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Morocco horse riding holiday, beach ride

Morocco has a long tradition of horsemanship that stretches back centuries: Julius Caesar is said to have chosen a Barb stallion to ride to do battle with the Gauls. A “Barb” is a horse from the Barbary Coast and is renowned for its courage, sure-footedness and verve. The Barb is one of the oldest breeds in the world and their genes are found in many modern thoroughbreds and race horses. Only the Arab has had a greater influence on modern breeds, and the Arab and Barb share many qualities and characteristics. This ride takes place on a section of the Barbary Coast that is difficult to access by vehicle, with pristine stretches of Atlantic-washed sand and secluded little coves. It passes ...Read more >
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Iceland horse riding holiday

This trip combines riding with visiting some of the most beautiful natural areas in Iceland; also included are activities such as hiking, hot-spring bathing and whale watching. We ride six half-days, enjoy a relaxing bath in the hotel´s hot tubs or even in a natural warm river and visit the beautiful Gullfoss waterfall, the hot springs at Geysir and Thingvellir National Park.Read more >
From £1,195 excluding flights

Horse riding holiday in Iceland

This horse riding holiday in Iceland is a five day adventure holiday into Icelandic wilderness, and yet all within a few hours’ drive from Reykjavik. A small group, fully guided holiday, riding on Icelandic horses, most of the riding takes place in Thorsmork Nature Reserve, in the south of the country. Thorsmork is a stunning location for riding and takes you well off the usual tourism trail into a hidden valley. Surrounded on three sides by glaciers, you will have four days of adventurous riding, fording glacial rivers, around dramatic waterfalls, traversing lava fields and exploring the volcanic landscapes in and around Eyjafjallajökull, the volcano that erupted in 2010. Although now ...Read more >
From £1,375 excluding flights

Horse riding holiday in Iceland, 5 days

This short summer riding holiday takes place in Iceland, The “land of ice and fire”Home of the Vikings and home of their tough little horses, The island has a wealth of natural phenomena including hot springs, live volcanos, snowy mountains, glaciers and off-shore some of the most exciting whale watching you could wish for. In the summer months the sun hardly sets A horse riding holiday in Iceland is special because of the horses as much as the terrain: these tough little horses (14hh to 14:2hh) can carry a large man over the roughest ground. When we ride in groups we often take a herd of spare horses, running free, alongside.Riding within such a large community of horses is pretty ...Read more >
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Dartmoor horse riding holiday, England

Dartmoor conjures up images of man-swallowing bogs shrouded in mist with the Hound of the Baskervilles baying at your heels; pathless uplands with rocky outcrops and the call of ravens. As UK wilderness areas go, Dartmoor has an edge of excitement; an element of the unknown and a reputation for being hard riding. Some of that’s true and there’s no doubt you need to know where you’re going and to trust your horse. But if you have the right gear, a reliable horse, knowledgeable guide and a spirit of adventure, then Dartmoor is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. I don’t know how many years riding experience we have between us, but it’s a lot! We know the Moor well and have put together a ...Read more >
From £1,250 excluding flights

Horse riding holiday in Sierra Nevada Mountains, Spain

Andalusian horses are famous all over the world, and the Sierra Nevada is their homeland. Our well-schooled, forward-going horses enjoy their work and will carry you through their "backyard" comfortably. This is a one week ride that can begin on any Saturday. We can meet you at Malaga airport, or you can make your own way to the stable-yard. If you are driving yourself in a hire car please ask for our printed directions. When you arrive at the ranch we will match you to a horse so that you are in harmony. The trail is "progressive" which means we move on each night or every couple of nights, always experiencing new terrain and new environments to ride through. Accommodation is in small ...Read more >
From £1,055 excluding flights

Zambia wildlife holiday, the Luangwa Valley

Visit the Luangwa Valley to explore the best wildlife viewing in Zambia; untouched grassland, broad, sandy rivers and the natural beauty of the valley. The Luangwa River rises in the northeast of Zambia, close to the three corners where Malawi, Tanzania and Zambia converge and flows southwest into the Zambezi River, downstream from Victoria Falls. The river valley in this remote part of Africa is a paradise for wildlife: there’s a low human population, no major roads run through the area and the foot-fall from safari-goers is miniscule. The few people who do explore this area discover an Africa as it was in the 1950’s – pristine wilderness. The Luangwa Valley is home to an astonishing ...Read more >
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Catalonia horse riding, Pyrenees to the Mediterranean

