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Cotswolds yoga retreat, England

Yoga: to build in the practice and habit that works with the nervous system to re-sets and re-aligns the mind and body. Foraging: with our woodland luddite, Neil, will guide you through the nourishment we can find in our natives woodlands. We learn about the interconnectedness of ecosystems and the wood wide web of mycelia to deepen our understanding of how our actions effect the ecosystem at large Cacao Ceremony: The Cacao plant, in ceremony, is used as a power plant for opening our heart to experience love and elevated emotions in depth. We hope you have a similarly profound experience that we had working with Mother Cacao, we will cherish the special privilege to share with you as ...Read more >
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Nepal trekking and yoga holiday

Trek through the majestic Himalayan mountains and enchanted forests and practice yoga in clean mountain air with beautiful scenery to re-set and re-align your mental and physical health. You'll get clarity on how to align your actions with your daily intentions back home to build life satisfaction, whilst also building in a yoga practice that will be your tool to manage the inevitable stressful times that we all have. A peaceful and clear mind = HAPPINESS 2 x Daily Yoga while on the trek Access in the day to talk privately about your health and goals with qualified Health Coach Morning Meditation: 10 mins: wrapping up with a reminder of the intention behind doing meditation and a ...Read more >
From £1,199 excluding flights

Lake District short break walking holiday

Leave your stressors behind and trek in the dramatic beauty of the English mountains. Re-set and re-aline your habits and behaviour to serve the person you wish to be. Wellbeing is embedded in re-connecting to nature, re-connecting to each other and re-connecting to what you want in life. I'm a Mountain Leader, Yoga Instructor and Health CoachRead more >
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Annapurna Circuit hike and yoga holiday, Nepal

The Annapurna Circuit is world renown. Its diverse scenery and breathtaking beauty grounds you into the awe and wonder of this amazing planet. You'll leave stressors behind and connect deeply to yourself, others around you, and nature. Trekking: The dramatic mountains calms you into a positive mindset. You’ll hike each day for roughly 6 hours and build deep connections naturally with like-minded adventures who you’ll share this life changing experience with. The retreat offers a fresh start to help change habit patterns, which can be challenging to break back home when surrounded by familiar temptations, triggers and pressures. Gain clarity on what changes you'd like to make going back ...Read more >
From £1,599 excluding flights