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Tall ship festival, Bilbao to San Sebastian

Come aboard for an unforgettable experience in Euskadi. The trip will start meeting the other adventurers on the trip and then, on that same evening, we will set sail and descend the Bilbao Estuary into the open sea and the Bay of Biscay. We will feel the liberation of an open horizon and sea breezes. This week-long trip will allow you to experience our program on board, which focuses on eight essential skills that can make a difference in your personal, professional, and social life. The portion of the bay that washes over the northern coast of Spain is known as the Cantabrian Sea, bordering Basque country. There is a continental shelf that extends far into the bay, making for shallow ...Read more >
From €960 excluding flights

Tall ship sailing holiday, Bay of Biscay

Come aboard the tall ship in her homeport in the afternoon, get acquainted and settled in with your new sailmates, and set the sails the same evening to explore the Biscay Bay. We will feel the liberation of an open horizon and sea breezes in this early part of summer as the days are getting longer. A four-day trip will give plenty of opportunities for you to sharpen your sailing skills and your life skills out on the open water. Sailing is enjoyable, and it also takes work - teamwork, focus, communication, and attentiveness to be able to relax and enjoy. Our program for adventure sails focuses on eight essential life skills" while on board. As you cultivate the mindset to improve in these ...Read more >
From €490 excluding flights

Tall ship adventure to the Brixham pirates festival

This trip will leave from our homeport in Bilbao as spring is turning to summer, bringing life to the land and seas! You will have the opportunity to get to know your crew and fellow pirating shipmates as we set sail for the British Isles the afternoon we board. This first leg of the journey will explore the Bay of Biscay as we head north. If the weather orients us along the coast, there may be an opportunity to visit some French port cities and/or island nations to potentially see historic sites and architecture. Sandy beaches, quaint marinas, and local produce markets await at the island of Saint-Georges-d'Oléron. The closeby island city of Saint-Martin-de-Ré is a UNESCO World Heritage ...Read more >
From €690 excluding flights

Tall ship sailing pirate festivals in English Channel

This adventure sail travels from the Brixham Pirates festival to the Plymouth Pirates weekend, both on the UK southern coast. You will embark in Brixham and get to live the last celebrations there. Then we will wave goodbye to the people from that area of Torbay and set sail towards the open ocean. During the troops we will be learning and practising sailing skills, embracing challenges that sculpt our character while sailing the ship, making new friends and connecting with ourselves and with nature. We will have time to anchor at a spot or two, potentially at the Channel Islands. The northernmost island of Alderney has loads to enjoy including watching thousands of pairs of Gannet ...Read more >
From €890 excluding flights

Tall ship cruise holiday, Porto to Malaga

After we get settled onboard and get to know each other a bit, we will spend one night on board before setting sail south in the big Atlantic the next morning. Depending on the wind, we may anchor in the Cape of St. Vincent, the most southwestern point in Europe. Here we will take in some powerful nature, from high, steep cliffs to breathtaking views and sandy beaches. There is a historical lighthouse, a maritime museum, and loads of history and lore. We will stop in Gibraltar and relish our position between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, between Morocco and the Iberian Peninsula. It is one of the busiest waterways in the world, being a crucial route for global trade. Humans aren’t ...Read more >
From €890 excluding flights

Tall ship sailing holiday, Malaga to Genoa

We will spend the summer solstice out on the open waters of the Mediterranean, sailing from Spain to Italy. It will be an opportunity to become a better sailor, meet new friends, and explore this world-renowned sea all in the beauty of midsummer. If you like to swim, get ready for some fun: We will do a couple of anchorings at enjoyable places to swim, and average water temperatures at this time of year are in the 20’s Celsius and 70’s Fahrenheit! There will be a focus on you enjoying learning and practising your sailing skills from rigging to navigating to keeping watch, as well as a healthy amount of vocabulary of sailors’ terms. We will also make use of the challenges we face at sea to ...Read more >
From €1,190 excluding flights

Tall ship festival, San Sebastian to Porto

All aboard on this summer’s evening during the biggest maritime festival in the Basque country. The Pasaia Itsas Festibala (Pasaia’s maritime festival) is a three-day festival celebrating the relationship and legacy humanity has had and continues to have with the sea. You can enjoy concerts, unique foods, and the many traditional boats that come to the festival! All aboard, will be part of the sailing parade leaving the beautiful Pasaia Estuary, a place which some say looks like a Norwegian Fjord! Then, as we adjust sails to head west in the Biscay Bay, we will enjoy the beauty of the coast of the Basque country, Cantabria, Asturias and Galicia. At moments we will also get away from the ...Read more >
From €790 excluding flights

Spain tall ship sailing holiday, Spanish speaking

Join us on board a historical 2-masted wooden schooner, for an adventure trip on the northern coast of Spain (Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria, Basque Country) surrounded by native and non-native Spanish speakers. This ship is run by a charity that organises trips for the promotion of skills like emotional intelligence, intercultural communication, courage and resilience. So this trip will no be a language course, but because the language on board the ship is Spanish, it will serve you to practice and improve your Spanish language skills while you have loads of fun and connect with people from different parts of Spain and also other countries. The charity that organises this trip also ...Read more >
From €650 excluding flights

Tall ship sailing holiday in Spanish

This trip starts and finishes in the same location (Bilbao), which allows us to sail freely, following the wind, and even anchoring in a bunch of precious spots along the coast. The plan for the trip will be made by the captain after seeing the weather forecast and can be adapted according to the preferences of the people on board. On this trip: We will set sail right after embarkation (you embark at 13:00, we have lunch at 14:00 and the ship departs at 18:00 after the introductory activities). We'll anchor in one or two different places and spend the night there (depending on the weather conditions, possible candidates are San Sebastian, Pasaia, St. Jean de Luz, Urdaibai and ...Read more >
From €490 excluding flights

Tall ship sailing holiday, Plymouth to Bilbao

After celebrating the era of piracy in swashbuckling style, we will be sailing back to her homeport in Bilbao. If the Plymouth Pirates Festival is cancelled due to the pandemic, we will still sail this mission. Navigating south through the English Channel, we will kiss the edge of the Celtic Sea and find our way back to the northern coast of Spain through the Biscay Bay. Along the journey, there will be the possibility to drop anchor along the French coast. Depending on the weather, it may be at an island or a coastal port. There will be plenty of options to live your dreams when we stop to explore, from swimming to other water sports, viewing wildlife, hiking in nature, eating seafood, or ...Read more >
From €650 excluding flights