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World Responsible Tourism Awards 2015

World Responsible Tourism Awards 2015

World Responsible Tourism Awards 2015

Announcing our 2015 winners

LooLa Adventure Resort wins 2015 World Responsible Tourism Awards

LooLa Adventure Resort

In choosing the overall winner, the judges look for examples which are surprising and inspiring. And this year, they all went loola for LooLa. An Indonesian island idyll, LooLa Adventure Resort that is more switched on to sustainability, ecotourism and social responsibility than many of the top brand businesses claiming to be green leaders on these islands. Leaders who are not only committed to employing local staff, but supporting them to become entrepreneurs in their own right. And yet it hides its achievements under a tropical bushel. Not for long though...

LooLa Adventure Resort also jointly won our Best for beach category. Read more about them on our Beach page.

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About our Awards

Responsible Travel's vision for the World Responsible Tourism Awards at WTM rests on a simple principle - that all types of tourism, from niche to mainstream, can and should be organised in a way that preserves, respects and benefits destinations and local people. We want to celebrate the shining stars of responsible tourism - the individuals, organisations and destinations working innovatively with local cultures, communities and biodiversity.

The Awards are organised by founders Responsible Travel, in association with the International Centre for Responsible Tourism, and take place at the World Travel Market in London as part of World Responsible Tourism Day - the world's biggest event for responsible tourism.

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Our Regional Awards Programmes

We're delighted to announce that the World Responsible Tourism Awards family is expanding, and we've teamed up with local partners worldwide to launch two new regional awards schemes in 2015:


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