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New for 2014: Best for Responsible Wildlife Conservation

Best Wildlife Responsible Tourism
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Discover Dominica - The Nature Island

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New for 2014: Best for Responsible Wildlife Conservation

Best Wildlife Responsible Tourism 2013 - 'Best for Responsible Wildlife Experiences'
This year, our environmental impact category is focussed on organisations that are both committed to wildlife protection and to providing their guest with memorable experiences tourists will talk about and share with friends and family when back home. This should be a great way to help us spread the word about animal welfare in tourism.

We were looking for organisations that have found the right balance between protecting wildlife and providing great experiences to holidaymakers. Their ideas and practices should be an inspiration to companies trying to achieve the same.

Winner: Nam Nern Night Safari, Lao PDR

Nam Nern Night Safari

Judges' reasons for winning: "Nam Nern Night Safari has been designed to support the conservation of tigers and their prey, as well as other wildlife, by placing a monetary value on tigers and other wildlife for local people. Each reported sighting of wildlife by a tourist results in a financial reward for the villagers, and this includes people who might otherwise poach. Since 2010 there have been 370 visitors in 142 groups, and the revenues have been shared by 1000+ families in the 14 surrounding villages. The village development fund generated $2,860 this year, roughly $200 per village. It has been used by villages to improve their well-being through small projects. Although the numbers are small, the initiative has been very successful in increasing the number of wildlife sightings per boats - they have doubled. The judges felt that this approach should be replicable and would contribute to creating a more positive relationship between local communities, wildlife and tourism".

Winner: Highly Commended: Previous winners
This category is new this year. Below are two past winners which reflect the aims of this category: