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Galapagos cruise options, tailor made

A visit to the Galapagos is one of the world's greatest wildlife experiences and there are plenty of Galapagos cruise options, fully tailor made, to choose from. Explore this unique environment, an archipelago right on the equator, 600 miles west of the Ecuadorian coast, where a remarkable range of life exists with absolutely no fear of man. Some of the famed inhabitants of the islands include the blue-footed boobies, frigate birds, flightless cormorants, the Galapagos waved albatross, sea lions and fur seals, land iguanas and marine iguanas (the only sea-going lizard in the world), and of course the giant Galapagos tortoise. The islands are all very different and they each have specific ...Read more >
From £3,995 including domestic flights only

Peru and Galapagos tailor made tour

If you're travelling all the way to South America, why not take in two of the continent's most iconic destinations, with this Peru and Galapagos tailor made tour? One to satisfy the culture-vulture and history buff in you, and the other to nurture your love of nature. In an unrushed two weeks starting in Lima, you have five nights in Peru to see Cusco, Sacsayhuaman and Machu Picchu. After two nights to explore the colonial city of Quito in Ecuador, we then fly you to the incredible Galapagos Islands, 600 miles off the mainland coast. Here you have a seven night cruise on a gorgeous yacht, stopping each day on different islands to explore the wildlife and unique habitat.Read more >
From £5,235 excluding flights

Ecuador holiday, Quito & the Galapagos

This Ecuador holiday, Quito and the Galapagos is ideal for any wildlife enthusiast or nature lover who has always dreamed of visiting the Galapagos Islands, but doesn’t have much time to explore mainland Ecuador. You’ll spend two nights in Quito, enough time to enjoy this attractive city, before flying to the Galapagos Islands and joining a week long cruise around them. This has to be one of the very best wildlife experiences on the planet. Where else in the world does the wildlife, even birds, have no fear of man? You’ll travel on a small and friendly motor sailing yacht, and explore the islands, spotting amusing blue-footed boobies, magnificent frigate birds, the iconic giant tortoises ...Read more >
From £4,035 excluding flights
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