Brazil holidays and tours, 2015 and 2016

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Brazil wildlife holiday, tailor made
From the world’s largest jungle to the world’s largest swamp, from £4500 (14 days) inc UK flights
Wildlife holidays in Brazil, tailormade
From Iguazu Falls to giant otters in the Pantanal, from £2875 (14 days) ex flights
Brazil tailor made tour
Enjoy the best of Sao Paulo, Paraty and Rio de Janeiro, from £1395 - £1695 (9 days) ex flights
Small group tours to Brazil, Rio to Iguazu
A comprehensive group tour journey around southern Brazil, from £3498 - £3568 (13 days) inc UK flights
Amazon rainforest cruising holiday, Brazil
Explore an ecosystem teaming with wildlife, from £2089 - £2239 (8 days) ex flights
Jaguar spotting holiday in Brazil
Jaguar spotting in the Pantanal of Brazil, from £3649 - £4269 (11 days) inc UK flights
Brazil holiday, Shores of Brazil
Culture and golden beaches in Brazil's beautiful North-East, from £1550 - £1920 (9 days) ex flights
Tailor made tour in Brazil, Rio and beach getaway
Explore Rio and the the famous tropical beaches of Brazil, from £1497 (10 days) ex flights
Buenos Aires to Rio small group holiday
Amazing discovery tour from Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro, from £1185 - £1640 (17 days) ex flights
Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro tour
Live and breathe the Latino culture, from £1422 - £1658 (16 days) ex flights
Bolivia to Brazil tour
Discover diverse landscapes and people of South America, from £2149 (25 days) ex flights
Rio to Buenos Aires holiday
Venture off in Brazil Argentina & Uruguay, from £760 - £890 (19 days) ex flights
Overland holiday Rio to Lima, via Brazilian Amazon
True overlanding adventure through Peru and Brazil, from £1650 (55 days) ex flights
Brazil activity holiday, tailormade
Peaceful hiking through stunning mountains in eastern Brazil, from £2745 - £2805 (11 days) ex flights
Tailor made holiday in Brazil
Emerald Coast, the Pantanal & Iguacu Falls, from £3500 (15 days) inc UK flights
Brazil small group tour
Journey through the beautiful interior of Brazil, from £1485 - £1675 (9 days) ex flights
Coach football in Brazil
Coach and play football with children, from £945 (14 days) ex flights
Brazil wildlife holiday, Pantanal & Rio
Wildlife & culture for couples or families, Private tour, from £3300 - £3500 (14 days) inc UK flights
Iguazu Falls tour, self guided
Discover Iguazu Falls at your own pace, from US $305 - US $465 (3 days) admission price
Rio de Janeiro to Buenos Aires tour, Iguazu Falls
South American spirit & dizzying heights of Iguazu Falls, from £1419 - £1519 (17 days) ex flights
Rio Carnival holiday, Brazil
Join the the greatest party on earth at the Rio Carnaval, from £1560 - £1610 (6 days) ex flights
Brazil beach holiday, tailor made
Snorkel in emerald seas & explore traditional villages, from £880 (4 days) ex flights
Ilha Grande ecolodge accommodation, Brazil
Beachside ecolodge off the coast of Rio, from £35 - £54 per double room per night
Tailor made holiday to Brazil
Off the beaten track relaxing budget beach holiday in Brazil, from £1311 (10 days) ex flights
Tailor made tours to Brazil
Brazil Odyssey: Discover Brazil's highlights in two weeks, from £3500 (13 days) ex flights
South America encompassed holiday
Travel across South America - Machu Picchu to Iguazú Falls, from £3569 - £3648 (26 days) ex flights
Jaguar watching safari of the Pantanal, Brazil
100% Record for Jaguars and we average 1.1 sightings per day, from £4745 (11 days) ex flights
South America gastronomy and culture holiday
Short but sweet tour flying across South America, from £1469 - £1548 (11 days) ex flights
Highlights of Southern Brazil holiday
Explore the Highlights of Brazil, from £1150 (10 days) ex flights
Brazil holiday, tailor made
Wildlife & culture roundtrip through Brazil, all tailormade, from €3495 (23 days) ex flights

