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Bolivia and Peru tour
Explore the Amazon Andes and Inca trail, from £2700 - £2995 (25 days) ex flights
Bolivia tour, tailor made
Tour the magnificent landscapes of Bolivia, from US $2990 - US $3985 (26 days) ex flights
Bolivia small group holiday
13 day Bolivian Odyssey, from £2100 (13 days) ex flights
Atacama Crossing, Buenos Aires to La Paz
Experience the expanses of the Bolivian Altiplano, from £1099 - £1159 (15 days) ex flights
Photography holiday in The Andes, Bolivia
Bolivian Salt Flats Photography Safari with Gary Latham, from £2700 (15 days) ex flights
South America adventure, Peru, Bolivia and Chile
Heart of Peru, Bolivian landscapes and Chile winelands, from £3203 (35 days) ex flights
Bolivia to Brazil tour
Discover diverse landscapes and people of South America, from £2149 - £2499 (25 days) ex flights
Bolivia adventure holiday
Adventure awaits you, from £849 - £999 (11 days) ex flights
Small group overland holiday, Lima to La Paz
Discover the Andean landscapes and culture in Peru & Bolivia, from £1579 - £1649 (21 days) ex flights
Adventure holiday in Bolivia
Awe-inspiring high desert lake and mountain scenery, from £1553 (15 days) ex flights
Bolivia & Amazon jungle holiday
The best that Bolivia have to offer, from £1375 (15 days) ex flights
South American adventure holiday
Highlights of Argentina, Chile and Bolivia, from £3499 - £3929 (15 days) inc UK flights
Tour of Bolivia, best of Bolivia
The best of Bolivia, from £980 - £1300 (9 days) ex flights
The Andes holiday, Peru, Bolivia and Northern Argentina
Macchu Picchu, Boliviaís Salt Flats & Atacama desert, from £3900 (19 days) ex flights
La Paz to Buenos Aires overland tour
High Altiplano to the heart of Argentina's grasslands, from £820 - £900 (33 days) ex flights
Bolivia cultural tour, tailor made
Bolivia-most authentic Latin American experience-spectacular landscapes-thriving folkloric culture, from £2100 (13 days) ex flights
South America overland tour, coast to coast
From the Pacific across the Andes to the Atlantic, from £4490 - £4569 (49 days) ex flights
Quito to La Paz overland tour
5 week expedition across the Andes, from £1904 - £2540 (36 days) ex flights
Bolivia Oruro Carnival holiday
Bolivian Carnival- a spectacular cultural event in Bolivia, from £1500 - £1700 (8 days) ex flights
Photography holiday in Bolivia
A photography tour of southern Bolivia's stunning wilderness, from £3623 (10 days) ex flights
South America holiday, Peru to Argentina
Travel from the coast of Peru to the Pampas of Argentina, from £2960 (25 days) ex flights
Bolivia, Chile and Argentina holiday
A short but fulfilling adventure across the continent, from £1781 (14 days) ex flights
South America overland expedition
South America as few others will experience it, from £2595 (12 weeks) ex flights
Chalalan Ecolodge in Madidi National Park
One of the most diverse parts of the world, from £396 (4 days) ex flights
Peru & Bolivia small group holiday
Reveal some of the secrets lying in South America, from £1599 (21 days) ex flights
Andean holiday experience
A fascinating and spectacular group trip to Peru & Bolivia, from £2222 (21 days) ex flights
Peru and Bolivia holiday
Journey from Machu Picchu to the Bolivian Salt Flat, from US $5157 - US $6212 (12 days) ex flights
Bolivia holiday, tailor made
Discover the natural and cultural highlights of Bolivia, from £2595 (14 days) ex flights
Highlights of South America holiday
Whistle-stop tour across South America's highlights, from £4067 - £4146 (32 days) ex flights
Northern Chile and South West Bolivia holiday
Northern Chile and South West Bolivia, from £3100 (13 days) ex flights

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Bolivia and Peru tour
Memorable parts? Inca Trail! Making it and seeing Machu Picchu. Tips? Bring clothing for a variety of weather. Be prepared for early mornings, the possibility of altitude sickness... The more in shape you are, the more you will get out of the trip as well! Local benefits? Yes, I think the homestays were great, and the trip encompassed ecotourism, especially in the Amazon. Overall rating? Great. (more)Rachel Carbonell
From £2700 - £2995 excluding flights
South America tour, coast to coast
For me it was a life long goal to see Machu Picchu, which no picture or video can replace the memories logged in my head of the sheer size and awe of this place. But also whilst travelling through other countries, the beautiful landscapes just amaze you. (more)Michael North
Every day was a wonderful experience during our stay in Brazil and Ecuador but I guess the Galapagos will be the most memorable. (more)Ann Hammersley
There were so many memorable parts! - Rio, Cusco, Iguacu falls, Machu Picchu, the rainforest, etc. Overall a brilliant cross section of South American sights and culture. (more)Brian Wright
From £2888 - £2978 excluding flights
Quito to La Paz overland tour
Memorable parts? Trekking the Inca trail was fantastic, it exceeded all my expectations. The porters were superhuman and the tour leaders superb. It is the best experience I have had so far. Tips? Listen to the safety tips of your tour leaders regarding valuables. Things did go missing on public transport with some of my travelling buddies. Local benefits? We visited local communities and bought direct from them. Stayed with families to experience their daily life. Overall... (more)Yuetmui Chung
From £1904 - £2540 excluding flights
Bolivia adventure holiday
