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Tunisia history and culture holiday

Join us on this 8 day, 7-night journey through Tunisian history! This excursion will introduce you to the indigenous people of North Africa, the Imazighen. Mostly ignored for years, they are approximately one percent of the population. Recently their community has seen a resurgence of their traditions and cultural heritage. This excursion will take you to several Imazighen villages, many built underground or on mountaintops for protection. You'll marvel at their unique architecture and also experience their tasty cuisine, learn about their ancient culture, and observe their intricate craft making. Many locations along the way might seem familiar as they were filming sites for the Star ...Read more >
From US $2,595 excluding flights

Nepal tailor made cultural holiday

Join us on this 10 day, 11-night immersive cultural tour of Nepal. This country is home to centuries-old traditions still prevalent in contemporary society. On this tour, you will explore sites that exemplify the history and culture of this nation. Locations you will visit include the Swayambhunath stupa, more commonly known as the monkey temple, and the mysterious city of Patan. You'll also participate in local experiences, including a unique silver-making workshop. The natural beauty of Nepal can be genuinely breathtaking. This tour will expose you to some of the most stunning locations in the country. You'll visit Chitwan National Park, where you'll have the opportunity to view ...Read more >
From US $2,075 excluding flights

Nepal homestay holiday in Bardiya National Park

Join us on this 5 day, 6-night excursion to the Bardiya Community Homestay in Nepal. Located near Bardiya National Park, this immersive experience allows you to learn more about the local people and their way of life. Your accommodation for the week will be in traditional houses constructed of wood and mud. You will be like a community member and will be able to participate in daily tasks and even help cook a traditional meal. Local women operate the homestay, which allows them to earn an income and gain independence. Men dominate many industries in the country, so this allows you the unique opportunity to interact with Nepali women. This experience will also allow you to immerse yourself ...Read more >
From US $1,290 including domestic flights only

Tunisia National Parks holiday

Join us on this 5 day, 4 night Tunisian excursion to some of Africa's most beautiful natural landscapes. This journey includes some of the country's stunning national parks, including El Feidja, Djebba, and Lake Ichkeul. You'll have the opportunity to do some short walks and immerse yourself in the lovely surroundings. Tunisia has some of the most well-preserved Roman ruins globally, and a trip here would not be complete without visiting some of these sites. You'll also travel to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Dougga, one of the country's most significant. Your time here will give you a clear picture of ancient Roman life. All of our tours are structured to support local communities. ...Read more >
From US $1,405 excluding flights

Culinary tour of Tunisia

Explore the picturesque southern region of Tunisia on this 10 day/9 night culinary experience. Your journey will expose you to eclectic local cuisine that is a result of the merging cultures of this diverse country. From fine dining to farm to table experiences, you are guaranteed to taste a plethora of local delicacies including couscous, brik, and harissa. In addition, you値l participate in immersive activities including a visit to a local vineyard and a traditional cooking class. You値l also learn about olive oil and date production which are important exports for Tunisia. A trip to Tunisia would not be complete without visiting some of the historical sites that can be found here. ...Read more >
From US $3,350 excluding flights

Nepal wellness and walking holiday

Join us for a 12 day/11 night wellness journey through the beautiful country of Nepal. Yoga and meditation inspires spiritual healing of your mind and body and you will participate in almost daily sessions. The trip also includes a 2 night stay at the secluded Purna Yoga Retreat which allows for complete relaxation. Connect with nature while trekking through the Himalayas and wandering around the peaceful town of Pokhara. This trip will also take you to important historical and religious sites throughout Nepal. Visit the Swayambhunath or the Monkey Temple, the Bindebasisni Temple, the Kathmandu Durbar, and so much more. Learn about the influence of different religions and how it has ...Read more >
From US $2,205 excluding flights

Nepal history tour, tailor made

Nepal痴 history spans generations and many sites and traditions have withstood the test of time. This tour will take you to significant sites like Lumbini, known to many as the birthplace of Buddha. You値l visit Bandipur, a town frozen in time that gives you a glimpse into how life once was. You値l leave with a better understanding of Nepal痴 story and how it became the country it is today. You値l also have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the natural beauty that is so common throughout Nepal. Journey to Pokhara for stunning views of the Himalayas and trek through the Tansen region to truly immerse yourself in nature. Our tours aim to provide authentic experiences that enrich the ...Read more >
From US $1,830 excluding flights

