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Egypt 2 week holiday

Explore the major highlights of Cairo and Luxor and end your journey at some of the off beaten paths in Dahab, a unique bohemian, Bedouin beach town. A camel ride around the great pyramids that will lead you to a breathtaking Sahara sunset, a city tour of the old buzzing Cairo city, a mouth-watering Nile Felucca dinner on the Nile with plenty of surprises during the evening and a wander through giant temples and tombs in Luxor that will literally take you back in time to the special Egyptian era ! all of this awaits you and more, not to forget 4 nights in Dahab where you can cool off in the red sea and stroll through curvy colorful canyons., visit most of the Nature Reserves in Sinai such ...Read more >
From US $2,985 excluding flights

Egypt tour with Nile cruise

Explore ancient Egypt’s most important sites on a 10-day tour from Cairo to Aswan and Luxor with a Nile cruise and 5-star accommodations. Slip into the historic tombs and temples of the Nile valley as you see the sights by plane, boat, and horse-drawn carriage. Walk the necropolis at Saqqara and the Giza Plateau, see Cairo’s religious landmarks, and visit the remains of the Kingdom of Upper Egypt. Cruise from Aswan to Luxor, and disembark to see monuments along the East and West Banks of the Nile.Read more >
From £799 excluding flights