to know your new home. WORK CONTENT AND DESCRIPTION: The majority of the schools we work ... Read more >
From £2,595 excluding flights

Learn to Tango in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Learn to dance the TANGO in Buenos Aires with a private teacher. Lessons are tailored to your level of expertise. Five private 2-hour Tango classes per week. Our teachers will take you to a local ‘milonga’ so you can see and feel the true Argentina Tango, Latin American dancing at its best! During your programme you'll have lessons with one of two private tango teachers who regularly teach in various places throughout Buenos Aires. Both teachers are very famous in Argentina. The lessons scheduled for you are: Five private tango classes per week, each lasting two hours. These will usually be taken in the afternoons but there will be some flexibility, depending on your teacher’s ... Read more >
From £1,395 excluding flights

Coach football in Brazil

Brazilians love all sports, but they're passionate about football! Children of all ages can often be seen having a game of barefoot soccer on the dusty backstreets of towns and cities across the country. You'll coach children from local communities at NGO’s or public schools. You'll help with different types of sports, such as football, volleyball, basketball, handball and tennis. You'll assist the Sports teachers in their regular lessons, introducing your culture and sports specialities from your country! This is an exciting opportunity to also develop your own coaching project, showing your sports techniques, games played in your country, different styles, anything that can add to the ... Read more >
From £1,295 excluding flights

Learn Mandarin in China

Ni Hao and Welcome to China! Immerse yourself in the Chinese language and culture through our Mandarin language courses in Guilin. Suitable for Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced levels. The modules are flexible to your specific needs, such as learning the language for leisure or for work/business purposes. Your programme will start with a cultural immersion week where you’ll meet the local people, taste the local cuisine and get familiar with Chinese customs. INTRODUCTION AND CULTURAL IMMERSION WEEK You’ll meet the local people, taste the local cuisine and get familiar with Chinese customs. Your mornings will be spent learning and understanding cultural customs before adventuring into ... Read more >
From £695 excluding flights

Volunteer with horses in Florida, USA

Get stuck in and make a real difference to the lives of rescued mustang horses, who have been neglected and abused, at our dedicated rescue centre in Florida. The Centre was founded back in 2000 to address the fate of mustangs that are taken from the wild. After these mustangs are captured, they are placed in holding pens where they await adoption. Currently there are over 40,000 horses awaiting adoption. The ones that don’t get adopted, are killed. You'll help to rehabilitate these wild horses, so that they have a chance of being adopted into good homes and have a dignified life! Your volunteer work at the centre is totally focused on helping the horses! For example – on some of the ... Read more >
From £895 excluding flights

Teaching English in South Africa

This teaching English in South Africa volunteering project is based in the lovely coastal town of Knysna. You will be teaching disadvantaged children there, initially assisting the teacher but eventually leading classes on your own, if you feel confident to do so. There are typically between 15 and 40 students in each class. The emphasis of this 14 day project is on helping students to speak English – there’s no need to be an expert in grammar and literature to volunteer, although you need to be comfortable standing up in front of the class. Sometimes, you might be asked to help out with other subjects, but this is optional. If you’d like to teach other subjects, including sports, drama, ... Read more >
From £1,695 excluding flights

Construction volunteering in Cambodia

Get your hands dirty and help the poorer communities in Cambodia with their construction projects. The main construction site is at a local school allocated to the poor (much of which has been built with the help of volunteers), but also can take place on other sites where development construction assistance is needed. Work could include painting, vegetable gardening, making furniture, constructing pathways, building new classrooms and general repairs. Your programme will start with an introduction week where you’ll visit cultural sites in Siem Reap and learn about language and rich culture of Cambodia. It’s a great way to get to know the town and everything required to make your stay more ... Read more >
From £645 excluding flights

Volunteer with children at a creche in Brazil

Volunteer to care for young children from poor backgrounds in the beautiful beach town of Florianopolis Island. Activities are mainly based on helping the teachers to take care of the children, as well as developing educational games and recreational activities. You'll mainly be playing with the children, feeding them, reading to them and finding ways to interact and help them learn. If you have any special skills, such as playing a musical instrument, sports, arts, etc., you'll be even more welcomed (if that's possible!). The Creche is a strong proponent of volunteers assisting them because they firmly believe that the cultural exchange is very beneficial to the children. This crèche ... Read more >
From £1,295 excluding flights

Media work experience in the Amazon, Peru

This 3-month Multimedia Work Experience Internship programme is fantastic for anyone wanting to launch a career in media or even for someone just looking for a career break. You will receive weekly workshops in writing, photography, filmography and design skills, along with in the field training and one-on-one meetings. You will get to understand the scientific process and what it takes to conserve biodiversity by working alongside conservation researchers in the field…all in the heart of the Amazon! At the start of your three month internship, you will travel to, a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the most biodiverse places on Earth, in the remote south-eastern Peruvian ... Read more >
From £4,595 excluding flights

