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The landmarks of Egypt are so deeply ingrained in our perceptions of history, culture and civilisation that they have taken on an almost mythical quality; phenomenal ancient discoveries are still being uncovered today, a remarkable amount of marvel for one place to boast. It is the oldest tourist destination on Earth and its pulling power shows no sign of waning. Sights such as the Great Pyramid of Giza, Abu Simbel, the Valley of the Kings, and the River Nile, Egypt’s lifeblood, will furrow your brow with wonder and stay with you forever. Find out more in our Egypt travel guide.

Our top Egypt holidays

Nile cruise holiday in Egypt

From £1699 to £2299
9 days inc UK flights
Discover ancient temples & tombs & travel by Nile cruise boat
Small group2021: 4 Dec, 18 Dec, 2022: 8 Jan, 5 Feb, 5 Mar, 19 Mar, 2 Apr, 9 Apr, 16 Apr, 30 Apr, 7 May, 28 May, 17 Sep, 24 Sep, 1 Oct, 8 Oct, 15 Oct, 22 Oct, 29 Oct, 5 Nov, 12 Nov, 19 Nov, 26 Nov, 10 Dec

Egypt cultural holiday, small group

From £1199 to £1449
10 days ex flights
Discover Egypt on this amazing 10 day tour
Small group2021: 30 Oct, 13 Nov, 20 Nov, 27 Nov, 11 Dec, 18 Dec, 28 Dec, 2022: 8 Jan, 22 Jan, 5 Feb, 19 Feb, 5 Mar, 19 Mar, 2 Apr, 16 Apr, 30 Apr, 14 May, 28 May, 11 Jun, 18 Jun, 25 Jun, 9 Jul, 23 Jul, 6 Aug, 20 Aug, 3 Sep, 17 Sep, 1 Oct, 15 Oct, 29 Oct, 12 Nov, 26 Nov, 10 Dec, 21 Dec, 28 Dec

Egypt Nile and Red Sea Tours

From £1106 to £1389
12 days ex flights
Cairo, Giza, Luxor & Aswan Nile Cruise & Red Sea Holiday

Best time to go on holiday to Egypt

Rain is not a problem in Egypt and neither is the cold – visiting in winter can get chilly at night, but it’s nothing a few extra layers can’t conquer. The most popular periods too visit are the spring (February-April) and the autumn (October-November). These months are significantly cooler than those of high summer when it gets unpleasantly hot – we’re talking 40°C plus. Of course, ‘cooler’ in Egypt is a relative concept. Even during spring and autumn the daytime temperatures will easily hit 25°C-30°C, but you’ll enjoy some relief in the evenings. Find out more about the best time to visit Egypt.
Egypt temperature and rainfall chart

Map & highlights

The timeless wonder of Egypt begins amid the noise and grime of Cairo, where the Pyramids of Giza and mysterious Sphinx stand just outside the capital. Further south, often reached by night train, Luxor holds many of Egypt’s great architectural treasures, including the tombs of pharaohs set into the Valley of the Kings. Most Nile cruises, whether by small ship or felucca, sail between Luxor and laidback Aswan with its Nubian villages, sometimes diverting by road or air to the temples of Abu Simbel. Dahab on the Red Sea, meanwhile, is a chilled base for scuba diving.
Valley of the Kings

1. Valley of the Kings

A labyrinth of underground hidden tombs and vivid ancient illustrations – not least King Tutankhamun’s burial chamber – is all part of the otherworldly mystique of the Valley of the Kings. Every archaeologist that’s struck lucky there has claimed there’s nothing left to find and yet amazing discoveries keep happening; rumour has it, Queen Nefertiti’s resting place is next to be uncovered.

2. Aswan

Aswan is a compelling and underrated city that sits right down south on the wide, slow-flowing banks of the Nile. Unlike lively Luxor, Aswan’s allure lies in its laid-back vibe. Its colourful markets, unique and historically important Nubian villages, an excellent souk, and the tropical-fringed Elephantine Island are all fascinating, as is the natural splendour of a burnt orange sunset over the Nile.

