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Bhutan cultural tour, history of Bhutan

This Bhutan cultural tour will, in little over a week, showcase the enthralling history and nature of the small and once-isolated Kingdom of Bhutan. What would Bhutan be without it's magnificent nature walks and Himalayan trails? We offer an array of varied walking trail experiences beginning with the breathtakingly high altitude perch of the Tiger's Nest Monastery above the Paro Valley floor. With a gourmet picnic lunch en-route, this is the perfect way to savour this stunning location and the panoramic experience of this walk. We'll also take you through a protected National Park, noted to be one of the Kingdom's largest protected reserves. A trail that leads up to the secluded and ...Read more >
From US $3,200 excluding flights

West-central India wildlife holiday

Nestled in West-central India, the lure of the Tiger at Tadoba and the fascinating undulating landscape at Pench is what drew us here many years ago in the pursuit of our love of photographing the stunning diversity of wildlife and game in what has come to be among the list of India’s best managed wildlife reserves on the sub-continent. The etymology of Tadoba comes from the amalgamation of the tribal God Taru and the Andhari river that serves as the reserve’s water vein, filling it’s fresh water lakes during the brutal summer months. Situated in the western state of Maharashtra, Tadoba’s wildlife fringes the local Gond tribal settlements around the region of Chandrapur. Traditional ...Read more >
From £3,000 including domestic flights only

Sri Lanka tailor made tours

This tailor made tour takes you to the island of Sri Lanka, in the Indian Ocean. Covering a total area of 65,000 square kilometres, it lies close to the subcontinent of India but couldn't be more different. Buddhism laid the foundations for the ancient culture of this island nation and this is evident in the magnificent architecture and sites that are around today. From the ancient 5th-century rock fortress at Sigiriya, the home of early Buddhist monks, to the temple complex near Kandalama, the influence of Buddhism is still evident in the lives of the people that live around these ancient sites and on the island in general. Sri Lanka's abundant wildlife, unique birdlife and diverse ...Read more >
From £2,180 excluding flights

India Golden Triangle tour, a journey beyond

This India Golden Triangle tour takes you to the rich plains and mountains of North India, which have drawn numerous visitors from across Asia, Persia and beyond. From luminous figures such as Napoleon to Alexander the Great to the British East India Company, many have vied to control the vast expanses and rich resources of the North. The journey that we’ve put together was designed with a lot of thought. Thought into the elements that would help showcase North India’s tumultuous and checkered history, and provide insights into its various people, from the great Mughals, Persians and Afghans, to the Rajputs, the Sikhs, the Tibetans and ultimately the English who shaped the region’s more ...Read more >
From £3,200 excluding flights

Madhya Pradesh tailor made holiday, India

Madhya Pradesh, affectionately known as the soul of the Indian subcontinent, offers some of the richest and most varied historic architectural and experiences in the country, and on this tailor made holiday you’ll discover a region of India that is entirely unique. You'll visit prehistoric caves dating back to 10,000 BC as well as fascinating ancient temple architecture, including the UNESCO World Heritage sites of Bhimbetka and Khajuraho. With its bold sculpture depictions of erotica and sensuality, Khajuraho paved the way for emboldened architectural expression as early as 9th century AD, and is still thought of today as among the best examples of temple architecture in India. This trip ...Read more >
From £1,999 excluding flights

Gujarat cultural holiday, India

This Gujarat cultural holiday takes you to a state that played host to the early Indus Valley Civilization 4,000 years ago at Lothal & Dholavira. The region evolved from there into several princely states that made up the region of Saurashtra. Saurashtra’s distinction was that it remained independent from colonial British India until independence, forming its distinct identity. From the powerful Hindu temple of Somnath, to Gujarat’s unique landscape and geography, to its distinct tribal communities and wildlife - including the migratory birdlife of the Great Kutch Desert and the majestic Asiatic Lion – Gujarat makes for a unique and fascinating holiday.Read more >
From £2,800 excluding flights

Kerala tours, three weeks in Kerala

From the face of it, Kerala seems a destination of merely backwaters and a long coastline overlooking the alluring Arabian Sea. However delving deeper into the countryside reveals that this region packs a powerful and rich cultural punch. The countryside is about local families, their ancient traditions and their rich culinary heritage. This journey through and discovery of this fascinating region will be from our local point of view. These series of experiences will take you through the countryside; to the homes of the locals in different parts of the state. You’ll glean fascinating insights about local life and coupled with the warm hospitality of the people, you’ll be welcomed into the ...Read more >
From £3,000 excluding flights

