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Mindfulness & yoga holiday in Spain

Kundalini Yoga Focused on respiration and meditation in order to reach the inner balance, this is the most antique discipline of yoga. Yoga Nidra A Sanskrit term meaning "yogic sleep" is a deep relaxation technique and a form of meditation that expands the individual's self-awareness. Mindfulness workshop During this introductory session, our yoga instructor, Carmen, will be sharing the fundaments and techniques that will be practised along the retreat, helping you achieve awareness at the present moment, calmly acknowledging and accepting your feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations. Ecotherapy workshop Guided by the psychotherapist Charlotte Harris, the starting point of the ...Read more >
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Spain canyoning and multi activity holiday

Guara Canyons are famous for their grand display of majestic water-sculpted landscapes and represent a world-class reference location on adventure sports such as rock climbing and aquatic canyoning. As a result of eroding, time have been carving for centuries the heart of these mountains, sculpting a whole system of impressive gorges and natural pools, filling them with seasonal streams of crystal clear turquoise waters. Always accompanied by professional and certified guides, visitors will experience a pulse-racing action-packed adventure that will undoubtedly turn into a unique memory. Exploring Guara Canyons implies a great variety of activities, from white waters canyoning, where ...Read more >
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Central Pyrenees walking and wildlife holiday

Come and join us at our superb rural accommodation at the heart of Unesco's Sobrarbe Geopark, and enjoy the privilege of having within reach some of the wealthiest places of the Pyrenees in terms of wildlife. Led by an experienced local naturalist and certified professional mountain guide, every journey among untamed nature has been designed to make the most of the natural reserves around us. 1st hike: Ordesa National Park: The Last Pynrenean Glaciers Transfer: 1h | Activity: 4-5h | Distance: 5.6m (9km) | Ascent: 1500ft (450m) | Difficulty: Low Landscape: Alpine waterfalls, glaciers, beech forests, meadows. Wildlife: Groundhog, Chamois, Woodchat shrike, Citril Finch, Crossbill, ...Read more >
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Pyrenees e-biking holiday

Let the sound of chipping birds wake you up from the comfort of one of the renovated chambers of an authentic XVI century medieval fortified house built in the heart of the Pyrenean countryside, and be ready to e-bike some of the most unknown and surprising history landmarks of this territory. From 11th century Romanesque architecture to entirely abandoned rural towns, this program will make you feel like time-travelling a region where the present culture and rich gastronomy have been developing their strong deep roots for centuries. - 1st ride: The Romanesque way. Activity: 6h | Distance: 220m (35.4km) | Ascent: 4340ft (1323m) | Difficulty: Low. Percentage Track: 10% Percentage Road: ...Read more >
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