The ride begins in mountain meadows then enters the national park rising up to the Pyrennees Mountains; max altitude is 1,200 metres above sea level. We explore some pristine Pyrennean wilderness and have several opportunities to swim, sometimes (where access allows) with your horse. There are frequent level sections with smooth trails for a faster pace. Riders should be happy to get over natural obstacles such as rivers, gullies and dips but there is no jumping during this ride. The real treat of this ride is the breed of horse we will be riding, the Andalusian. Muscular, athletic and sensitive, this breed is the foundation stock for many of the breeds in Europe and the Americas. ...Read more >
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Horse riding safari in Uganda

The Nile is an amazing river (the world's longest) and it begins in Uganda at Lake Victoria. All the early explorers competed to find the source of the Nile and this ride goes to the point where Thompson and Speke first saw a mighty river flowing out of Lake Victoria and named it the White Nile. This ride goes through villages that are way off the usual travelers trails: small rural communities where the kids coming rushing out to say "how do?" and seem to get a real thrill when we ride through and pause for a chat. We have arranged permission with private landowners to canter through sugar plantations and get a feel what these horses can do; they are well-schooled and responsive and ...Read more >
From £3,250 excluding flights

Colombia horse riding holiday

The NW tip of South America is where you find the surprisingly-big country of Colombia. It’s a place of meetings: Amazon Jungle meets the coast, Andes Mountains meet the Darien Gap and the mighty coffee bean meets the West! Where would we be without our daily mug of coffee, and where does the best coffee in the world come from? Colombia. It’s been off-limits for travellers for so many decades but now firmly (and safely) back on the travellers’ radar. The Andes Mountains run north-to-south along the South American continent but in Colombia they divide into three parallel ranges which are steep, shrouded in forest, lush (just a whisker north of the Equator) with rivers in the valleys that are ...Read more >
From £2,597 excluding flights

Bulgaria horse riding holiday

The ride begins with a couple of days spent on ‘ground work’ getting to know your horse and taking a couple of short rides around the ranch and Makotzevo village. Once bonded we set off on a 5 day forest trail with the opportunity to use all paces. Ride through the rural pastures and mountains that lie west of Sofia, to the pretty little town of Panagyurishte, the cradle of Renaissance Bulgaria and the spot where the pre-Christian Thracian gold treasure was discovered. In December 1949 three brothers made an amazing discovery near this remote Bulgarian village with a tongue-twister name, Panagyurishte. What they found was a golden horde of regal objects from the ancient kingdom of Thrace, ...Read more >
From £930 excluding flights

Botswana small group wildlife tour

This trip is a wonderful chance to explore some of Africa’s best wilderness areas in a short space of time: Okavango Delta, Chobe National Park and Victoria Falls. Chobe and the Okavango Delta teem with big game and are in stark contrast with the Kalahari Desert which is silent, secret and vast. Each evening is spent at a place where there is both a campsite and safari lodges which means you can join the trip on a camping option or up-grade to lodge accommodation, the “lodge option”. The main difference between camping and lodge happens on days 4 and 5: the lodge option flies in to the Okavango Delta to overnight at a lovely hidden-away lodge; the camping option drives into the Delta to a ...Read more >
From £1,196 excluding flights

Bulgaria horse riding holiday, Orpheus Trail

Several centuries B.C. Jason and the Argonauts set off in the good ship ‘Argo’ in search of the Golden Fleece. Orpheus was one of the crew and his special skill was the ability to play the lyre so beautifully that he charmed the birds and beasts, and more importantly for Jason, prevented the dreaded Sirens from luring the Argo onto the rocks. This ride takes place in what used to be the kingdom of Thrace and is now the Rhodope Mountain, the home of Orpheus. The area blends remote villages, ancient Eastern Orthodox churches and mosques into the outstanding natural scenery to create something that is uniquely Bulgarian. You will become part of this pluralist world because we will be on ...Read more >
From £1,298 excluding flights