Teach children in Peru

Assist as a teacher of various exciting subjects to primary or secondary schools in rural areas of Northern Peru... Your main objective will be to assist a local Peruvian teacher in their class. The flexible setup of this program allows you to assist the teacher in not just formal school subjects, but also other fun and active extra-curricular activities! During this program, you will be supporting the teaching of local primary or secondary schools in nearby villages, all of which are within a 30 minute drive from the accommodation. You'll be driven to your school each morning on a minibus. You'll assist the regular Teachers as they teach the subject, helping wherever you can. You can ... Read more >
From £1,470 excluding flights

Construction volunteering in Fiji

This is a great project to keep you active, fit, and creative. You'll help to renew and build beautiful structures for children and the local communities which suffered as a recent of the recent cyclone disaster. You'll take part in construction and renovation projects to help develop infrastructures for the local community and also for the school children. You'll help to renovate or build parks, playgrounds, classrooms, kindergartens and more, so join us on this beautiful island and help to make a community happy! This Construction project was initiatved to help the local community by sheltering those in need and to start reconstructing and repairing what was lost during the cyclone ... Read more >
From £845 excluding flights

Medical work experience in Madurai, India

Gain insight into the workings of a hospital in a different country. Generally, your day will start with accompanying the doctors on ward rounds to see the in-patients. You'll also be able to sit in on doctor-patient consultations. You'll be assigned to a doctor or nurse who will supervise you. You'll have more in-depth or less in-depth hands-on experience depending on whether you're studying medicine, are qualified, or have not yet started your studies. We work with many different hospitals and clinics which have a variety of departments. All of our medical placements work extensively with the local community and some offer free services to the poor and needy of Madurai; one of our ... Read more >
From £845 excluding flights

Social work experience in South Africa

Work with social workers who provide Counselling services to people in need of support owing to emotional problems. These can include marital and family stress, depression, mid-life crisis, divorce counselling, HIV-related counselling, conflict management and parenting. The Society is very much family orientated, serving to help resolve family problems and disintegration. You'll learn a lot about all the areas of counselling and social work that they deal with. "The volunteers we receive through this company add a special dimension to our activities. Some come with the enthusiasm and youth of being newly qualified and others with a wealth of experience, having practiced and worked for ... Read more >
From £1,695 excluding flights

Elephant conservation project in Sri Lanka

This is an amazing project! The main aim is to "save elephants, other biodiversity and their habitats by helping people". The activities are diverse - one moment you're observing elephants overnight in a tree-house, and the next you're helping to reduce human-elephant conflict in the national park. A real gem of a project! If you want to go back to the very basics, in a stunningly beautiful part of the world, helping local people and the local wildlife ... this project is perfect for you! You’ll do work that is really valued and that makes a significant difference to people’s lives. And the location is breathtaking! Your work covers a broad range of elements and activities. You’ll also ... Read more >
From £1,095 excluding flights

Lion rehabilitation volunteering in South Africa

Help with the care and rehabilitation of lions. These animals have been rescued from hunting facilities and relocated to a beautiful Wildlife Reserve which will give them sanctuary for the rest of their lives! The end-goal is to allow rescued lions to live in a protected area. The project does not support or involve breeding or cub ‘petting’, however, there may be initial hands-on care needed for a short while if younger lions and cubs are rescued. Your work will offer a variety of opportunities, including some veterinary experience and possible participation in game captures (which are hugely exciting!). You’ll also get involved in other conservation-related fields, including wildlife ... Read more >
From £1,475 excluding flights

India sports coaching volunteering

Help children to improve their football skills in secondary schools where you'll normally help out with all age groups. The children are a joy to teach as they are incredibly enthusiastic about games. They turn up for training each day eager to learn new skills, have fun and practice their English. Coaching sports has immeasurable indirect benefits for the children, such as health awareness, increased confidence and social skills. You'll usually coach for 3 to 5 hours at one school only, however there is a possibility that you may coach in two sessions and at two different venues. You will work in secondary schools and you will normally help out with all age groups. The schools we work ... Read more >
From £1,295 excluding flights

Game Reserve conservation in South Africa

Summary: Work with a professional team (supported by WWF amongst others), with Cheetah, African Wild Dog and Black Rhino, as well as priority species like Elephant, Lion, Rhino, Leopard and Buffalo. You'll work across different Wildlife Reserves, helping to track wildlife, mapping the sightinhgs, observing animal behaviour and herd dynamics for research purposes, photographing and assisting with game counts, and so much more! You'll work in small teams of no more than five wildlife volunteers per reserve, so you have one-on-one time with the monitors – gaining true conservation experience. The experience you'll gain is varied and fascinating. You'll be the Monitor's right hand, assisting ... Read more >
From £1,895 excluding flights

Game capture and relocation in South Africa

You'll experience and witness some extraordinary sights, learn a great deal about African wildlife and work with the local community. Your work will include some veterinary experience, participation in some game captures (hugely exciting!), some community work and some wildlife monitoring. You may also get involved in other conservation-related fields. The amount of time you will have in the different areas will vary depending on the length of time you are there and what type of work is taking place or required at that time: WILDLIFE MONITORING: This could include: * Tracking and locating a particular species * Mapping the sightings * Collecting data * Setting up camera traps or * ... Read more >
From £1,595 excluding flights
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