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Madrid tour

Make Madrid your new home and discover Spain´s most profound essence! Without a doubt, Madrid is one of the most misunderstood cities in Europe. Those who go there and immediately compare it to another European city did not understand it. Those who think they did Madrid because they went to Sol, Gran Via and a couple of museums have no clue what this place is really about. Madrid is sometimes one of Europe´s capital and sometimes Europe´s largest villages. In Madrid, you can find a bit from every corner of Spain but you always know you are in Madrid. This city is art, food, madness, history, football, markets, small hidden squares, friends meeting for a "caña" and long nights. Madrid is ...Read more >
From €1,150 excluding flights

Rome and the Lazio region holiday

Why The Lazio Region? There is so much to experience in Lazio. Ancient & sacred places that are strongly linked to their historical significance, which has left evidence of the Roman Empire and its greatness. Explore with us the villa Gregoriana with its unique views of the Tivoli waterfall. Discover the majestic Regional Natural Park of the Simbruini Mountains and experience the magical atmosphere of some of the oldest monasteries, like San Benedetto, set like a gem in the rock face of Mount Taleo near the town of Subiaco. Practice yoga & mediation in a handpicked location surrounded by pristine nature. Explore the iconic Trastevere neighbourhood, where we will put all our senses to the ...Read more >
From €1,100 excluding flights

Budapest holiday, Hungary

Hungary's capital city is a place that fluctuates between lights and shadows. A former imperial city; elegant and pretentious & a metropolis that exudes a faded beauty that can only be found in a place with such history. The majestic Danube has witnessed the multiple cultural influences that have shaped this unique city, from the Celts and Romans to the Mongol invasion and the rule of the Turkish and the Habsburgs. Join us and explore a city & a county that changes everywhere you look and where Baroque & art Noveau architecture blends with socialist classicism. Discover where to get the best Hungarian dishes and produce and find out why Hungarian cuisine might be one of the tastiest in the ...Read more >
From €1,050 excluding flights

Piemonte holiday in Italy

Why The Piemonte Region? Fantastic food and wine, hills covered in vineyards, fascinating history and quaint medieval towns. No, we are not talking about Tuscany, we are talking about Piemonte. This Italian region offers everything its southern sister has, only without the crowds and with snowy peaks in the background. If you are into slow travel or if you are a foodie/wine lover, this is your place, equally, if you are not into battling tourists, Piemonte is your cup of tea (or your glass of wine). Make the elegant city of Turin your home and get to see it from a local´s point of view. Discover the Serra Morenica on a stunning horseback ride, go truffle hunting with a local expert, visit ...Read more >
From €1,150 excluding flights

Valencia tailor made holiday in Spain

Experience life and unique activities on the eastern coast of Spain. Base yourself in the beautiful & vibrant city of Valencia and let a local host show you what lies beyond the obvious. Discover the city like a local and explore the region and some of the towns that make it fascinating. Swim in the warm waters of the Mediterranean, cook your own woodfire paella at an eco-farm, discover the Roman heritage of Sagunto and cycle to the futuristic complex known as the city of Arts and Sciences. We will also make sure you wander the streets of the quirkiest quarter in town, el Carmen, famous for its street art and we will delve deeper into the secrets of the Mediterranean diet by visiting the ...Read more >
From €980 excluding flights

Croatia food and culture short break

Alright, we know, Croatia is sun and beach. Right? Well, think again! Have you ever heard of the historical region of Slavonia? A natural paradise with some of the best gourmet secrets and wine Croatia has in store. Its Hungarian influence and fascinating history make this vast region a unique destination. Enjoy a three-night feature stay in a rural guesthouse or a family farm. Savour an exciting wine region of Croatia and try some of the most exceptional examples of varieties that have found their happy home here: Graševina (Welschriesling), Frankovka (Blaufränkisch) and Traminac (Gewürztraminer). Stroll around two majestic Nature Parks, Papuk and Kopacki rit. Explore the region of ...Read more >
From €1,450 excluding flights

Latvia yoga holiday

There is a place in Europe where men and women have not detached themselves from nature and the old gods of the sky and the sun have not been forgotten. A land with pristine lakes and mystical forest bathed by the Baltic sea. If you are looking to truly connect with yourself, learn from mother nature, get your energy back and practise yoga in one of the most unique corners of Europe, then Latvia is the right choice. Base yourself in its beautiful capital and join like-minded people, as well as your local host & yogi master. Discover all the art-nouveau Riga is famous for and get to learn more about their history and identity. This small country definitely is an example of ...Read more >
From €990 excluding flights

Cusco, Sacred Valley and Macchu Picchu

Did you know that Cusco means “Navel of the World” in Quechuan? Both the historic entrance to the Sacred Valley and one of the most interesting and well preserved Spanish colonial cities in America, this fascinating place is the result of its layers of history and culture. Everything in this sacred city located 3,400m above sea level is unique; keep in mind this once was the prosperous capital of the Inca Empire and the city that explored the Spanish conquistador, Francisco Pizarro. Visit Mullak’s Misminay or the “Place of Wetlands”, by its proper name in Quechua. It is an ideal place to attentively observe the glittering stars, learn about the Andean worldview and genuinely enjoy ...Read more >
From €1,550 excluding flights