Memorable parts? Visiting the salt flats - they were beautiful, and totally original. A real experience! Tips? Insist that your tour leader comes with you on the 3 day tour of the Uyuni 4x4 tour - the drivers are completely irresponsible (drinking beer at breakfast, driving dangerously, driving the vehicles when they are not roadworthy), and rude (not listening to the group's concerns regarding the above, and threatening to leave people stranded in the middle of the tour), that it... (more)Marilyn McManus
From £849 - £999 excluding flights
Bolivia & Amazon jungle holiday
Memorable parts? I loved the Bolivian salt flats which were astonishing (although shockingly cold at night), and the pampass tour, especially swimming in the river and having the dolphins come up and nuzzle me! Tips? Bring extra warm clothes for overnight sleeping on salt flats - there is no heating and although the salt hotel is not too cold, the 2nd night is really really cold. If you're flying direct into La Paz give yourself 1-2 days to aclimatise (take it slowly). I arrived... (more)Paul Brant
From £1375 excluding flights
Bolivia tour, tour the highlights of Bolivia
Fabulous! First trip with this holiday provider, very impressed with their responsible attitude and we had an exceptional tour leader! (more)Koser Khaliq
The Salar de Uyuni was the most memorable part. Great... (more)Jill Toman
From £3150 excluding flights
Lima to Santiago overland holiday
Memorable parts? Machu picchu and the Uyuni salt flats. Tips? Pack well, all types of clothing are necessary and be prepared for the unexpected. Local benefits? Yes. Overall rating? Exciting. (more)Michelle Zammit
From £2299 - £2699 excluding flights
Small group overland holiday, Lima to La Paz
Memorable parts? Hiking the Inca Trail Tips? Relax and enjoy! Hire poles & air mattresses Local benefits? Yes Overall rating? Very good (more)Eileen Emmerson
From £1579 - £1649 excluding flights
Bolivia tour, tailor made
It was truly amazing. (more)Gyoku Block
We did not feel that a single moment was wasted, with a good balance of different activities and experiences. I am converted to tailor-made travel. (more)chris fleckney
Excellent. Travelling up from Tupiza past volcanoes and lagoons and over the salt flats was the best part. (more)Janet Balling
From US $2990 - US $3985 including domestic flights only
Overland tour to South America, Andes to the Amazon
Memorable parts? Hiking on a glacier, coming face to face with penguins in Punta Tomba, canyoning down a 40 metre waterfall, meeting all my new friends Tips? We had a great time, and made 21 new friends... but it is quite intense being with other people for such a long time... bring earplugs and ipod and a very very warm sleeping bag. Local benefits? Yes, we always took our rubbish with us, and were careful not to make a mess. Overall rating? Had an amazing time,... (more)Caroline Eccles
From £1645 excluding flights
South America overland tour
Memorable parts? Iguassu Falls the Uyuni salt flats and the Inca Trail. Tips? Donít go with this operator and donít worry about the language barrier. Local benefits? In parts but I think it could have been better in particular on the Brazilian leg (I did the southern cross with this operator) where I donít think there was any effort to interact with the locals. Overall rating? Overall it was an amazing experience I think the trip needs a few tweaks and if Iím honest... (more)Tim Antill
From £3949 - £4249 excluding flights
Chalalan Ecolodge in Madidi National Park
Memorable parts? The number of different animals we saw or heard was amazing, from being woken up by howler monkeys just outside our lodge; to seeing Capuchin monkeys eating berries by the lake. From floating past a huge black Caiman in the dead of night to seeing a black Tarantula running from our torch lights; it was amazing. Tips? Make sure you book at least 3 nights there; you then don't have to hurry your stay and can appreciate everything there is to see at a slower pace and... (more)Harriet Holloway
From £396 excluding flights
Andes overland journey, Atacama desert to Machu Picchu
Memorable parts? Visiting Machu Picchu. Tips? Be prepared for the effects of altitude. We didn't get altitude sickness but suffered from tiredness, headaches and shortness of breath, especially when walking up hills. You need to give yourself longer to do things requiring physical effort. Local benefits? Yes, all guides, drivers and hotel staff were locals and we stayed with a local family on Lake Titicaca. There was an emphasis on conservation and reducing environmental... (more)Dianne Margaret Reidy
From Ä3280 including domestic flights only
Tour of Bolivia, best of Bolivia
Memorable parts? Uyuni is AMAZING and so is staying in the salt hotel. My guide clearly loved the area and she seemed to have this knack of making sure that we were away from other groups of people which added to the whole experience. Tips? I thoroughly enjoyed this week long trip and I feel like I had a sample of some of the delights that Bolivia has to offer. Sucre and Potosi are lovely colonial towns and La Paz has a great variety to offer in terms of sights, museums, cafes and... (more)Anne-Marie Hesmondhalgh
From £980 - £1300 excluding flights
South America overland expedition, Andino
Memorable parts? Uyuni Salt Flats as it was amazing and of course Machu Pichu... despite climbing and barely seeing it from the Sun Gate, the clouds eventually lifted and we were able to get some gorgeous photos one of which I have attached. I also loved the town of Cuzco and Punta Sal in Peru. Tips? On this trip you would meet loads of travellers which I thought was good as you were able to share experiences and learn about people and their life choices! The most important thing... (more)Roxanne Glaud
From £2822 excluding flights

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