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Mongolia tour, hunting with Eagles

Join the Kazakh eagle hunters of Western Mongolia to experience their traditional way of life and understand why and how they hunt with eagles. The imposing Altai Mountains dominate the west of the country and form the spectacular physical and cultural backdrop to this 9-day winter tailor-made tour. Why a winter experience? The eagle hunters only hunt in the winter months (late October through to February) as they hunt specifically for the winter coat of the prey. The Altai have been a homeland for the nomadic cultures of Eurasia for thousands of years, including the Kazakhs, Mongolia’s largest ethnic minority group with approximately 150,000 living in the provinces of western Mongolia. ...Read more >
From US $1,805 excluding flights

Women only tour in Mongolia

The best women-only holidays to Mongolia are designed from the bottom up to give you a true insight into women’s lives. This is exactly what this trip does. The landscape – glacier-topped Altai Mountains; huge horse-speckled steppes; forested foothills; alpine plains – is secondary to the inspiring women you’ll meet and stay with. In Ulaanbaatar, you’ll go for dinner and drinks with the female trip assistant who’ll be your guide for the next two weeks. In the Middle Gobi region, you’ll travel between ger camps to meet the women who milk animals and collect water from the river. You’ll stay with a Kazakh eagle huntress among the alpine meadows of the Altai, as well as embroiderers who ...Read more >
From US $3,230 excluding flights

Mongolia's Ultimate Road Trip holiday

This tailor-made holiday explores the full range of landscapes between Ulaanbaatar - Mongolia's capital city - and western Mongolia. Highlights lean towards the epic: the alpine lakes region of the Altai; bleak desert salt lakes; the sand dunes of wild Zavkhan Province; the rolling steppe of the central heartland. They’re biodiverse landscapes that might seem worlds away from one another, but can be explored by vehicle – when you travel with a Mongolian holiday specialist in the know. This road trip is designed by Mongolian holiday experts who don't just introduce you to the landscapes, but to the people who live among them too. You’ll meet the herding families who shelter in the forested ...Read more >
From US $3,515 excluding flights

Mountain biking holiday in Mongolia

The awe-inspiring immensity of Mongolia's Gobi Desert and Mongolian steppe is really brought home when you travel through it on two wheels. This off-road mountain biking holiday in Mongolia is all about adventure, but with plenty of cultural involvement too – you will spend time with local herding communities, stay in gers alongside herding families, and the routes have been carefully designed in close collaboration with those same communities too. Plus, of course, you will be accompanied throughout by great female Mongolian guides able to give a greater dimension to the culture, and the landscapes, you’re passing through. This eight-day cycling tour - with seven days flexible biking - ...Read more >
From US $1,635 excluding flights

Mongolia adventure holiday, off the beaten track

On this Mongolia cultural adventure holiday, off the beaten track, enjoy the chance to live with local Mongolian people and learn about rural life, far from any tourist trail. Forget traditional sightseeing or ticking off highlights and instead enjoy staying in Mongolia’s rural herding communities, observing daily life and living with the local families that we work in long-term local community partnership with. During the spring, as the snows thaw and the landscape comes back to life, livestock is born and herding communities have lots to do. This 13-day trip, which runs in May, explores rural life at this productive time of year from the perspective of local people, from nomadic families ...Read more >
From US $2,575 excluding flights

Mongolia Gobi Desert insight tour

This tailor made holiday focuses on the people, communities and landscapes of the Mongolian Gobi Desert. The Gobi spans six of Mongolia’s aimags (provinces) and this trip takes in the East (Dorgobi), Middle (Dudgobi) and Southern (Omnogobi) provinces. These are huge, open expanses of extremes. As well as discovering the diversity of landscapes – from camping among sand dunes to exploring the Flaming Cliffs – you’ll meet the people who make their home in the Gobi Desert. There’s a one-night stay with the Batsuuri family, herders who live on the vast plains with the Gobi Gurvan Saikhan Mountains as their backdrop. And you’ll meet the family behind a conservation project that has been ...Read more >
From US $2,750 excluding flights

