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Senegal rare wildlife safari

Situated far from the more traditional, well-known and busy safari destinations of Eastern and Southern Africa, Senegalís Niokolo-Kabo National Park is the last stronghold in this corner of the continent for lions, leopards, and the characterful African wild dogs. But sightings donít come easy here Ė Niokolo-Koba rewards the intrepid, and the patient. Staying at a comfortable lodge deep in the wild heart of the park, youíll be perfectly based for shared game drives, accompanied by expert local guides. These are complemented by wildlife-watching from nocturnal hides, and potentially a day-trip to the remote Mount Assirik, home to some of the rarest animals in this part of Africa, including ...Read more >
From £1,395 excluding flights

Cameroon 7 day safari holiday

Unbeknownst to many, a strip of wilderness across the north of Cameroon retains some of the highest populations of wildlife anywhere in West and Central Africa. Known as the 'Benoue Complex, this area protects internationally important populations of wildlife, including the rare giant eland, as well as lion, leopard, Kordofan giraffe, bush elephant and much more. Whilst Benoue National Park itself is now largely devoid of game, Bouba-Ndjida and Faro National Park continue to do relatively well, particularly under the stewardship of private land owners. The concessions owned by these individuals, largely used for big game hunting, do a huge amount for conservation in this area and are the ...Read more >
From £1,595 excluding flights

Chad wildlife holiday in Zakouma NP

Zakouma is, quite simply, one of the most remarkable wilderness areas Africa has to offer. After years of mismanagement, poaching and unrest, this ecosystem has recovered remarkably well, and can now offer visitors an excellent game-viewing experience. With a private vehicle for game-viewing, this tour allows clients to take full advantage of this for five full days. Primary quarries include lion, leopard, cheetah, buffalo and even wild dog, but Zakouma can also offer the only rhinos in Central Africa, as well as the largest single herd of bush elephant on the continent. Zakouma gets even better after dark, and we will head out on night drives each night, with the chance of spotting rare ...Read more >
From £3,600 excluding flights

Mozambique safari in Gorongosa National Park

This safari holiday pays tribute to one of Africaís greatest conservation successes. Decimated by years of bitter fighting during the Mozambique Civil War, its spectacular wildlife populations poached, terrified and driven to the edge of extinction, Gorongosa National Park is now the subject of a progressive partnership between the government and a US-based organisation, the Carr Foundation. Working closely with local communities they have restored a legendary safari destination, and their efforts here have only just begun... Exploring the park in private open-topped jeeps, by boat and on foot in the company of expert guides, youíll encounter a host of wildlife. Lion and elephant numbers ...Read more >
From £3,750 excluding flights

Mozambique safari, 7 day private safari

There are few conservation stories more stirring and remarkable than that of Gorongosa National Park. In the throes of the Mozambican Civil War, Gorongosa was decimated, and years of poaching and absent management only compounded the damage. It seemed as though the park, once famed for its wildlife populations, would never recover. However, a sensational turnaround led by the work of a US-based NGO, in partnership with the Mozambican government, has restored this beautiful park to much of its former glory. This wonderfully varied park, boasting savanna, floodplains, riverine forest and open woodland, is now home to large prides of lion, breeding herds of elephant, marauding packs of wild ...Read more >
From £2,350 excluding flights

Guinea-Bissau wildlife tour of the Bijagos

Guinea-Bissau is easily one of the most under-appreciated hidden gems in all of Africa. With large tracts of intact rainforest, the wildlife-watching can be rewarding here, with elephant, leopard and several primate species possible. But the jewel in the crown of this small West African country must be the delightful Bijagos Archipelago. This sprawling maze of islands boasts some of the most pristine beaches and best sports-fishing anywhere on earth. But our focus will be on the superb mammal-watching possibilities here. With a private boat, we can explore the depths of this wild area, and we are sure to be rewarded. The Bijagos host the highest densities of African manatee and Atlantic ...Read more >
From £2,550 excluding flights

Nigeria wildlife holiday

Nigeria is undoubtedly one of the final frontiers for ecotourism in Africa. This is partly down to the erroneous belief that little wildlife persists here, and partly down to the constantly fluctuating security situation in parts of the country. But for those willing to take the plunge, Nigeria is as exciting and diverse as anywhere on the continent. Kainji Lake and Yankari offer excellent savanna safaris, with elephant, lion, buffalo and much more regularly recorded. Buffon's kob, red-flanked duiker, Defassa waterbuck are easily seen, and the committed naturalist will never fail to record exciting mammal and bird species on a typical visit. But all of this is so beautifully complemented ...Read more >
From £6,895 including domestic flights only

