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Gastro tour of Tuscany

Florence, home of the Renaissance and birthplace of our modern world, has the best Art masterpieces in Europe... Get familiar with the city today discovering its famous attractions, walking its most important streets and exploring those quieter neighborhoods that hold the best authentic experiences. But your trip won't be only Florence, Art and History: you will taste the real Tuscany through gastronomic experiences and wine tours with local people and family-run small business. You will also be able to know more about the green heart of Italy, Umbria, an adventorous paradise to be discovered both in nature and in the historical cities.Read more >
From €3,750 excluding flights

Self drive tour in Sardinia, Italy

A 15-day self-drive discovery of the second largest Mediterranean island. Sardinia is most famous for its beaches, unique culture and diverse interior landscapes. There is however one other thing that Sardinia offers her guests and that is incredible cuisine. This itinerary has food and drinks focus as well as getting you to all the well known and hidden gems the island has to offer. As well as exploring the local villages and beaches you will have unique Sardinian experiences like lunch with shepherds in the hills, exploring the coast by small boat, a visit to the Murals of Orgosolo as well as sampling some of the best of Sardinias artisan food and drink in the markets, dairies, olive ...Read more >
From €1,600 excluding flights

North to South Italy holiday

Your trip to Italy will be literally from A to Z, exploring the Northern Italy until the Southern hidden gems. The good thing about Venice is that everything is relatively close, so even a walk from Piazza San Marco to the Rialto Bridge is perfectly enjoyable at any time of the day; besides ‘getting lost’ here is such a wonderful adventure, with new things around every corner... It’s just like being in one Big Maze, but you can get very wet if you step off the route! Bolzano is an enviable picture not only just of hillside but also of vineyards contributing its urban architecture. Bolzano owes its unique atmosphere and hospitality to other factors too: the lively streets and squares, ...Read more >
From €5,000 excluding flights

Self drive tour in Sicily

Sicily, the largest island in the Mediterranean, famous for its beaches, history, culture and of course food and drink. This self-drive itinerary has real food and wine focus and perfectly combines unique experiences in the heart of the Sicilian wine tradition with exclusive facilities and first-class hospitality. Our itinerary will allow you to experience an ideal mix of history, culture, wine cellars and local food. This trip, only for real gourmets, will surprise you every day, discovering fascinating places and enchanting flavours.Read more >
From €1,800 excluding flights

Puglia holiday in Italy

This gastro tour of Puglia stays in two amazing locations in one of the most beautiful areas of Italy, Polignano and Martina Franca. We go deep into the food, wine, scenery, and culture of the region Italians call "Apulia" through cooing lessons, wine tasting, visits to villages, markets, and artisanal cheese and salami makers all guided by one of our local team Puglia’s cuisine has been influenced over the centuries by its neighbors – and invaders. The Greeks, the French, the Germans, the Arabs – all of them have influenced today’s Apulian cuisine. This striking land, kissed by the Mediterranean sun for over 300 days a year is scattered with fortified castles and whitewashed hill towns ...Read more >
From €1,100 excluding flights

Italy gourmet food holiday with truffle hunting

When you visit Le Marche you will inevitably be struck by the wonderful bucolic landscape, the rich cultural heritage, the historic architecture and the quality of the local produce. But we would like to help you get under Le Marche’s skin, meeting local artisans and experiencing the true rural life. The economy of the region has traditionally been based on agriculture and the fantastic products made by local artisans. Most of these artisans work for small family businesses that have handed down skills from one generation to the next, many still work by hand and, despite the demands of the global marketplace, there is still relatively little mechanization. With the help of our friends ...Read more >
From €550 excluding flights

Sicily food and wine holiday

Surrounded by shimmering turquoise sea, the Italian island of Sicily has been a crossroads of the Mediterranean since ancient times. Vistors throughout the ages have influenced the Sicilian culture and cuisine making it unique to Italy and the Southern Mediterranean. The island is a rich and rewarding destination for the traveller and on this itinerary, we slow the pace down to get an in-depth and totally authentic experience of Sicily where you will learn about the people, history and culture through what Sicilians hold most dear... their food and drink. Explore markets, sample street food, learn how to cook Scilian food and meet the passionate local artisans making some of the finest ...Read more >
From €1,300 excluding flights

Abruzzo and Marche holiday in Italy

Escape the crowds and explore rich cultures, diverse scenery and delicious cuisines of Aquila, Vasto and Ascoli in the Abruzzo and Le Marche regions on this very special itinerary into a secret Italy. Once met a the airport our tour really starts in The Province of L'Aquila in the Abruzzo Region in central Italy. This landlocked province set amongst breathtaking mountain scenery is most famous for its medieval castles, forts and hill towns. You have time to explore the town that is dominated by Mt Gran Sasso and visit sites like the Fountain of the 99 ‘Cannelle’, Santa Maria di Collemaggio as well a sit at a cafe in the Piazza del Duomo watching the town go about its business. Our ...Read more >
From €1,090 excluding flights