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Germany tall ships sailing festival

A great sailing parade + the famous German maritime festival. Start your trip at “Sail op Scheveningen”, the festival that celebrates the first Tall Ships Regatta in the history of The Hague. Visit the other ships for free before embarking on our ship for your adventure on board. The first part of the trip will be an amazing parade of sail along Scheveningen, the beach of The Hague, surrounded by other magnificent tall ships. Then we’ll spend 3 full days at sea, participating in all the activities on board, and learning about ourselves and our shipmates. We’ll also cross the famous Kiel Canal before reaching the city of Kiel, which will be also full of tall ships and classic vessels as ... Read more >
From €490 excluding flights

Germany tall ship races holiday

From Germany to the start of The Tall Ships Races. Our ship is finally back in Germany since 2016! Get on board to celebrate it and sail with us uniting the world-famous Kiel Week with the even more famous Tall Ships Races. This trip is short but promises to be very cool. You’ll first get to walk around the “Kieler Woche” and see all the German and international classic sailing ships. Then we’ll sail north for a bit more than 2 days around the islands in the Baltic Sea, passing under some of the tallest bridges in the world, while participating of all the activities on board and analyzing the skills that are more important in our lives and how to develop them. Finally, we’ll arrive to ... Read more >
From €490 excluding flights

Germany tall ship sailing holiday

This trip starts in the famous maritime festival Hanse Sail. So before starting the trip, you’ll have the chance to visit many other ships for free. Also, Rostock is very well connected to several big cities with international airports, and also to the network of trains and buses in mainland Europe, so it’ll be super easy for you to reach the ship. This trip is perfect for those who are not sure if they get seasick. Because we have many days to arrive at Bremerhaven, we’ll spend 3 full days sailing around the Baltic before going into the Kiel Canal. This means that we’ll sail on the direction of the wind, sailing a lot only by sail, and avoiding big waves and anything that can make the ... Read more >
From €680 excluding flights

Denmark to Germany tall ship sailing holiday

This trip starts at the end of the Tall Ships Races so, even though you’re not in the race itself, you have the chance to visit tall ships from all around the world. After the first night on board, we’ll set sail, and you’ll be on board while we participate in the sailing parade together with all the other ships. Then we’ll sail south towards Germany. As in any of our other trips, during the trip we’ll use the experience on board (which can be hard sometimes) to explore our capacities, step out of our comfort zone, and develop several life skills. After sailing for 3 full days we’ll arrive in Rostock on the 7th. We’ll have one night together on board to celebrate the arrival. If you ... Read more >
From €440 excluding flights

Tall ships racing holiday, Denmark to Norway

A 5-day race at sea with the sails up & the engine off. Join the race on board the most international ship of the fleet! Sail with us and participate in all the activities on board with shipmates from all around the world. Of the dozens of ships that participate, our ship is rarely the winner of the race, but with us, you get to really feel part of the crew. You get to take the wheel and face the challenge and the responsibility of the entire team in your hands. The tall ships races are not about winning the race, they’re about making the best of the journey, and we embrace that with our hearts. Join us for 8 days of sea, sun, personal development and fun. Be one of the few that get to ... Read more >
From €870 excluding flights

Bergen to Aarhus tall ship sailing holiday

This trip is maybe the most complete of 2019, it has a bit of everything: It starts with the impressive Sailing Parade with all the ships departing Bergen between the Norwegian fjords. Then (if they do as the last time we were in Bergen in 2014), we’ll have one night before the race start, that we’ll spend anchored in a nice bay inside the fjord, with time to go for a swim and go to a shore that is almost virgin. Then comes the race, 7 days of sailing with no engine, along with the other participant ships. Coming down from the fjords and crossing the famous Skagerrak sea. And finally the days in Aarhus, celebrating the end of The Tall Ships Races, with the crew parade, the prize giving ... Read more >
From €1,290 excluding flights
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