Mongolia winter holiday

Winter in Mongolia is very cold – but that’s what makes the landscapes so extraordinary at this time of year. And not only will you explore some of the most iconic scenery in Mongolia’s central heartland - made beautiful by winter - but you’ll experience the ways of life of three families that live within these landscapes. Central to each experience is the long-term local community partnerships that we have formed with each of the host families. Supporting the rural communities through which you will travel and working directly with them and accessing their local knowledge leads to a more personal style of holiday for you as our guest. It also allows you to discover the realities of ...Read more >
From US $1,245 excluding flights

Mongolia Lunar New Year tour, Tsagaan Sar

Delve into the heart of Mongolia’s captivating winter, and experience the coexistence of tradition and modernity among the herders we’ve formed enduring long-term local community partnerships with. Our focus is on their adaptation to the demands of the 21st century while upholding the customs that define Mongolia’s cultural tapestry. A prime highlight is their observance of Tsagaan Sar, the Mongolian Lunar New Year, an occasion of great significance. Mongolia’s resilient herders exhibit a remarkable aptitude for aligning their way of life with the contours of their surroundings. Through our Tsagaan Sar & Beyond expedition, we invite you to traverse not only diverse landscapes but also ...Read more >
From US $2,290 excluding flights

Wildlife research expedition in the Gobi Desert, Mongolia

The fragility of Mongolia's natural environment has long been preserved through traditional practices and beliefs with contemporary challenges often causing these sorts of customs to be reawakened in the face of adversity. 21st-century challenges have often been tackled at grassroots level which is why our 12 day Mongolia conservation expedition focuses on conserving the environment and researching protection measures in order to make a difference on the ground, especially safeguarding the future of the indigenous khulan, also known as the Mongolian Wild Ass. This experience is in alliance with the Association Goviin Khulan NGO (see below). You will gain an understanding and invaluable ...Read more >
From US $2,270 excluding flights

Mongolia adventure holiday with festival option

Vast landscapes and seemingly endless space are the unforgettable hallmarks of this Mongolia adventure holiday, that celebrates the diversity of Mongolia's landscapes as you explore this largely untamed country. Spend a fascinating 23 days here, discovering the dramatic Gobi Desert, the central grasslands, and the lakeland regions of northern Mongolia, Lake Khovsgol. The June departure includes the national Naadam Festival in Ulaanbaatar. Many holidays to Mongolia include domestic flights, but these inevitably involve time spent queuing and boarding, and the risk of delayed flights. So instead, this holiday travels overland as the ultimate road trip combined with a camel trek, wild ...Read more >
From US $3,830 excluding flights

Mongolia tour, food of the Nomads

The guests who enjoy our trips to Mongolia and the rural Mongolian families we work in long-term local community partnership with suggested a holiday to explore the food of the nomads, so we put together this 13-day tour. It's the chance to experience life on the high steppe of Mongolia’s beautiful middle Gobi Desert, the central heartland and Khangai Mountains, learning alongside locals about their life and the traditional, delicious cuisine they cook and enjoy. Mongolia food gets a bad press, but it’s not all boiled mutton! Simple ingredients are processed using a surprising variety of methods, and combined with vegetables, handmade noodles and other flour-based foods, to create fresh ...Read more >
From US $2,460 excluding flights

Western Mongolia tour, the Altai mountains & eagles

The wild landscapes of western Mongolia form the backdrop to this small group adventure where you’ll be hosted by some of Mongolia's most experienced and respected eagle hunters. All the hosts are Kazakh families from Mongolia’s largest ethnic group; over 100,000 live in western Mongolia. Some of the Kazakhs are eagle hunters – typically hunting with stronger and more aggressive female golden eagles (called berkuts). This holiday offers the chance to experience the life of a Kazakh eagle hunter first hand, as you spend time living alongside the hunter and their family. You’ll also witness their daily lives – including the preparations for the Eagle Festival. Your eagle hunter holiday is ...Read more >
From US $2,435 excluding flights

