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Elephant conservation holidays

19 Elephant conservation holidays. Our collection of elephant conservation holidays include a range of holidays from one week visits to full three month volunteering projects working with both African and Asian elephants. From helping mahouts with hands on care for rescued or ex-working domestic elephants in Thailand to researching wild elephants in Namibia all these elephant conservation holidays help conserve these gentle giants.

Elephant conservation holidays
Elephant conservation holiday in Thailand
Tour around Thailand with 4 different elephant experiences, from 2150 (17 days) inc UK flights
Elephant conservation in Thailand
Volunteering with elephants in Thailand, from 450 (7 days) ex flights
Elephant conservation in South Africa
Work hands on with elephants and research their behaviour, from 695 (14 days) ex flights
Volunteer with elephants in Thailand
Ensuring the welfare of Thailand's rural Elephants, from 499 (7 days) ex flights
Elephant volunteering in Chiang Mai, Thailand
Work and live alongside Asia's largest land animals., from 799 (14 days) ex flights
Elephant conservation in Sri Lanka
Encounter the majestic Asian Elephant in stunning Sri Lanka, from 950 - 1324 (14 days) ex flights
Yoga & elephant consevation holiday in Sri Lanka
Love elephants? Enjoy yoga? Want to boost your karma?, from 797 (7 days) ex flights
Game Reserve conservation in South Africa
Exciting and rewarding conservation work at game parks, from 1595 (14 days) ex flights
Elephant protection volunteering, Thailand
Protect elephants from exploitation and abuse in Thailand, from 390 - 2152 (1 - 8 weeks) ex flights
Elephant conservation project in Sri Lanka
Fantastic elephant conservation project in rural Sri Lanka, from 1195 (14 days) ex flights
Wild elephant research volunteer programme
Elephant research & conservation volunteering in Sri Lanka, from 525 - 1189 (7 days) ex flights
Volunteer with elephants in Cambodia
Work with elephants & build homes for the disadvantaged, from AU $1995 (14 days) ex flights
Volunteer with elephants in Sri Lanka
Care for an elephant at a Sri Lankan sanctuary, from 400 (7 days) ex flights
Volunteer with elephants in South Africa
Volunteer with elephants near South Africa's beautiful coast, from 797 (14 days) ex flights
Elephant volunteering holiday in Sri Lanka
Fun & Affordable volunteering- Elephant Sanctuary Sri Lanka, from 311 (7 days) ex flights
Game reserve volunteering in South Africa
Protect and preserve endangered wildlife in South Africa, from 800 - 3360 (14 days) ex flights
Elephant conservation project in Namibia
Work to conserve the beautiful desert elephants of Namibia, from 710 (14 days) ex flights
Elephant conservation holiday, Thailand
Conserve and care for abandoned/abused elephants in Thailand, from 549 (7 days) ex flights
Thailand elephant conservation holiday
Thailand elephant conservation: a new life for Thai ellies, from 525 (7 days) ex flights

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Elephant conservation holiday in Thailand
Fantastic!!...Being so closely involved with the elephants, and learning so much about these wonderful animals! (more)Helen Baxter
The holiday was fantastic. The highlight of the trip was, without doubt, the three days we spent getting up close and personal with elephants. It was a truly magical experience, and a privilege to interact so closely with such noble and intelligent creatures. Unforgettable. (more)Nicola Jane
For me this was an excellent experience which lived up to my expectations and more. Plenty of variety and personal challenge. An excellent tour guide/escort who was knowledgeable and lovely to have with us. Gave me a good understanding of Thai culture and close up working with elephants. (more)Hannah Wilson
From 2150 including UK flights
Volunteer with elephants in Sri Lanka
It was the most wonderful, heartwarming, life changing trip I have ever been on. Everyone I met at the Leo project will stay in my heart. I'm considering going back! Can I? (more)nadia macmurray
Absolutely incredible...Experiencing the true Sri Lanka using public transport to travel between the project and the local towns! What a way to meet people! I'm already planning my next trip! (more)Sarah Keep
From 400 excluding flights
Volunteer with elephants in Thailand
Memorable parts? The whole trip was absolutely amazing. From the two days in Bangkok to the two weeks spent with the my Thai family and elephants in the elephant village. It is a trip my daughter and I will never forget. The most memorable moments for me must be riding my elephant into the river, washing her and afterwards as she grazed the afternoon away along the sides of the paddy feeds in the huge tropical landscape. Tips? To do it! It is an unbelievable way to get in touch... (more)Katerina Hudspeth
From 499 excluding flights
Volunteer with elephants in South Africa
Amazing! It was my dream to work with elephants. It really was a trip of a lifetime. I learnt so much and made a few great friends out there which I still keep in contact with now. (more)Melisa Dora
The holiday was the most amazing experience and I would definitely recommend it. I had an incredible time working with the elephants, the staff at the Park and the other volunteers. I also had the opportunity to do some fantastic trips and excursions in my free time culminating in a tandem skydive which was amazing! (more)Hannah Grigson
Having the opportunity to interact with the elephants was the most memorable part. (more)Evie Jones
From 797 excluding flights
Elephant conservation in Thailand
My holiday was the best experience of my life, so much so I wasn't ready to leave and got very upset when the time came to leave. I fell in love my elephant Campion and Boonma and his family welcomed me with open arms. Such good hearted people. The experience with them added to my amazing experience and I would recommend anyone try this experience. I would give this experience 10 out of 10 there was nothing I feel could of been better except for me booking longer! (more)Debbie Field
Thoroughly enjoyed - The baby elephant playing-a real privilege to see! (more)Amanda Patrick
It was the best holiday I have ever experienced. My daughter and I cried when we left the elephant camp on the last day. We built up very strong bonds with our elephants, their owners and thier families. A very happy, emotional experience. We will be going back to visit them all soon. (more)Sarah Middleton
From 450 excluding flights
Elephant conservation holiday, Thailand
Being with the elephants and their handlers. Having the big bull elephants walk past you, just inches from your face, leaving you to feel completely small and vulnerable as these pre-historic like mammals move by with grace, softness, power and majesty! (more)Georgina Hickman
What a wonderful educational experience and to feel you are putting something back into the preservation of these magnificent creatures. (more)Sharryn Salkilld
A great experience. I haven't travelled alone before but I soon made friends and the staff were great. (more)Paul Gramlick
From 549 excluding flights

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