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review 22 Jul 2011

1. What was the most memorable or exciting part of your holiday?

Experiencing the countryside, food and culture of the country by bike.

2. What tips would you give other travellers booking this holiday?

Be aware that it is for people of a low to average level of fitness - not for the super fit who wants to challenge themselves on the bike each day. Be prepared for group mentality to set in.

3. Did you feel that your holiday benefited local people, and minimized impacts on the environment?

Cycling minimises the effect on the environment but the transport of bikes, and luggage every day does not. Local hotels and restaurants would have benefited.

4. Finally, how would you rate your holiday overall?

Overall the cycle tour Pedalling in Poland was a really enjoyable experience. While the trip was not what I would call outstanding it certainly was lots of fun. It enabled me to see the countryside from a bike, view lots of churches, experience great food and learn a bit about the history and culture of Poland. Feedback about specific elements of the tour follow: Accommodation: The accommodation at each location was very good and more than adequate for a tour of this type. The hotel in Krakow was excellent – terrific location, friendly and helpful staff, good food and comfortable rooms. Food: The catered meals were mostly of a good standard. All breakfasts provided were great, with a varied and healthy selection of food each morning. The first catered dinner was poor for all but especially disappointing as I had asked for vegetarian meals. I was given soul with meat in it, followed by a main meal with overcooked frozen vegetables, two fried eggs and not much more. The final catered dinner was excellent, great service and really good food. On route it would have been great if we could have stopped at fresh fruit road side stalls rather than at supermarkets. Access to fruit was a little limited. The cycling bikes: The bikes provided were adequate for the tour but I suggest that they would benefit from more regular servicing given the use they get. They certainly made some interesting noises and I can remember early on the first day, praying, as we descended a long and very steep hill, that the bike were appropriately maintained. One of the tour members was very tall and I do not think that the bike he was supplied with was the correct size or in very good condition as it kept breaking down and we frequently had to wait while repairs were carried out. On the first day of the tour we all waited for a long time while the guide organised and made adjustments to bikes. This could have been done the night before so that our departure was not delayed. We then cycled barely 100 meters before a bike required attention. The cycle route: The cycle route was good with a mix of scenery, small villages, churches and adequate rest stops. Obviously the best cycling was on quiet back roads and the variety of cycling on dirt tracks along rivers was welcomed. Route map: Providing all members of the group with a reasonably detailed map would have really added to the experience and given each person a better understanding of the location and destinations. Without a map of the route you felt like you were just blindly following the tour guide and having to rely on him to let you know your location and where you were headed. More cycling: I would have preferred to more cycling. The days when we covered about 60km were the most rewarding. Luggage transfer: The transfer of our luggage was hotel to hotel was seamless with all members of the group being confident that their gear was safe and would arrive where it was supposed to. Krakow cycle city tour: This was a bit passé as again we blindly followed the guide without much idea of where we were going. At each stopping point he did provide information about where we were but having this information in advance would have enhanced the experience. Tour guide: The tour guide was a really nice bloke. He was personable, had a good sense of humour was very helpful and also knowledgeable about his country. Would I recommend this tour to others: I would recommend this tour but would highlight that it is for people of a low to average level of fitness and as such it might frustrate someone with a higher level of fitness who wishes to cover more kilometres each day.

Read the operator's response here:

We would like to explain that our holidays are not aimed at specialist cyclists, but at those who enjoy cycling, albeit at different levels. They are meant as a chance to see the country, rather than primarily to cover large distances. We also offer more strenuous cycling trips than this one, and we think our description of the level of fitness required as Moderate is correct. It should not be difficult to arrange stops at roadside stalls to buy fresh fruit and we will look into this, although we will need to check whether there are food hygiene considerations involved. We were concerned to hear that you were given soup with meat in; there is not normally a problem in sourcing vegetarian meals on this trip, although the choice is not wide as vegetarianism is not widely practised in Poland. Hired bikes are never going to be as satisfactory as customers’ own bikes, but we have operating procedures regarding the standard and maintenance of those provided for our groups. All your suggestions have been passed to those responsible for planning this trip. Our cycling guides normally provide maps of each day’s cycling to our customers, and we will ensure that this is always done on this trip.

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