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Elephant conservation in Thailand

From £450 (7 days) excluding flights
Weekly price includes accommodation, most meals, English speaking support and project fees. This trip is open to all ages. No minimum child age.
Vouchers: accepted
This project can be joined at any time, subject to availability. Minimum stay is 1 week (no maximum duration)
28 reviews4 star rating
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Elephant conservation in Thailand

Description from the holiday company

Hello. If you'd like to chat about this holiday or need help finding one we're very happy to help. Rosy & team.

Responsible tourism: Elephant conservation in Thailand

The Elephant Mahout Project helps to provide a safe working and living environment for the elephants, their mahouts and families. By giving volunteers the chance to get up close to these intelligent creatures the project generates extra income for the camp and the mahouts so that they are not forced to overwork their elephants, as they may have to do at other camps in Thailand.

The extra income raised by the project also helps to provide food, better living conditions for the elephants and medical assistance. The project also aims to re-educate mahouts that may have been trained to mistreat their elephants and raise their awareness of the expectations that western visitors have for animal welfare, and provide education for tourists, locals and children about the importance of the Thai domestic elephant and the problems they are currently facing.

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Elephant conservation in Thailand

You can trust Responsible Travel reviews because, unlike many other schemes, reviews can ONLY be written by people who we have verified have been on the holidays. In addition, we don't run these holidays ourselves - our only interest is giving you the best independent advice.

5 stars
I am reborn! Simply the best holiday I have ever been on
4 stars
Some great stories to tell the grandchildren. Would recommend to a friend
3 stars
Very enjoyable
2 stars
It was OK
1 star
A bit disappointing really

Reviewed 21 Aug 2015 by 4 star rating

Loved each second of it. 10/10.(read full review)

Reviewed 22 Nov 2013 by 5 star rating

My holiday was the best experience of my life, so much so I wasn't ready to leave and got very upset when the time came to leave. I fell in love my elephant Campion and Boonma and his family welcomed me with open arms. Such good hearted people. The experience with them added to my amazing experience and I would recommend anyone try this experience. I would give this experience 10 out of 10 there was nothing I feel could of been better except for me booking longer! (read full review)

Reviewed 15 Jul 2013 by 4 star rating

Thoroughly enjoyed - The baby elephant playing-a real privilege to see!(read full review)

Reviewed 18 Dec 2012 by 5 star rating

It was the best holiday I have ever experienced. My daughter and I cried when we left the elephant camp on the last day. We built up very strong bonds with our elephants, their owners and thier families. A very happy, emotional experience. We will be going back to visit them all soon.(read full review)

Reviewed 22 Jun 2012 by 5 star rating

The whole holiday was memorable: the elephants, the people, the food, the weather, the atmosphere, the prices, the temples, the history. (read full review)

Reviewed 03 Feb 2012 by 4 star rating

Excellent. A unique experience, a great feeling to learn new skills and learn more about the Thai culture. Several volunteers seem to come back for seconds and thirds :) (read full review)

Reviewed 13 Dec 2011 by 5 star rating

I did not want to come home! The families made me feel at home while I was there. I was amazed but loved the amount of interaction we were able to have with the animals.(read full review)

Reviewed 25 Oct 2011 by 5 star rating

Everything really! But I guess some of the most memorable will be - the first time I climbed on the neck of my elephant and my last day when I collected her from her "sleeping area" and rode her to have a shower as the sun rose. Priceless.(read full review)

Reviewed 20 Oct 2011 by 5 star rating

For my husband it was meeting the chief of the indigenous people of Thailand and sharing a poisoned blow dart gun with him, and receiving the blow darts to bring home. For me the whole trip was amazing, especially snorkelling on the coral reefs on a small private island in the south.(read full review)

Reviewed 19 Aug 2011 by 5 star rating

The time spent riding Sandi, my elephant. To sit on such a large strong animal and feel so peaceful was amazing, you'll shed tears when you have to say goodbye.(read full review)

