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65 Bird watching holidays. Whether you’re a serious birder or just a bit of a twitcher, we have a range of bird watching holidays to suit you. Our collection of bird watching holidays cover a variety of habitats from wetlands to forests, and a wide range of endemic bird species in destinations the world over including sea birds in the Sub-Antarctic Islands, raptors in South Africa and migratory birds in Spain. If you’d like to see a specific species, don’t forget that many birds are seasonal, so make an enquiry to find out the best time of year.
Kuril Islands cruises, bird watching cruise, Russia
Kamchatka, the Commander and Kuril Islands, from US $7300 - US $11000 (13 days) ex flights
Ethiopia birdwatching holiday in Bale Mountains
Discover Ethiopia's vast array of unusual birds, from £1083 (10 days) ex flights
Bird watching tours in Hungary
Visit Bukk N.P. with a birding specialist, from £890 (7 days) inc UK flights
Birdwatching holiday in France
Great Bird Watching, Food, Wine and Bonhomie, from £663 - £735 (7 days) ex flights
Trinidad and Tobago nature tours
An eco-adventure experience that includes every comfort, from £2395 - £3150 (16 days) inc UK flights
Kerala birdwatching holidays, Western Ghats
An endemic birding tour through the Western Ghats of India, from £960 (8 days) ex flights
Sri Lanka birding & cultural tour
Top tour of birding, wildlife and culture of Sri Lanka, from £1400 (14 days) ex flights
Bird watching short break to Hungary
Visit Bukk National Park with a birding specialist, from £325 (4 days) ex flights
Gambia bird watching tours
Some of the world's best bird watching is in The Gambia, from £255 - £515 (7 days) ex flights
Trinidad and Tobago bird watching holidays
A perfect introduction to neo-tropical bird life, from £2150 - £2980 (13 days) inc UK flights
Chiloe Island bird watching holiday, Chile
Experience Chiloe Island, a wildlife observation gem, from US $900 - US $1500 (5 days) ex flights
Kamchatka wildlife and bird watching cruise, Russia
Cruise one of the most biologically rich parts of the planet, from US $8000 - US $11900 (14 days) ex flights
Melanesia birdwatching holiday
South West Pacific birding from New Zealand to Melanesia, from US $6300 - US $8100 (18 days) ex flights
New Zealand and islands bird watching cruise
The ultimate wildlife exploration of the Subantartic islands, from US $10500 - US $15750 (19 days) ex flights
Bird watching holiday in Extremadura, Spain
See the best birds of prey in Western Europe, from £1795 (8 days) inc UK flights
Birdwatching holiday in Andalucia
Birdwatching holliday at the southwest of Spain and Portugal, from €550 (7 days) ex flights
Ethiopia bird watching holiday
Fantastic wildlife watching in stunning Ethiopian landscapes, from £4795 (17 days) inc UK flights
Northumberland bird watching holiday in England
Bird watching on the beautiful and wild Northumberland coast, from £995 (6 days) ex flights
Kamchatka and Chukotka wildlife cruises, Russia
Explore Kamchatka and the coastline of Siberia, from US $7200 - US $10300 (13 days) ex flights
Cuba birdwatching tour
Small group bird watching holiday to Cuba, from £2096 - £2954 (13 days) inc UK flights
Mull & Speyside Easter wildlife holiday
Birds and mammals galore on Speyside and Mull, from £1395 (11 days) ex flights
Jordan bird watching holiday
A holiday steeped in authentic culture and superb wildlife, from £2995 (12 days) inc UK flights
New England bird and whale watching holiday, USA
Whale and bird watching on America’s eastern seaboard, from £3395 (11 days) inc UK flights
Mull & Speyside summer wildlife holiday
Wildlife watching in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland, from £1695 (11 days) ex flights
Bulgaria bird watching holiday
Wildlife watching in one of Europe's richest birding areas, from £2095 (9 days) inc UK flights
Trinidad and Guyana birdwatching & nature tour
Caribbean combination for intrepid travellers and birders, from £3790 - £4000 (15 days) inc UK flights
India bird watching holiday
Bird watching at two of India’s premier wetland reserves, from £1700 (9 days) ex flights
Spring bird watching tour in Scotland
Fantastic bird watching in the Highlands of Scotland, from £975 (8 days) ex flights
Ecuador ecolodge, Napo Wildlife Center
A luxurious eco-lodge in wildlife rich Ecuadorean Amazon, from £860 (4 days) ex flights
Spanish Pyrenees bird watching short break tour
Birding the Pyrenees, Pre-Pyrenees and plains of Aragon, from €625 - €685 (4 days) ex flights

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Trinidad and Tobago nature tours
They have a philosophy where their priority is for conservation and education, trying to increase local people's knowledge of local flora and fauna, they also educate young people to become guides. (more)Val Wilkie
The stars of the fortnight were definitely the birds: from thousands of scarlet ibis coming in to roost, tiny iridescent hummingbirds battling over sugar feeders, beautiful elegant tropic birds soaring above or comical tiny male manakins dancing to attract a female. Undersea life was a very close second - it was like swimming in an aquarium just a few metres off shore. (more)Julia Chandler