Zimbabwe small group safari holiday

Southern Zimbabwe is, quite simply, stunningly beautiful. In few other places can game drives feel like they pale in comparison simply to marvelling at the rugged koppies of Matobo, or the sheer cliffs of Gonarezhou. This itinerary takes clients to both of these destinations, in addition to the lush Chimanimani and the game-rich Save Valley Conservancy. All of the 'Big Five' can be seen, although game densities are not as high as elsewhere, and a whole host of more generic game species, including giraffe and zebra can be spotted. Rarities such as pangolin, cheetah and wild dog also frequent Gonarezhou and Save Valley, making this a real connoisseur's safari.Read more >
From £5,050 excluding flights

Gabon safari holiday by train

Gabon is probably the hottest property on the safari market right now, and with good reason. The wildlife-viewing in parks such as Lope, Loango and Ivindo is hugely challenging, but also deeply rewarding, with a lovely mix of big game, great apes and rare forest endemics. But the market is getting crowded, as large operators tap into the obvious potential of Gabon, and the 'standard' blueprint of tours to Gabon has begun to fray at the edges. Even in the last few years, areas that were once a fixture on the safari circuit, such as Mikongo, have become less and less impressive, as pressure has increased from both poaching and irresponsible tourism. With all of this in mind, we are ...Read more >
From £9,950 including domestic flights only

Eastern Tanzania safari, Saadani National Park

Even if you have never been on safari, the chances are that many of the safari destinations in Northern Tanzania will sound familiar to you. The Serengeti and the Ngorongoro Crater are perhaps unsurpassed on the continent when it comes to game-viewing, so it should be little surprise that visitors flock there in their thousands. But what many of these visitors don't know is that if they were to head east from Arusha, rather than west, they would find arguably a more authentic wilderness. Here, game is less prevalent, but the experience is deeper, offering the chance to experience Northern Tanzania away from the madding crowds. This wonderful itinerary takes in some of the wildest places ...Read more >
From £8,295 excluding flights

Western Tanzania safari, Katavi & primates

Uganda and Rwanda sometimes seem to have a monopoly on primate-focussed safaris, which in many ways is completely understandable. This has begun to shift in recent years, with the emergence of Gabon as a popular ecotourism destination for example, but Western Tanzania is often overlooked. This is odd, given it offers superb photographic opportunities when chimpanzee trekking, but also the chance to view several other primate species in both Gombe and Mahale. However, what makes this particular itinerary so very special is that it combines the once-in-a-lifetime chimpanzee experience with the chance to view one of the rarest primates in the world - the kipunji - as well as one of the most ...Read more >
From £6,250 excluding flights

Sao Tome & Principe birding tour

Explore some of Africa's most renowned birding locations in the company of expert local guides and other passionate birders on this wonderful Sao Tome and Principe bird watching tour. As part of a small group (max. 10 travellers), you'll roam these refreshingly undeveloped islands in the Gulf of Guinea in search of their many prized endemic species. Maroon pigeons, Sao Tome paradise-flycatchers, Principe sunbirds and kingfishers, and the elusive and highly sought-after scops-owl are all on the agenda. Many can be spotted in the gardens of your luxurious hotels, but for others your friendly and knowledgeable local guides will lead you deep into forests, sometimes camping overnight to make ...Read more >
From £3,850 including domestic flights only

Northern Cameroon safari expedition

Northern Cameroon must surely hold one of the most under-appreciated and little-known wildernesses anywhere in Africa. From the forests of Mbam et Djerem, to the superb savannas of Faro National Park, there are few other regions of the continent that offer such diversity. Ecotourism is in its infancy here, so this tour is one for the intrepid and the committed wildlife-watcher - but the rewards can be huge. Arguably offering the best chance anywhere to see the largest antelope in the world, the giant eland, this area also protects leopard, lion, bush elephant, forest elephant, bongo, sitatunga and much, much more.Read more >
From £6,995 excluding flights