Tanzania wildlife tour, tailor made

This 9 day, 8 night Tanzania tour will be full of incredible wildlife viewing and experiences. This country contains some of the most stunning national parks that provide unique opportunities to view these animals in their natural habitat. This excursion will take you to four of Tanzania痴 national parks; Arusha, Tarangire, Lake Manyara, and Serengeti. You will be amazed by the beautiful landscapes, diverse terrain, and the variety of animal species you will see. Tanzanian people are warm and welcoming and you値l have many opportunities to interact with them throughout your journey. On day 3, you will visit the Kakoi Water Project on the border of Tarangire National Park. This project ...Read more >
From US $4,075 excluding flights

Djerba Island short break in Tunisia

Join us on this 4 day, 3-night excursion to Djerba Island. This is the perfect getaway to complement any longer Tunisian journey. This small island off the country's southeastern coast takes influences from North Africa and the Mediterranean. Muslim, Jewish, and Indigenous Imazighen communities exist here in harmony and influence the island's culture. This trip allows you time to experience the local way of life and absorb the stunning natural beauty. You'll take a tour of Africa's oldest synagogue and visit with artisans in local markets. You'll also have the opportunity to learn about traditional handicrafts, pottery, and olive oil production. This excursion is perfect for couples, ...Read more >
From US $1,280 excluding flights

Tunisia tour of UNESCO sites

Join us on this 8 day, 9-night excursion to the UNESCO World Heritage sites of Tunisia! There are eight located here, and they contribute to the unique culture, history, and natural beauty of this North African nation. On this trip, you'll visit the towns of Kairouan, Sidi Bou Said, and Hammamet and observe the different cultural influences that are so common throughout the country. You'll journey back in time to the ancient Roman ruins of Dougga, El Jem, and Carthage. You'll witness some of the country's spectacular natural beauty in Lake Ichekeul National Park. This itinerary is great for families, couples, or small groups. We are happy to tailor this journey to meet your specific ...Read more >
From US $2,450 excluding flights

Kathmandu Valley trek in Nepal

Join us on this 4 day, 3-night trek of the Kathmandu Valley in Nepal! You'll get out of the hustle and bustle of the city and immerse yourself in nature. This journey will take you to Dhulikhel, Sanga, Nagarkot, and Changu Narayan. Our tours aim to have meaningful experiences with local people. This trek will also show you the unique culture of this region. The population consists of mainly Tamang farmers, and you'll see their crops scattered throughout the area. The Tamang people are one of Nepal's most prominent indigenous groups, and they have a distinct language, religion, culture, and daily life. The Newari population is also commonly found in this area. They have many unique customs ...Read more >
From US $510 excluding flights

Djerba Island holiday in Tunisia

Join us on the 5-day, 4-night escape to Djerba Island in Tunisia! This experience is a great way to relax after traveling around the rest of the country. The surrounding Mediterranean and North Africa have a great influence on the unique culture of the island. Indigenous Imazighen, Muslim, and Jewish communities thrive here together and make their mark on the island. Djerba Island is not without beautiful beaches, and you'll have plenty of time to relax and enjoy them. You'll also be able to immerse yourself in the local culture and community. You'll visit significant landmarks, meet with local artisans, and taste lots of traditional delicacies and cuisines. This excursion is the ...Read more >
From US $1,400 excluding flights

Ethiopia tour, nature and culture

Join us on a 14 day/13-night tour through Ethiopia that will highlight the country's history, nature, culture, and allow you to view some unique wildlife. Ethiopia's history spans over 3,000 years, and each generation has made its mark on this diverse country. This tour takes you to several iconic sites, including the ancient town of Axum with its impressive carved obelisks, Lalibela with its remarkable rock-hewn churches, and Gondar with its magical castles. Travel to Simien Mountain National Park to view some of the most stunning natural landscapes in Africa. View Mount Ras Dashen, the tallest peak in the park at 15,157 feet, and wildlife such as Walia ibex and Gelada baboons. In ...Read more >
From US $6,360 including domestic flights only

