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Croatia weekend break

Kvarner is an inestimable combination of sea, islands, and highlands in an exceptionally small space. In just one day you can sail by boat or swim in the sea and then enjoy yourself in the shadow of the near-by woods in the hinterland. It’s easily accessible, well connected with motorways, planes, ships, and bus lines. Ideal as a weekend destination for all generations. Enjoy Kvarner, so close and yet so different from your daily routine. Discover the beauties of the Opatija Riviera, its unique churches, villas, and beautifully arranged parks. Explore Mount Ucka, a fairy-tale made of trees and hidden places by hitting marked and unmarked trails. Enjoy unforgettable sights of Cres, a ...Read more >
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Croatia National Parks walking holiday

This trip takes you on a guided tour through the unique natural treasures of Dalmatia: two national parks, and Croatia’s highest mountain. The prestigious National Geographic Traveller included Via Dinarica Trail amongst the world's best destinations. You are in for some fascinating and exciting moments on Via Dinarica, an authentic outdoor experience of Croatia's magnificent highlands. Climb Mount Dinara and reach Sinjal, the highest peak in Croatia at 1831 m, which offers a magnificent view of mountains and lakes in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. With an expert guide who will tell you all about the wilderness and the endless beauty around you, you’ll get to know all about the ...Read more >
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Croatia short break

Hortus diabolicus - the devil's garden was an expression for this area, due to the harsh winter weather conditions and the rich diversity of flora and fauna considering that 83% of the total area is covered with forests. During the Roman rule in these areas, the most important roads from Northern Italy bypassed the area of today's Gorski Kotar from both the North and South. Today we see a different situation altogether – we get to enjoy the richness of flora and fauna they were afraid of. We are also attracted by the mystique of the forest, and the romance of its trails. Each trail in this region tells countless stories, knows many secrets, and is a foundation of beautiful myths and ...Read more >
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Croatia dog friendly holiday

Changing the ambience and climate, spending time with your loved ones and trying fun new activities can help to alleviate the feelings of stress and anxiety. Istria is situated where Middle Europe meets the Mediterranean and is a great place for relaxation. Take your family, your partner, or your best friends for an active short vacation, and discover this amazing destination. If you have a dog that will gladly get into a kayak, bring him too. Kayaking, biking, coasteering… a range of exciting tours in the sea and along the rocky coastline, with the company of professional guides, await you. Picturesque environment, hospitable people and good food are a perfect addition to it – so… have ...Read more >
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Self drive holiday in Croatia

There is no reason not to embark on the adventure of discovering the beauties of Croatia - we will provide you with top local guides and excellent accommodation, and it is up to you to get behind the wheel and explore. Croatia is full of natural beauties, historical sights, and intangible cultural heritage recognized by UNESCO. It is impossible to visit all the interesting places in a week, but it is possible to make you fall in love with this small Mediterranean country and wish to return as soon as possible. Destinations included in this program will show you the diversity and richness of urban architecture, natural landscapes, and the recognizable gastronomic offer of Croatia. From the ...Read more >
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