Reviewed 22 Apr 2011 by 5 star rating

Being up close and hands on with the elephants was amazing. You dont realise how gentle and inquisitive they really are. Don’t be scared of them, embrace it, you’re never going to get a chance to be this close again...Absolutely amazing. Would definitely go and say hello if I’m visiting Thailand again. (read full review)

Reviewed 20 Apr 2011 by 5 star rating

Most memorable was my experiences with the local people - the mahout families!...It was a great, lovely and memoriable holiday!(read full review)

Reviewed 04 Dec 2011 by 4 star rating

Learning to communicate with a Thai elephant. Eating with the locals in an open air market...Very good indeed. A truly unique experience.(read full review)

Reviewed 19 Oct 2010 by 5 star rating

Most memorable was witnessing an elephant in the 'bath', showering an elephant and riding it twice a day. Sitting at the river edge, hearing nothing but Punsab munching, the river running and beasties in the grasses, bliss. (read full review)

Reviewed 19 Aug 2010 by 2 star rating

We enjoyed building a relationship with our mahouts and seeing how and where they lived. We had an enjoyable couple of weeks. We had previously spent a few days at another Thai elephant camp and it was interesting to compare the two.(read full review)

Reviewed 24 Aug 2009 by 5 star rating

I had the most rewarding holiday/ time ever. Being and working with the elephants was a life-long dream and did not fall short of expectations. With being accepted into the community a truly uplifting experience. I only wish I could have stayed longer. Maybe next year...! (read full review)

Reviewed 02 Dec 2009 by 4 star rating

The most memorable part of the holiday was being welcomed into my mahout's family for the length of my stay and I felt truly privileged to be given the opportunity to share fully in the day to day life of the mahout camp.(read full review)

Reviewed 11 Mar 2008 by 5 star rating

The highest of the high points was riding into the lake on my elephant and helping to wash her - and then riding her back to camp. The whole experience was very hands on and I felt very safe in the care and under the watchful eyes of my Mahout and the team.(read full review)

Reviewed 04 Aug 2008 by 4 star rating

Fantastic. An experience never to be forgotten. (read full review)

Reviewed 08 Apr 2008 by 3 star rating

Being so close to these gentle giants is just incredible......the elephants were absolutely amazing! They are so friendly and loving and we are hoping to return within the 2 years in the hope that our elephants will remember us! (read full review)

Reviewed 05 Nov 2008 by 1 star rating

I was disappointed to discover the elephant sanctuary I went to (Tai Tai) was not the one detailed on the operators website (Lake View).(read full review)

Reviewed 24 Sep 2007 by 4 star rating

The most memorable part would have to be the time I spent with my elephant Cam La. Learning to get on the elephant, learning to ride the elephant and learning the Thai instructions for commanding the elephant were fantastic and I enjoyed every minute I spent with all the elephants, especially with my one. (read full review)

Reviewed 26 Jul 2007 by 4 star rating

It was a very relaxing time and although I don't feel like I had too much control up there, it was a brilliant feeling sitting on top of the elephant going through the forest.(read full review)

Reviewed 04 Feb 2007 by 4 star rating

The highlight was hanging out with the mahouts. Their lovely smiles.(read full review)

Reviewed 24 Aug 2007 by 3 star rating

The most memorable time of my stay at the elephant mahout project would be the night spent at the camp. I felt that this allowed for a much better integration with the locals and provided a better insight to their lives. (read full review)

Reviewed 12 Jun 2007 by 3 star rating

A truly unforgetable experience.(read full review)

Reviewed 28 Oct 2006 by 5 star rating

It was so fantastic learning how to ride and command the elephants and it was equally great spending time socialising with the mahouts and their families and being made to feel so welcome. I think my favourite thing was taking the elephants for a shower.(read full review)

Reviewed 13 Feb 2006 by 5 star rating

I went travelling for a year and have seen some amazing things, but this was the first place I really stopped long-term somewhere and got to know the people... It really was the best thing I did on my trip! (read full review)
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