Uganda fishing trip

A short trip Fishing for Nile Perch at Murchison Falls Uganda In the waters of the Nile at Murchison Falls Uganda the Nile perch are monsters! They weigh in at over 2 meters long and 200 Kg! Eat your heart out Robson Green! The Nile perch is a dominant predator but not the river’s apex predator, which is a reptile. Perch feed on just about all fish, large and small, including their own kind. Its diet is so broad that live bait always works though fresh dead bait and lures are also effective. The best spot is directly below Murchison Falls, either from the bank, or from a boat; our river guides will know precisely where the best rocky outcrops and favourable pools and eddies further ...Read more >
From £585 excluding flights

Bird and bat safari in Zambia

Bats & birds; a safari to Kasanka. What is the biggest mammal migration in the world? Most of us would venture the Serengeti/Maasai Mara wildebeest migration, or perhaps the Liuwa Plain blue wildebeest migration. Not so! The largest movement of mammals on Earth is the annual migration of Eidolon Helvum, the African fruit bat. We travel with a specialist bat guide, and many predatory birds take advantage of an easy feast so we also travel with a specialist birding guide. No visit to Zambia would be complete without a stopover in the stunning South Luangwa National Park and the serenity of Mutinondo Wilderness – a thorough Zambian experience.Read more >
From £3,488 excluding flights

Thingvellir horse riding holiday in Iceland

This week long horse riding holiday in Iceland is a small group holiday, fully guided, riding from one glorious wilderness spot to another on Icelandic horses. These horses are almost as special as our landscapes, measuring between 14hh and 14:2hh they are very strong, and able to carry an adult male over rugged, volcanic terrain. With five days of riding, covering an average of 25km per day, we ride as a group but also take a herd of horses with us as they love nothing more than to run free alongside our riders. We also then get a chance to swap horses during our daily excursions, and we believe that riding in a community of horses like this maintains the culture of Icelandic ...Read more >
From £1,510 excluding flights

Birding holiday in Kenya

If you look at planet Earth from space you can see the Great Rift Valley in Africa, and you could literally spend a lifetime exploring it. This birding safari zooms in on Kenya’s Rift which contains a mind-boggling variety of habitats in close proximity to one another. This means a huge variety of species, and minimal travelling between sites. If you’re looking for a lot of action in a small space, this is it! We start our trip in an urban environment however even here there is a surprising number of birds. We take a guided visit to National Museum Bird Gallery followed by a short bird walk at Nairobi National Museum Botanic Garden. Here we anticipate to see species like the Variable ...Read more >
From £1,495 excluding flights

Zambia camping safari

13 day camping expedition to explore some of Zambia’s remote wildlife habitats. Visit 4 national parks: North and South Luangwa, Kasanka and the magnificent Benguela Wetlands.Read more >
From £3,405 excluding flights

Kenya & Uganda holiday, Maasai Mara & mountain gorillas

East Africa is all about wildlife and wilderness and this Overland safari suits the area perfectly: the days are bright and sunny, the air is clear and the night time star-scapes have to be seen to be believed! If you want to make your budget work hard for you, this is the best value trip to explore the highlights of Kenya and visit the Mountain Gorillas in Uganda. On the first day we arrive in the Maasai Mara. Here all members of the ‘Big 5’ are found. The Mara is home to the Marsh Lions, as well as the annual migration of around two million wildebeest There are more than 450 bird species that combine to create spectacular game viewing and wonderful photo-opportunities. Whilst here ...Read more >
From £2,282 excluding flights

Sahara desert horse riding holiday

This ride takes place beyond the Atlas Mountains which are nature’s boundary between the fertile Mediterranean lands, known as the Maghreb, and the harsh sand-seas of the Sahara Desert. It’s an area that lies further south than towns, villages or any permanent human habitation so you’re unlikely to see any other westerners during this week as you ride from oasis to oasis; in fact the only people you are likely to see are Bedouin. A great deal of the ride is on sand but the Sahara also has extended areas of firmer ground which means the pace of the ride varies according to the going. There are several places where the trail leads up to the top of cliffs, or “falaise” as they’re called ...Read more >
From £820 excluding flights