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Voting for the People’s Choice in Responsible Tourism is now open!

Vote for your favourite from the organisations below for a chance to win a walking holiday for two to Oman.

This year we’re offering you the chance to vote on your favourite from a selection of our 2013 finalists. All voters will be entered into a competition to win a holiday for two to Oman - the destination of our headline Sponsor.

But who to vote for? To help you make your selection, we asked our selection to record their answers to some questions about what they do.

Check out the videos and cast your vote below. DEADLINE EXTENDED TO FRIDAY 26 SEPTEMBER.

People’s Choice Finalists

Chepu Adventures Ecolodge

Chepu Adventures Ecolodge was recognised for an Award last year for their approach to water conservation.

Located on Chiloé Island in the South of Chile, they specialise in offering kayaking excursions at dawn.

Some people are often surprised to hear that, in Chile, water shortages can be a real problem. To achieve water sustainability, Chepu Adventures Ecolodge custom-designed many innovative water saving and management infrastructures, including a computer-generated information system, that informs clients in each lodge of their water consumption level in real-time.

Watch Chepu Adventures video on what makes them special, and vote for them at the bottom of the page.

The Great Projects

The Great Projects are no stranger to the Awards, and last year they were welcomed back, this time to be recognised for their approach to responsible wildlife experiences.

Working with organisations all over the world, they offer volunteering experiences that aim to strike a balance between the most enjoyable holidays and the best in wildlife welfare. With the The Great Projects, travellers can volunteer responsibly with some of the most endangered animals, without compromising their care.

The judges were impressed by the expansion of their work into four continents, including Africa, Asia, South America and Europe.

Watch The Great Projects video on what makes them special, and vote for them at the bottom of the page.
Mara Naboisho

The Maasai word ‘Naboisho’ means ‘coming together’ - and it couldn’t be more appropriate for this conservancy.

Recognised for an Award in 2013 as one of the best destinations for responsible tourism, Mara Naboisho Conservancy is dedicated to securing livelihoods for local people. Behind the hosting of memorable wildlife watching experiences, Mara Naboisho were the first conservancy to get a 15 year lease from landowners, where rent goes directly to owners’ bank accounts.

It’s this transparency of relationships between tourism investors and Maasai landowners that impressed the Judges, not to mention their community development programmes providing everything from clean water points and clinics, to solar energy and scholarships for girls.

Watch Mara Naboisho's video of their biggest responsible tourism achievement, and vote for them at the bottom of the page.

Nam Nern Night Safari

How many safaris can you name that pay the local community for the wildlife you see?

Recognised for their unique approach to responsible wildlife watching in last year’s Awards, Nam Nern Night Safari work with 14 local communities in Laos to organise wildlife safaris with a difference.

They give each animal a value, and encourage travellers to keep a record of the animals they see. The more wildlife seen, the more money is raised for the local community, reducing the poaching of endangered wildlife.

It’s little wonder that the judges liked this project for its unique, educational, and enjoyable approach, benefitting communities and wildlife alike.

Watch Nam Nern Night Safari’s video on what makes them special, and vote for them at the bottom of the page.

people & places

people and places have been impressing the judges of the Awards for a number of years, and last year’s achievement was particularly important for them.

It’s not always easy to find the most responsible volunteering opportunities, which is why people and places stand out - demonstrating best practice and raising awareness of important tourism issues, so volunteers can sort the good from the bad.

Recognised last year for responsible tourism campaigning, people and places were celebrated for their highly effective campaign to bring the issues surrounding irresponsible volunteering to the attention of would-be volunteers, voluntourism tour operators and the wider general public.

Watch Kate from people and places share her tip for more responsible volunteering, and vote for them at the bottom of the page.


ReefCI provide expert diving and marine conservation holidays in the Caribbean, and were celebrated last year for wildlife conservation.

Operating out of Punta Gorda town, a small fishing community in Southern Belize, ReefCI have been mobilising travellers to help them in their marine conservation work. With traveller's help, they collect data which supports the protection and conservation of marine species, and helps promote sustainable fishing practices too.

The judges awarded them for their excellent contribution to not only conservation, but the community of Punta Gorda as well.

Watch founder Polly share ReefCI’s greatest achievement, and vote for them at the bottom of the page.


Like to ski? Don’t like the carbon intensive way of getting there? Snowcarbon have you covered.

Recognised for an Award last year for their work in responsible tourism campaigning, Snowcarbon was set up to increase the sustainability of ski holidays by encouraging, enabling and inspiring skiers to travel to ski resorts by train instead of flying or driving.

Snowcarbon’s journey planner provides an easy way for skiers to book their train journey to the slopes, and they’ve also partnered with the Ski Club of Great Britain to promote rail travel to ski resorts.

Snowcarbon don’t believe in ‘guilt mongering’ about flying, instead they concentrate on the advantages of rail travel - and there are many of them!

Watch Daniel share what makes Snowcarbon special, and vote for them at the bottom of the page.

TUI Nederland

Sometimes responsible tourism requires confronting difficult issues that others might not.

Last year, travel organisation TUI Nederland was recognised for doing just that, when they were awarded for their courage and commitment to fighting child abuse in all its forms.

Seeking to confront the silent growth of child sex tourism in Northeast Brazil, TUI Nederland partnered with child-centered organization Plan and other organisations in Brazil and the Netherlands to launch a campaign to say “a collective ‘NO’ to child sex tourism”.

The judges were impressed by the scale of their response to the challenge of child protection and praised their courage in confronting this very sensitive issue, and bringing it to the attention of travellers.

Watch TUI Nederland’s video sharing their biggest responsible tourism achievement, and vote for them at the bottom of the page.
Village Ways

Some of the best responsible tourism experiences make you feel like you’re part of the community. With Village Ways, that feeling comes with the bonus of having a real benefit on the local economy.

Specialising in meaningful cultural experiences between travelers and rural communities in India, Village Ways were recognised for creating wealth in the poor villages that needed it most.

To do so, they create partnerships with village communities that redistribute as much of the income from tourism as possible to the locals, organising tours that rely on local food, staff, accommodation and transport, and contribute to local livelihoods.

Watch the Village Ways video sharing what makes their organisation special, and vote for them at the bottom of the page.