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Hiking in Montenegro

Region Bjelasica, Komovi and Prokletije is very attractive nowadays for tourists, both in summer and winter period. Region is rich with numerous mountain ranges, which are covered with snow during almost the whole year, rich with clear rivers, attractive canyons and caves, unusual mountain lakes... Mountain Bjelasica is one of the most beautiful mountains in Montenegro. If you want to experience adventure on a mountain, this is the right place. This mountain, which peaks (Black head, Zeko's head ) are over 2000m, represents a genuine challenge for mountaineers. Komovi mountain are a relatively small mountain massif in terms of the area they occupy, although in terms of the height of their ...Read more >
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Hike, kayak and raft in Montenegro & Serbia holiday

This tour is created for people who want to do adrenaline activities on their holidays, but at the same time want to explore hidden and unusual places. The tour is performed in two countries (Serbia and Montenegro), in their parts that are not popular travel destinations, but which have enormous potential. All participants in this program are pioneers in the activities included and have immense experience. Throughout the tour, the guests will have an opportunity to stay in the rural area of Western Balkans, to eat organic food, but also to do some adventures like rafting, kayak, hiking, cave exploring, and horse riding. Best for what: Adventures lovers (rafting, kayak, cave exploring, ...Read more >
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Highlights of Montenegro holiday

This tailor made tour will help you to understand all contrast which exist in Montenegro. How is possible for one day to ski and swim on the spectacular beaches? On really small area you will meet very much natural and cultural attractions, which has a global level importance. The two UNESCO points (Kotor &Durmitor and canyon of Tara River), One of the 25 the most beautiful Bay in the world (Boka Bay), The deepest canyon in Europe (Tara canyon- 1300m deep), Old Olive tree (old over 2400 years), Skadar lake as a part of Ramsar's list, Sn Stefan and Cetinje as a Old Royal capital, which is known as a museum city, are just a part of this 8-days program. During this tour will have a chance to ...Read more >
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Montenegro multi activity holiday

The town Bijelo Polje is situated in the center of the Nord-east part of Montenegro, on 560m of altitude, between mountains Bjelasica and Lisa, in valley of river Lim. The name Bijelo Polje means ,,white field'', which got from the fields of daises that turn the landscape into a white linen each spring. Daisy is a symbol of Bijelo Polje. Bijelo Polje became interesting tourism destination for people who do not like a lot of tourists and noisy places, which want to explore beautiful nature, does not matter is it mountains, rivers, landscapes or just peaceful villages, from which they can enjoy in spectacular views to the surrounded mountains. For people who are fans of outdoor activities, ...Read more >
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National parks of Montenegro holiday

This 10 days tailor made tour will give you a chance to do different activities in all of 5 Nartional parks in Montenegro. The tour will start from Skadar lake which is protected since 1983, but from 1996 is on Ramsar list of importance of world wetlands. In this national park you can do cruising, kayaking, biking or walking. Of course, taste a local wine is almost obligatory. Next Natgional park on our tour will be Lovcen which is located between Adriatic see, Skadar lake and Boka Bay. The most famous point in this national park is Njegos's Mausoleum which is located on the peak called Lakes's peak on 1657 m of altitude, and to reach to the top you must pass 461 steps. The view from ...Read more >
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Montenegro cultural tour

This tour is created for people who want to stay in rural area, but in same time do soft activities on their holidays, and explore hidden and unusual places. Throughout the tour, the guests will have an opportunity to stay in the rural area of Montenegro, to visit protected area like National parks Durmitor and Tara river, Biogradska Gora and Skadar lake, to eat organic food, but also to do some optional adventures like rafting, kayak, hiking, cave exploring, cruise and horse riding. Tour is available since middle of May until end of October. Our villages have preserved the customs and traditions from ancient times, something that cannot be found so easily in urban areas. The hospitality ...Read more >
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Montenegro short break

Katun road Borderline Heights is a thematic, katun road more than 160km long, which binds together more than 30 katuns on the mountains right along the border with Kosovo and it represents the first touristic product in Montenegro that completely relies on the cultural heritage and tradition illustrated in katuns. The area of katun road embraces several mountains Cakor, Mokra, Smiljevica, Hajla which belong to the northeast branch of Prokletije, the southernmost mountain chain of Dinarides. We would like to share this tradition with you, along with the stunning landscapes where our farmers have lived for centuries, to show you and tell you everything that is worth seeing and hearing about ...Read more >
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