Uganda family holiday, wildlife and culture

This 8 day, 7-night family-friendly tour of Uganda provides an in-depth look into the country痴 history and culture. There will be many opportunities to participate in immersive cultural activities like cooking, farming, basket weaving, and watching traditional dancing. You値l also have the opportunity to witness the natural beauty that is unique to Uganda. You値l go on walks and hikes that will show you the diverse landscape and stunning scenery. There is also an optional excursion to experience chimp trekking in Kibale National Forest Park (minimum age 12). Our tours include authentic activities while supporting the local community. You will have the unique opportunity to volunteer ...Read more >
From US $3,035 excluding flights

Ethiopia trekking and culture holiday, tailor made

Join us on an immersive 12 day / 11-night trekking experience through Ethiopia! You will journey to Simien Mountains National Park, one of the most spectacular in Africa. You値l embark on a 6-day trekking adventure that will expose you to the amazing natural beauty found here. From dramatic peaks, to plunging waterfalls you will be in awe of the diversity of landscapes your treks will take you to. The park is home to rare wildlife only found in Ethiopia that you are certain to see on this experience. Keep your eyes peeled for the Ethiopian wolf, gelada baboon, and walia ibex. In addition to trekking, this experience will take you to some unique historical sites of Ethiopia. Travel to ...Read more >
From US $4,268 excluding flights

Uganda National Parks wildlife holiday

Join us on this extensive 13 day, 12-night wildlife experience through Uganda. Your journey will take you to four of the most spectacular national parks in the country; Queen Elizabeth, Bwindi, Kibale Forest, and Murchison Falls. This trip includes unique wildlife experiences like scenic game drives and gorilla and chimp tracking. You値l also visit the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary and learn about the work the Uganda Wildlife Authority is doing to repopulate the country with rhinos. Many people travel to Uganda for wildlife but they return for the people. This tour will also introduce you to local communities in both the city and rural Uganda. You will join our ground partner on a cultural day ...Read more >
From US $6,475 excluding flights

Nepal Mustang trek and culture holiday

Join us on this 13 day, 12 night Rain Shadow trekking tour! You will travel to Lower Mustang, a mysterious location that until recently was off-limits to visitors. The landscape is dramatically different from the fertile hills you'll find on the other side of the Himalayas. Much of the area is blocked from wind and precipitation, making it more desert-like. The terrain will make you feel as if you are in a different world. The Mustang people that populate this region have a unique culture and way of life. They mainly practice Tibetan Buddhism, but you'll also find an older religion known as Bon in some smaller villages. During this experience, you'll have the opportunity to stay in a ...Read more >
From US $2,225 including domestic flights only

Tunisia family holiday

Journey to the beautiful country of Tunisia on this 8 day/7 night family excursion. From ancient archaeological sites to immersive cultural experiences this tour includes an overview of everything that makes this country unique. Tunisia is home to some of the most impressive Roman archaeological sites in the world. This tour will take you on a trip through time when you visit locations like Carthage, Dougga, and Bulla Regia. Many of these sites are not frequented as much as the ones in Rome which results in extremely well-preserved ruins and give you a clear picture of what life was like in ancient Tunisia. This experience will also expose you to the diversity of cultures that have ...Read more >
From US $2,455 excluding flights

Family safari in Tanzania

This family-friendly excursion of Tanzania will show you all the amazing sites and experiences this country has to offer. From immersive cultural activities to scenic wildlife game drives, you値l leave with a well-rounded view of this incredible place. Tanzania has some of the most spectacular natural landscapes and concentration of wildlife in Africa. You and your family will journey to Serengeti National Park, Lake Manyara, the Ngorongoro Crater, and Tarangire National Park. You値l have multiple opportunities to view the diversity and abundance of wildlife that calls Tanzania home. An important part of any trip to a new country is interacting with the local people. You値l participate ...Read more >
From US $3,930 excluding flights

Tunisia holiday, tailor made

Come explore the incredible country of Tunisia on this 12 day/11 night full circuit tour. Journey back in time with visits to ancient Carthaginian ruins, the coliseum of El Jem, and Utique. These sites give a clear glimpse of what life was like in ancient times. Observe the melding of cultures and the Islamic influence on art and architecture that is prevalent throughout the country. In addition to the depth of culture found in Tunisia, there is also stunning natural beauty and diverse landscapes. This experience will take you to the sun-drenched coasts, across sprawling deserts, through fertile oases, and to the top of mountain peaks. Not many countries in Africa have a variety of ...Read more >
From US $3,890 excluding flights