Wonderful, loved being surrounded by nature. The leatherback turtles laying on the beach was also a highlight. (more)Rosie Sutcliffe
From £2395 - £3150 including UK flights
Trinidad and Tobago bird watching holidays
We had a 2 week trip and saw 191 different species of birds. In a trip like this where so much is new and exciting the opportunity to see so many new things became the pleasure of trip. The guides were extraordinary. All of them were skilled, dedicated and knowledgeable, and were able to locate what they were looking for. (more)Beverly Tabor
Well worth going in the rainy season - rain storms are usually short lived and the number of visitors are much lower than they would be in high season. (more)Chris Goddard
It was a wonderful experience and we will remember some lovely people from the islands who helped make it a holiday of a lifetime. (more)Nigel Scott
From £2150 - £2980 including UK flights
Birdwatching holiday in Andalucia
I will always remember the beauty of flamingoes, avocets and stilts close up, and seeing a hoopoe for the first time. The great part about this holiday was learning to identify so many birds in different habitats in springtime Andalusia with the expert assistance of our guide Sergio. (more)Elizabeth and Ross Kalucy
The most memorable thing during this holiday was our easy-going, friendly and very competent guide Sergio. He guided us through different landscapes and could always find us interesting spots with lots of birds and he could also tell us interesting things of what else we were seeing around us. (more)Helena Forss
From €550 excluding flights
Sri Lanka birding & cultural tour
This was the most fantastic holiday. I was not that keen on going, but my husband is a very keen birder and he really wanted to go. I am now so glad he persuaded me, and will definitely visit Sri Lanka again... (more)John Diley
This was a really excellent holiday. We had fun, we were stimulated, we were educated and we made good friends with our locals who showed us their country. We also feel that we had excellent value for money with two locals, a new vehicle, most meals, all entrance fees and other extras included for a very inexpensive daily rate. (more)Keith Pigdon
It was great and our guide, Jith, was an incredible birder, funny, and generous. The most memorable was the smiles of all the people in Sri Lanka whom we passed in our bird walks and the children who got all excited and waved and called to us (more)Gisela Meyn
From £1400 excluding flights
Kerala birdwatching holidays, Western Ghats
It's a highly recommendable trip. Excellent birding and other wildlife, scenic landscapes, very nice accommodation and an excellent guiding. (more)Luis Mario Arce
A magnificent tally of endemic birds! This was a birdwatching tour so we hoped and expected to see a number of new birds but our excellent guide provided an enormous list. (more)Henrietta Soffe
The most memorable part of the holiday was...Getting away from cities to the real Southern India in Kerala & Tamil Nadu. Seeing lots of birds and other wild fauna & flora, and having such knowledgeable people as our guide Jijo (more)Keith Pigdon
From £960 excluding flights
Caribbean nature tour, Lesser Antilles
Fantastic, just wish we had had more time on both islands. (more)Jacqui Smith
The whales put on a great display for us, and a huge rainbow curved along the coast while we were at sea. On Antigua we swam with rays, not included in the holiday, and a great experience. On the rainforest walk on St Lucia we were lucky enough to see the St Lucia parrot. (more)Jenny Campbell
From £2650 - £2975 including UK flights
Ecuador ecolodge, Napo Wildlife Center
Most memorable was walking through the Amazon with one of the Sani guides (whose father happened to have established the Sani Lodge), in the rain, through the mud, finding the most incredible birds, reptiles, insects and plants. (more)Julia Saurazas
The tapir emerged from the forest and remained at the clay lick drinking water for an extended period of time. Simply remarkable. (more)Robert Roberto
We loved the Eco-lodge that we stayed at, the Napo Wildlife Center. It was beautiful, well appointed and our guides were absolutely top notch. We learned an incredible amount and got to experience a wonderful place with wonderful people. (more)Elizabeth Essner
From £860 including domestic flights only
Bird watching tours in Hungary
I'm still buzzing from all the excitement of what we managed to see! I would never have believed the thrill of watching 10 Great bustards doing a fly past, or spotting huge Imperial eagles soaring high above the plain... (more)Susan Day
I had never been on a birdwatching holiday before. I enjoyed every minute of it. Saw some spectacular birds. Roy Adams is a very good guide and helped us recognise bird flights/calls/habitat. (more)Lorna Chantrell