3. Cairo

One city, three parts: Downtown Cairo houses the Egyptian Museum – a crumbling and chaotic affair, but with a priceless collection of pharaonic antiquities (to be relocated from 2021). Old Cairo is the Coptic centre with an array of medieval churches; and Islamic Cairo is a maze of narrow walkways, artisan bazaars and shisha. Khan al-Khalili market area is shopping heaven for some, hell for others.
Dahab & Red Sea

4. Dahab & Red Sea

If you like the idea of giving scuba diving a go just a short walk from the water’s edge then Dahab is spot on. Diving here is mainly shore-based as the Red Sea drops down quickly to great depths, making it an ideal destination for beginners. With over 1,000 species of fish, 150 species of coral, and curious dolphins the Red Sea is known for its unbelievable underwater scenes and excellent visibility.
Abu Simbel Temples

5. Abu Simbel Temples

Thanks to UNESCO these magnificent temples, built by Ramses II in 13th century BCE, were rescued from the flooding of the lands that took place to build the Aswan Dam and Lake Nasser in 1960s. They relocated them to Abu Simbel, and placed them on the rock face by tunnelling into the hillside. As you do. They are spectacular. Come for the Stonehenge-like sun effect at dawn 22nd Oct and 22nd Feb.

6. Luxor

A modern metropolis merged with an ancient arcadia, it is divided by the Nile into two sections. The East Bank is the modern but French influenced town, also home to Luxor and colossal Karnak temples, plus Luxor’s museum. Take a boat to the West Bank to explore the Valley of the Kings. You can take a sleeper train from Cairo, and hire a bike to explore the West Bank when you are there.

History & ancient culture

Egypt is the cradle of more than 5,000 years of history and culture, a sophisticated civilisation far older than those of Greece and Rome. Through its ancient temples, monuments and tombs you can trace the stories of Egypt’s pharaohs, their people and their gods. There are staggering architectural achievements, too, from the pyramids to the amazing project to save Abu Simbel from flooding. But it’s not all dusty museums and dark chambers lined with hieroglyphics – Egyptian history and culture really come to life when you’re visiting Nubian villages or exploring Luxor Temple at sunset, illuminated by the famous light show.

Luxor & Valley of the Kings

An intriguing blend of ancient and modern, the Luxor area has been settled since Homer’s time. Luxor Temple occupies the centre of the city, while the vast Temple of Karnak, one of the largest religious complexes in the world, stands in the desert just outside. Luxor is split by the Nile, and on the river’s west bank is the labyrinthine Valley of the Kings, where many of Egypt’s best-known rulers were entombed, including Ramses II and Tutankhamun. Often referred to as ‘the world’s greatest open-air museum’, many of Luxor and the Valley of the Kings’ secrets remain buried and undiscovered.

Pyramids of Giza & the Sphinx

The most iconic symbol of Egypt, and among the most recognisable monuments on Earth, the Pyramids of Giza would be a stunning feat of architecture and engineering today, let alone when they were actually built, nearly 5,000 years ago. Testament to the phenomenal drive and organisational skills of the ancient Egyptians, the three Giza pyramids stand just outside Cairo, and are joined by dozens more in the surrounding desert, as well as the enigmatic Sphinx. This huge limestone statue has the body of a lion and the head of a man, though no-one knows where its nose has got to.

More holiday ideas

Egypt 10 day tour with Nile cruise

From £1299 to £1699
10 days ex flights
Culture, history and beaches of Egypt
Small group2021: 30 Oct, 13 Nov, 20 Nov, 27 Nov, 11 Dec, 18 Dec, 28 Dec, 2022: 8 Jan, 22 Jan, 5 Feb, 19 Feb, 5 Mar, 19 Mar, 2 Apr, 16 Apr, 30 Apr, 14 May, 28 May, 11 Jun, 25 Jun, 9 Jul, 23 Jul, 6 Aug, 20 Aug, 3 Sep, 17 Sep, 1 Oct, 15 Oct, 29 Oct, 12 Nov, 26 Nov, 10 Dec, 21 Dec, 28 Dec