North Kerala tailor made holidays

Imagine Kerala and the mind typically wanders to scenic coastlines and quaint fishing villages in their idyllic natural settings. This North Kerala tailor made holiday will help you explore them. Now how about traditional folk dances involving frenzied drumming and dancing around fires? Or ancestral spice-traders whose homestays offer up some of the region’s most authentic and culturally distinct cuisine? Or walks to local tribal homes, and meeting traditional boat builders? All of these are possible and more. You can also experience an invigorating ayurvedic massage by the beach, go on spice-plantation walks or jeep safaris through the forested Western Ghats, go country boating to get ...Read more >
From £1,400 excluding flights

Ayurvedic cooking holiday in Southern India

The Family, vegetarianism and our Jain philosophy Our family came to the Nilgiri mountains and settled around thirty years ago to pursue a life of organic farming and the chance to live a life amidst nature and clean air, following our love of vegetarian food and Ayurvedic traditions. Originally we are a family of Jains from the desert state of Rajasthan. Though we're a long way from what was home, we brought with us our philosophy of life, our outlook toward our authentic cuisine and our passion to live healthily and responsibly off the land. We grow speciality Orange Pekoe and full leaf green tea organically on our farm and ensure that our farm to cup time is less than a week. Our ...Read more >
From £1,900 excluding flights

Southern India tour, temples & nature

Experience six days of nature, historic temples and monuments on our Southern India tour. We assure you that just like us, you will return home awed and humbled. Highlights include: - Evening walk in a sub-tropical rain forest - Homestay accommodation - Jeep Safari through a National Park - Amba Vilas Palace visit - Halebid temple complex Price includes: Accommodation (5 star/eco where possible), transportation, entry fees, guide charges, camera fees, road/toll taxes & soft drinks (water, tea coffee, juices). Please note: I would be delighted to telephone you to discuss your individual travel arrangements, so please leave your telephone number when you complete the online enquiry ...Read more >
From £494 excluding flights

South India holiday

Our 15-day South India holiday takes in this astoundingly historic state in the manner of the traders’ caravanserai from the centuries of yore. We take you through these ancient trading cities and towns with the hope of unwrapping the culture, architectural splendour and rich history of this powerful and progressive Dravidian State. The caravanserais of ancient South India were established to facilitate the barter of spices, precious jewels and silk between the kingdoms of the Cholas, the Pandyas, the Vijaynagars and the West. From the 4th century onwards trading partners included the Greeks, the Arabs and Mughals of the Middle East and North, the Dutch, the French and finally the ...Read more >
From £1,851 excluding flights

North East India tour of rural tribes

This Northeast India tour of rural tribes takes travellers into little-visited regions, through the undulating valleys of Meghalaya to the mountainous sub-Himalayan regions of Sikkim, where you’ll spend time with the Limbhu, Bhutia and Khasi tribal communities of these remote areas. These tribes share a rich ancestry from as far off as Tibet, Bhutan, Nepal and even Myanmar, which is mirrored in their religious beliefs, their living habits, their artisanal skills and traditions and most importantly their cuisine. Both the Khasis and the Limbhus of are matrilineal societies, with property and family deities all passing from mother to daughter. Your journey starts in Meghalaya State, in the ...Read more >
From £2,800 excluding flights

South India food tour, Chennai to Mysore

Our South India food tour takes you from Chennai to Mysore in search of the best of the region's cuisine and culture. South Indian cuisine has evolved over thousands of years any many ancient traditions are still kept alive today. In some areas these traditions have fused with those of other cultures. For example Keralan cuisine has been influenced by the Romans and Greeks, Arab traders and the Dutch and English Colonisers. Through the historic spice bazaars of the east and the Malabar to the west, we take you through a journey of discovery that will leave you better informed about the cuisine of the subcontinent. We immerse you in proper hands on cooking and culinary sessions with local ...Read more >
From £2,200 excluding flights

History, culture & wildlife of India holiday

We have designed this trip to ensure that as a traveller to South India, you get to experience the rich history, the distinct cultures and the diverse wildlife of the Western Ghats. This route starts in the Nilgiri Mountains where you will be spending four of your fifteen days soaking up the natural beauty and life of the tribes of this unique part of the Western Ghats of South India. From the Nilgiri Hills, we then make our way into the historic and cultural state of Karnataka where you spend ten days traversing its length. On the 15th day your trip comes to an end as we converge onto the sun kissed beaches of Goa. Price includes: Accommodation (5 star/eco where possible), ...Read more >
From £1,336 excluding flights