Northern Cape wildlife holiday in South Africa

The northern reaches of South Africa can feel a world away from the rest of the country. Whilst many visitors flock to the Kruger, or to Cape Town, the Northern Cape can often feel exclusive and isolated, offering an antidote to the throngs of crowds that can descend elsewhere in South Africa. The dunes of the Kgalagadi are a real highlight, boasting impressive densities of rare predators including lion, leopard, cheetah, caracal and wild cat. Desert residents including gemsbok, springbok, red hartebeest and brown hyena are also regularly spotted here, making our stay hugely rewarding. But there are even rarer mammals to be seen in this corner of South Africa. Night drives in Benfontein and ...Read more >
From £4,250 excluding flights

Northern Kenya safari, off the beaten track

For many, Kenya conjures up images of vast open plains dominated by the Great Migration. There is no question that Southern Kenya has a huge amount to offer nature lovers, and it is little surprise that so many flock to the Masai Mara, Amboseli and other iconic wilderness areas. However, much of the north of Kenya brims with similar potential, but remains relatively untouched. Only those in the know head to areas including Meru, Shaba, Marsabit and Ishaqbini, and these intrepid visitors are richly rewarded. Sibiloi is hardly ever-visited, but its tag as 'the cradle of mankind' is well earned. Some of the most exciting fossil discoveries in history have been made here, making this an ...Read more >
From £8,250 including domestic flights only

Burundi bird watching holiday

We are hugely proud to play our part in opening up destinations to ecotourism across Africa - but in some places it is more challenging than others! Burundi is only just opening up to visitors, largely owing to its turbulent history, but it is certainly an under-appreciated destination with plenty to offer. This tour takes in all the main sights of this diverse and scenic country, from the natural beauty of the Karera Falls and the German Fault to the excellent birding in areas such as Rusizi, Ruvubu and Kibira. As part of the Albertine Rift, there are several Rift endemics that can be uncovered here, including Rwenzori batis, Rwenzori apalis, purple-breasted sunbird and strange ...Read more >
From £3,650 excluding flights

Zimbabwe luxury safari in Hwange NP

Hwange is arguably the premier wildlife-watching destination in Zimbabwe. With all of the 'Big Five' present, and being contiguous with the expansive and world-famous wilderness of northern Botswana, game drives here rarely disappoint. Large prides of lion and breeding herds of elephant are easily seen, and leopard and even cheetah are seen regularly. Packs of wild dog stalk the savanna, often in pursuit of the rare and beautiful roan, sable or gemsbok. Taking guests to a luxurious remote camp deep inside the park, this itinerary offers supreme comfort and an authentic wilderness feel. A private game vehicle and tour leader ensure the best possible game-viewing experience, and flights into ...Read more >
From £4,495 including domestic flights only

Zambia wildlife holiday in depth

Zambia has an incredible amount to offer visitors, whether this is your first safari or you have visited the continent countless times. Whilst many visitors only scratch the surface of this incredible country, this deeply detailed safari takes visitors to the very heart of many of Zambia's most spectacular safari destinations. Our first stop is the rarely visited Kasanka National Park. This small reserve is home to some interesting wildlife, including sitatunga, but the highlight is absolutely the huge gathering of straw-coloured fruit bats that descend on a small patch of forest here each year. This is the largest mammal migration in Africa, and unquestionably one of the most incredible ...Read more >
From £4,650 excluding flights

Namibia wildlife safari, off the beaten track

Namibia is well-known as one of the premier safari destinations in all of Africa. With large populations of many exciting species, including lion, leopard, cheetah, elephant and rhino, this is no surprise. However, it is often the case that visitors barely scratch the surface of this incredible destination, with many only spending time on the traditional tourist areas of Etosha, Sossusvlei, Damaraland and Swakopmund. We think this is a great shame, and this itinerary offers a far richer and deeper safari experience for any visitor. Damaraland and Etosha and unmissable highlights, and this tour puts both destinations in pride of place. These areas remain some of the finest spots for big cat ...Read more >
From £4,995 excluding flights

Tanzania Southern circuit safari holiday

For those in the know, there are few areas better for a safari than Southern Tanzania. Far from the crowds of the Serengeti, areas including the Selous (also known as Nyerere), Ruaha, Mikumi and Udzungwa boast some of the best game-viewing in Africa. Usually these areas are priced well beyond the means of most safari-goers, but this budget safari takes you to these amazing parks on a shoestring. Nyerere National Park offers a great chance to view a range of species, including large prides of lion, marauding packs of wild dog, spotted hyena, elephant, buffalo and even black rhino. There is also a rich diversity of more generic game species, including giraffe, zebra and wildebeest, and the ...Read more >
From £7,850 excluding flights