Mongolia cultural tour, Nomads of Khangai Mountains

Mongolia is built from three ecological regions: desert, mountain and steppe. This cultural holiday explores the mountain and forest steppes of the Khangai, where the shape of the land shapes Mongolians’ way of life. You’ll spend five days on a wilderness trek led by a Mongolia guide from a local herding family. They know the landscape like the back of their hand, so the local holiday company that designs this trip - and who works in community partnership with the herding family - is wise enough to leave the route in his capable hands. It leaves flexibility for detours to any interesting happenings in this landscape of valleys, lava fields, larch and pine forests, mountaintops, steppe and ...Read more >
From US $2,625 excluding flights

Mongolia family adventure holiday

Mongolia provides the backdrop for a family holiday like no other. This itinerary is a private trip that can be adapted to suit your budget, travel dates and family – especially children. Whether you want to hike, camp, ger homestay, camel trek, horse ride or relax in some hot springs, it’ll be designed to suit you. You’ll have a private vehicle and your own local trip assistant, giving you the freedom to travel in your own way, away from the crowds. You can add additional nights in Ulaanbaatar (UB) at the beginning, and different hotels and activities can be recommended for you based on your preference. Why not spend a morning in UB learning how to shoot an air pistol at the shooting ...Read more >
From US $3,775 excluding flights

Mongolia tour, mountains & nomads

On this small group holiday to Mongolia, you’ll discover how the rural communities and vast wild landscapes of Northern Mongolia and the central Khangai Mountains inform the way of life. You’ll meet nomadic herders who have watered their livestock along the Iver River for centuries and a cooperative that works with yak wool spinners. Along the Suman River, you’ll get the chance to stay with a retired herder who is also a market gardener and historian. In the Orkhon River Valley, meanwhile, you’ll see how traditional herding has seen a 21st-century evolution while still holding onto tradition. This Mongolia holiday is timed to coincide with the midsummer Naadam Festival in Bulgan, which sees ...Read more >
From US $2,700 excluding flights

Mongolia tour, winter landscapes and Khovsgol ice festival

This small group winter holiday heads into the frozen wilds of Khovsgol Nuur National Park, which sprawls over northern Mongolia. You’ll travel with a holiday company that works with Baasanchuluun, a member of the Darkhad ethnic group and the head of a herding family, to design this trip. You’ll be in expert hands: Baasanchuluun, his brother and friend build traditional horse sleighs. They’re not a novelty for tourists, but vital transport for the Khovsgol Darkhad in winter. You’ll explore their home landscapes on a three-day horse sleigh expedition led by Baasanchuluun and his companions – some of the most experienced guides you’ll ever meet. You’ll also be invited to the two-day Ice ...Read more >
From US $2,170 excluding flights

Exploratory trekking holiday in Mongolia

This 14-day holiday takes place in the remote north of Mongolia and focuses on the culture, way of life, and the wild, beautiful and diverse landscapes of Khovsgol Nuur National Park. Khovsgol lake is a deeply spiritual place to Mongolians, known as the Mother Sea, and while it’s a popular attraction, we can guide you to see its more local and human side. In Khovsgol a huge range of habitats meet here, including coniferous forests, steppe woodland, open steppe and mountains. This trip helps you get to know all these different areas. Each portion of this holiday is hosted by local people with who we work in long-term partnership, for a rich insight into the culture and life of northern ...Read more >
From US $2,925 excluding flights

Eagle hunter homestay in Mongolia

This eagle hunter homestay holiday reveals the true way of life behind one of Mongolia’s most iconic communities: the Kazakh eagle hunters. You’ll stay and travel with members of Mongolia’s largest ethnic minority group among the striking Altai Mountain landscapes of western Mongolia. Amid these arid yet strikingly beautiful landscapes, the hunters have a way of life that has been shaped by history, geography and political change. You’ll stay with a diverse group of eagle hunters – like Bashahan, whose family winters by the Khovd River; the Asker family whose young daughters are truly 21st-century eagle huntresses as they break centuries of tradition; and Jako, who’ll invite you to ...Read more >
From US $2,095 excluding flights