Family culture & adventure holiday to Egypt

From £1499 to £1699
12 days ex flights
An Egyptian adventure the whole family will remember
Small group2021: 23 Oct, 20 Dec, 2022: 12 Feb, 19 Feb, 9 Apr, 28 May, 30 Jul, 13 Aug, 22 Oct, 20 Dec

Highlights of Egypt holiday

From £2249 to £2899
13 days inc UK flights
All the classic sites if you have limited time
Small group2021: 12 Nov, 17 Dec, 2022: 11 Feb, 11 Mar, 8 Apr, 22 Apr, 7 Oct, 14 Oct, 11 Nov, 25 Nov, 16 Dec

Egypt small group tour, Alexandria & Nile cruise

From £1798 to £2295
12 days ex flights
Experience the 'Land of the Pharaohs' on this exciting trip.
Small group2021: 24 Oct, 29 Oct, 3 Nov, 7 Nov, 10 Nov, 12 Nov, 14 Nov, 21 Nov, 26 Nov, 5 Dec, 10 Dec, 12 Dec, 15 Dec, 17 Dec, 19 Dec, 22 Dec, 24 Dec, 31 Dec, 2022: 2 Jan, 5 Jan, 7 Jan, 12 Jan, 14 Jan, 16 Jan, 21 Jan, 23 Jan, 28 Jan, 30 Jan, 2 Feb, 6 Feb, 11 Feb, 13 Feb, 18 Feb, 20 Feb, 23 Feb, 25 Feb, 27 Feb, 2 Mar, 4 Mar, 6 Mar, 9 Mar, 13 Mar, 16 Mar, 18 Mar, 20 Mar, 23 Mar, 25 Mar, 27 Mar, 30 Mar, 3 Apr, 6 Apr, 8 Apr, 10 Apr, 13 Apr ...

Egypt & Jordan small group tour

From £1999 to £2299
17 days ex flights
Spend 2 weeks in Jordan & Egypt visiting its iconic sights.
Small group2021: 6 Nov, 4 Dec, 21 Dec, 2022: 15 Jan, 12 Feb, 12 Mar, 9 Apr, 7 May, 4 Jun, 2 Jul, 30 Jul, 13 Aug, 10 Sep, 8 Oct, 5 Nov, 3 Dec, 21 Dec

Exciting family holiday in Egypt, for all ages

From £1300 to £1700
8 days ex flights
A fabulous family holiday including the best of Egypt
Quote: All our holidays support local communities & nature – bringing you closer to both
Quote: All our holidays support local communities & nature – bringing you closer to both

More about Egypt

Nile cruises

Victorian tourists sailing between the monuments along the banks of the Nile in bygone days were following in the oar-strokes of Julius Caesar and Cleopatra. Nile cruises can still be as sedate, opulent and romantic today, so long as you stick to small ships rather than the floating resorts that pollute the river and swamp the ancient sites. Sail-powered feluccas are a traditional and completely eco-friendly way to sail the Nile – although your progress is reliant on the wind. Cruises of up to a week between Luxor and Aswan usually encompass Edfu, Kom Ombo and Abu Simbel.

Egypt family holidays

Funny thing about kids – sit them in front of a history textbook at home and they’ll collapse with boredom. But dunk them into a historic setting such as the Pyramids of Giza or the temples of Luxor, and they’ll be entranced. Whether it’s cracking mummy jokes in the legendary Egyptian Museum of Cairo, enjoying the breeze in your hair as you sleep on deck with a felucca cruise on the Nile, or taking scuba diving lessons in the Red Sea, Egypt family holidays are out of school but still a class act.

Types of holidays & vacations in Egypt

Even the best guidebooks can’t beat the expert local guides who accompany small group holidays, bringing ancient history to life with enviable troves of knowledge. Cultural holidays naturally cover pyramids and pharaohs, but also offer insights through meals in Nubian homes and atmospheric overnight trains. Culture and history abound on Nile cruising holidays, with small ships and traditional feluccas plying the river between magnificent temples. For a different take on Egypt, Dahab is one of the best locations for diving in the Red Sea, with a seaside village feel and beautifully clear waters rich in marine life.
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