Truly fanatasic. I went to so many great places and saw so much wildlife i was stunned. The local people were so friendly and the food lovely and so affordable. (more)Neil Angus
From £890 including UK flights
Ethiopia birdwatching holiday in Bale Mountains
Ethiopia is a most diverse and interesting place to visit. I would recommend it to anyone. The tour was excellent for anyone wanting to take in the culture, history and natural wildlife of the country. We really enjoyed the different aspects of the holiday - national parks, history, culture. Exciting place!! (more)Susan Jordan
Very good organization - excellent choice of National Parks and excellent guides - and a very good careful driver...Excellent - would recommend this operator to anyone wishing to go to Ethiopia who is interested in wildlife and the National Parks. (more)Roy Anderson
We all agree that this was truly one of the most stunning countries we have visited (especially after the rainy season when all was lush and green) - we met lovely people and saw some amazing things and felt very safe and comfortable throughout. (more)Keith Muir
From £1083 excluding flights
India bird watching holiday in the Himalayas
For us the nature based activities and birdwatching were tremendous. We had some really good guides and got to see tigers and a leopard which is very rare. The people, the culture and the environment were very exotic to us. (more)Dianne Reidy
Seeing the Taj Mahal at Sunrise is an unforgettable event in our lives. Many special rare species of birds seen on our Birding Himalyan tour...Superbly organised. (more)Michael Clark
The bird watching was excellent...Bird guides were very good too, and all knew their local birds. However outstanding was Sunil (Kumar?) in Nainital. His excellent English made our outings a great pleasure (more)Jacky Davis
From £900 - £1150 excluding flights
Endangered wildlife tour in India
Memorable parts? The sightings of the Desert Cat and the Leopard were fantastic. Roopangarh Fort was spectacular. Tips? At this time of year (March/April), the middle of the day is too hot to be outside for long. January/February would probably be better for both heat and early morning/late evening safaris. As cat sightings are not guaranteed, it is good if you have another interest, eg birding / photography. Lots of travelling. Be prepared for several hours in the car - not a... (more)kate Wilson
From £1100 - £1300 excluding flights
Bird watching short break to Hungary
Memorable parts? Seeing so many wonderful birds so close. Tips? Go for it and make sure you pack some sum tan lotion and sun glasses. Local benefits? Air travel will always have an impact on the environment but this was kept to a minimum. I hope and expect the holiday helped the local economy in a small way. Overall rating? Excellent. A lovely location, super hotel, well thought out and planned by Roy Adams. Efficiently delivered and professionally run in a very... (more)Joyce Varley
From £325 excluding flights
Chalalan Ecolodge in Madidi National Park
Memorable parts? The number of different animals we saw or heard was amazing, from being woken up by howler monkeys just outside our lodge; to seeing Capuchin monkeys eating berries by the lake. From floating past a huge black Caiman in the dead of night to seeing a black Tarantula running from our torch lights; it was amazing. Tips? Make sure you book at least 3 nights there; you then don't have to hurry your stay and can appreciate everything there is to see at a slower pace and... (more)Harriet Holloway
From £396 excluding flights
Maquipucuna cloud forest lodge, Ecuador
Memorable parts? The dugout canoe ride to the lodge was quite memorable. We saw abundant wildlife along the way including various birds, monkeys, and butterflies. Tips? Don't forget your insect repellent and binoculars. Local benefits? Yes (more)Preet Mahal
From £217 excluding flights
Birdwatching holiday in France
Both my husband and myself loved our week. Lazing by and in the pool late afternoon was lovely and the weather was hot. Being able to walk littlle or miles or not at all, was good -there is no compulsion to be super active, though you can! If you want to be totally catered for and live in verdant peace for a week, but have company too-this is the place for you! (more)Clare McKee
Excellent. It was not a thrills and spills holiday, just a quiet retreat where you are looked after. And if that is what you need, this is a place for you. (more)Tina cook
From £663 - £735 excluding flights
Kamchatka wildlife and bird watching cruise, Russia
Memorable parts? Seeing the ribbon seals, the northern right whale and the spoonbill sandpiper. Tips? Be prepared for lots of walking on the tundra. Also understand that the ship does not have stabilizers so even a mild swell rocks the ship. Bring a good layering system as temperatures and ice conditions can vary greatly. Local benefits? Supported conservation and the spoonbill sandpiper project. I suppose that we provided some income for the people in the towns in which... (more)Marian Herz
From US $8000 - US $11900 excluding flights

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