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Brazil wildlife holiday, tailor made
Memorable parts? Travelling in the Amazon, unfortunately they had the worse floods in 60 years which made getting ashore more difficult but exciting!! Tips? Go for it!! But plan well ahead and take the appropriate clothing etc. Local benefits? When in Rio a trip to the Flavella'a was beneficial to the local people, as I understand that the tour operator paid a percentage, plus the visitors purchased drinks in their local bars. Also when at the Eco Lodge in the Amazon visit... (more)Clive Pagett
From £4500 including UK flights
South America tour, coast to coast
For me it was a life long goal to see Machu Picchu, which no picture or video can replace the memories logged in my head of the sheer size and awe of this place. But also whilst travelling through other countries, the beautiful landscapes just amaze you. (more)Michael North
Every day was a wonderful experience during our stay in Brazil and Ecuador but I guess the Galapagos will be the most memorable. (more)Ann Hammersley
There were so many memorable parts! - Rio, Cusco, Iguacu falls, Machu Picchu, the rainforest, etc. Overall a brilliant cross section of South American sights and culture. (more)Brian Wright
From £3738 - £4078 including UK flights
Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro tour
Memorable parts? There were a number of great parts to the holiday and it is impossible to single out one simply due to the diversity of the experiences we had. The whole holiday was amazing, but if I had to name the top three things I would say (in no particular order!) going to Iguazu Falls (especially the boat ride under the falls!), the boat trip we went on in Paraty and just being in Rio. Tips? If you want to see Buenos Aries or Rio (and I suggest they're worth seeing!!) then... (more)Carol Clutton
From £1422 - £1658 excluding flights
Tailor made holiday in Brazil
We had a morning horse riding down a flooded area at the start, with our feet touching the water, and then across more open country; the wild flowers and birds were amazing. A 5.30 am canoe trip which was magical, so quiet and peaceful, seeing the beauty of the sun rising and hearing the early morning bird song; the canoe being so quiet we were able to get very close to birds before they flew. Later that afternoon we visited a fishing village down the river and were invited into their one room house... (more)Harvey Bromley
The Pantanel and Iguacu were wonderful. The Pousada at the Pantanel was great with wildlife wandering all over the place and the food was good too. (more)Linda White
The arrangements went like clockwork and all the guides and drivers were very friendly and helpful...fantastic holiday. (more)Jill Joseph
From £3500 including UK flights
Ilha Grande ecolodge accommodation, Brazil
Very soothing, very good time-out. Stunning surroundings, warm little village. A unique, memorable location. (more)Duncan Maclennan
Ilha Grande was excellent, the water clear, the nature wild and the accommodation I stayed lovely...It was a great beach holiday and served my purpose of a lazy and picturesque holiday to its fullest. (more)Kristina Mand
It was all magnificent and thoroughly enjoyable was superb accommodation and the hosts could not have been more friendly - Excellent. We also visited two other areas along the coast from Ilha Grande. Parati is an excellent old colonial town which is well worth a visit. (more)Donald Dunlop
From £35 - £54 per double room per night
Rio to Buenos Aires holiday
We particularly enjoyed the ranch stay and the Iguazu falls. Buenos Aires was also a fantastic city. (more)Rachel Newnes
Hiking for the day in Illha Grande and two dogs coming with us, walking for hours around Paraty, best pedicure ever in Salto were the highlights (more)Karin Keschner
From £760 - £890 excluding flights
Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro tour, 9 days
The whole trip will be memorable. (more)Vera Alladitta
It really was amazing, thank you very much!!!! Iguazu was definitely one of the most exciting parts, although it was amazing in general. (more)Nadja Weidmann
From £1115 including domestic flights only
Highlights of Southern Brazil holiday
Memorable parts? Iguazzu falls - were absolutely spectacular. Who would think that waterfalls would excite and grip one for two days! Tips? Allow enough time to see more of Rio. Three days is insufficient. Make sure you know transfer distances and durations as they can be arduous. Local benefits? Yes. Our expenditure must have contributed to the local economy and particularly at Iguazzu helped conservation efforts in the National Parks. Overall rating? Fascinating... (more)Thomas Stephen Jones
From £1150 including domestic flights only
Brazil tailor made tour
Rio was beautiful and Santa Marta interesting. We especially loved Paraty and the visit with the Quilombo.All the trip was great in different ways. Very diverse (more)DeAnn Jennings
Felipe went over and above to help, advise and design a great holiday. We appreciated his efficiency and local knowledge, which we received from beginning to end. Thank-you for helping us discover a less commercialised tour and pointing us into the direction that other travellers would not have had the opportunity to experience. You set up a truly unforgettable journey for us. We had the time of our lives! (more)Habibah Ahmed
From £1395 - £1695 excluding flights
South America highlights holiday
Amazing! Completely unforgettable. Everything was nicely organized to the last detail (more)Kiana Askari
Watching 50+ red mackaws gather in the Tambopata National Reserve was the most memorable part of this trip. Everyone who took care of us was local and, apart from being very friendly, they always made clear how important tourisim to their local well-being. (more)COLIN JONES
The most memorable bit was discovering a part of the world so unique and full of natural beauty. (more)Ian and Glenda Kubler
From £3450 including domestic flights only
Brazil family holiday
Rio was the least interesting. Everywhere else was fantastic. Amazing sites. Great circuit...Amazon lodge guide and Rio guide great. (more)Isabelle Dubois
The entire trip was extremely memorable, but, the most exciting part was swimming in the Amazon River System. (more)Matthew Fitzgerald
From £2694 including UK flights
Volunteer with children at a creche in Brazil
Memorable parts? Meeting the kids i was working with Tips? Be prepared for it to cost more than you expect. Be prepared for the heat and exhaustion. Have fun Local benefits? Absolutely. Overall rating? (more)Sandra Hawkins
From £595 excluding flights
South America overland tour
Memorable parts? Iguassu Falls the Uyuni salt flats and the Inca Trail. Tips? Don’t go with this operator and don’t worry about the language barrier. Local benefits? In parts but I think it could have been better in particular on the Brazilian leg (I did the southern cross with this operator) where I don’t think there was any effort to interact with the locals. Overall rating? Overall it was an amazing experience I think the trip needs a few tweaks and if I’m honest... (more)Tim Antill
From £3949 excluding flights
Pousada Picinguaba luxury beach resort, Brazil
Memorable parts? The whole holiday in Brazil was fantastic! Probably the most exciting part was "meeting" with dolphins up close in Fernando de Noronha. Tips? We got what we expected, I definitely recommend this website for holiday booking. Local benefits? We found Brazil more environmental friendly than we expected and certainly more than many European countries. The place we booked through this site was exactly as described but other areas of Brazil are also well preserved. Overall... (more)Carlotta Crespi
From BRL771 - BRL1219 per double room per night
Porto de Pedras self catering beach house in Brazil
Memorable parts? An unexpected but totally delightful encounter with a sea cow in the shallows off the beach. He nibbled my toes and allowed me to stroke him. Magical! They are very friendly characters, vulnerable to extinction. A project near the house to support sea cow conservation is a must see. Tips? If you're looking for nightlife, don't visit! The only nightlife here is nature. Travel light. Swim, snorkel, relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. A decent phrase book is... (more)Beverley Whatford
From £50 - £150 per house per night

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