Costa Rica's caribbean holiday

It is not a coincidence that Costa Rica has been recognized many times as the happiest country in the world. What is the secret formula that makes this little Central American country an oasis of peace & happiness? Is it simply because of its natural beauty and the fact it has no army since 1948? Maybe having access to the Pacific and the Atlantic oceans + enviable weather conditions may also have something to do with that? It might even be because they have the freshest/tastiest fruit and some of the best coffee in the world! We believe it is the combination of these facts and having the friendliest people we have come across - You can never get tired of "Tico's" smiles and their favourite ...Read more >
From €1,650 excluding flights

Uganda holiday, the Batwa & wildlife

A journey to Africa cannot be completed if you never make it to Uganda. Known as the "Pearl of Africa" for reasons only you can only just discover when exploring it, Uganda is a place full of welcoming locals, breathtaking landscapes and unique wildlife. Besides visiting the prominent Source of the Nile and tracking mountain gorillas, there is a lot to discover in this African nation. From Kidepo National Park to the Murchison Falls and Queen Elizabeth's N.P, there is a sound world to be discovered. Learn about the Indigenous Batwa; a UWA ranger/local guide will transport you through the trail in Mgahinga National Park demonstrating the traditional means of life along the way including ...Read more >
From €2,400 excluding flights

Costa Rica nature and culture holiday

Join us and discover the true meaning of “Pura Vida”. What does this unique phrase coined by Costa Ricans actually entails? Talk to the locals at a Sunday farmer's market to try and find out. Go swimming in hidden waterfalls and walking on pristine beaches surrounded by rainforest to feel what hides behind this local expression. Go white-water rafting in the cleanest river in Central America, learn about coffee production at an eco-farm in the central Valley and witness the majestic Arenal Volcano while hiking with a local guide to understand its complexity. We will make sure you also have the time to practise yoga, learn the basics of surfing and give something back to the community by ...Read more >
From €1,190 excluding flights

Porto cultural tour in Portugal

Explore northern Portugal from the colourful city of Porto. Forget about the mundane in a region like no other. Understand Portugal’s history by going to its roots in the medieval town of Guimarães, discover the breathtaking wine region of Douro, follow the 2000-year-old Roman path hidden in Portugal’s most beautiful National Park: Peneda-Geres or walk the breathtaking mountain passages of Paiva. Let your local host take you through the small alleyways of Porto where each corner hides surprises. Go the fishermen town of Matosinhos and try some of the best local spots for seafood and end one of your days by climbing a bridge by the mouth of the river; the views will not disappoint. We will ...Read more >
From €980 excluding flights

Krakow & Poland activity holiday

Poland’s “Royal Capital” is without a doubt one of the most beautiful cities in Central Europe. Using this city as your base will allow you the explore some of the most interesting and charming spots along the Vistula river. Do a wine tasting in the old town of Sandomierz, where Benedictine and Cistercian monks started making wine back in the 10th century, cycle in Niepolomice’s forest and enjoy a traditional Polish lunch at a king’s summer residence and go to Zamek Pieskowa Skala, a renaissance style castle which was part of the Eagles' Nest fortification system during medieval times. In between, explore the old Jewish quarter of Krakow, where old synagogues mix with independent bars & ...Read more >
From €980 excluding flights

Lisbon and surroundings holiday, Portugal

Make Lisbon your new home and discover central Portugal! There is no way to escape Lisbon’s charm. Every corner of Portugal’s capital city is full of surprises that you will discover through all your senses. Getting lost in the little alleyways of its quaint quarters is the best way to understand its history and popular culture. Having a glass of green wine & grilled sardines in a hidden tasquinha is delving into one of the most basic elements of Portuguese cuisine. Listening to a lost fado is the beginning of getting a feeling only Portuguese have a word for “saudade”. Visiting the UNESCO town of Sintra is getting to live all those tales you read as a kid. Riding a tram to Belem to have a ...Read more >
From €1,150 excluding flights

Prague cultural tour

Welcome to Bohemia. You would think you know everything you need to make the most out of a visit to the unique city of Prague and surroundings. Well, think twice. A region with as much history as Bohemia, cannot be understood by visiting Prague's Castle, walking Charles Bridge and drinking overpriced beer or tasting non-Czech pastry by the Old-Town Square. What about the 10th-century Vysehrad fort (the first seat of Czech dukes)? Or walking in neighbourhoods like Karlín or Vinohrady where you can find traces of communist past and an image of a modern present? Have you heard about the church basement where the members of Operation Anthropoid hid during WWII? Have you walked the Bohemian ...Read more >
From €980 excluding flights

Canary Islands tour

Black-sand beaches, jaw-dropping cliffs, 20 million-year-old forest, Spain’s highest point (it is on the African plate though), volcanic tunnels and eternal spring, are some of Tenerife’s best-known claims to fame; but what about the ones only locals know about? Let us take you to a “guachinche” (typical and delicious home-like restaurants), where you will enjoy local wine and specialities. Let us show you the hidden lighthouses, docks and beaches, where we grew up diving and enjoying sunsets. Let us walk you through the alleys of our favourite villages and learn how the local architecture inspired some of the most beautiful colonial towns in Latin America. Let us tell you about the ...Read more >
From €980 excluding flights