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Japan family holiday
Be transported into a world of cultural mystery and intrigue, from £3065 - £3329 (13 days ) inc UK flights
Japan small group holiday, Japan unmasked
Whistlestop Japan highlights with an expert tour leader, from £1750 (14 days) ex flights
Japan golden route holiday
9 night classic Japan trip: Tokyo, Fuji, Kyoto, from £1560 (10 days) ex flights
Japan tailor made tour on a shoestring
Japan's classic sights on a shoestring, from £1010 (8 days) ex flights

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Japan self guided walking holiday, Nakasendo Trail
Self-guided walking along Japanís ancient Nakasendo trail, from £635 - £2125 (10 days) ex flights
Japan small group holiday by bullet train
Japan's must-see cities and beautiful, rural countryside, from £2600 (14 days) ex flights
Japan holidays, tailor made
Experience the culture and traditions of Japan, from £3130 (14 days) inc UK flights
Kumano Kodo trail self guided walking holiday, Japan
Self guided walking on the Kumano Kodo Trail, from £635 - £1650 (9 days) ex flights
Japan cultural small group holiday
A journey along the ancient Tokaido highway, from £1250 (10 days) ex flights
Tokyo group holiday, a food adventure
Dive into Tokyo cityís incredible food scene, from £2385 - £2775 (12 days) ex flights
Japan honeymoon tour on a shoestring
Simple hotels, rustic ryokan, unforgettable honeymoon, from £1260 (13 days) ex flights
Japan culture tour, Shoguns & Samurai
Ultra-modern Tokyo to Imperial Kyoto, from £2850 (14 days) ex flights
Kumano Kodo walking holiday, Japan
Village to village walking in the sacred Kii Peninsula, from £2250 (9 days) ex flights
Hidden Japan holiday
Get beneath the surface into the heart of Japan, from £2600 (13 days) ex flights
China and Japan holiday, Beijing to Tokyo
Incredible journey showcasing the best of two ancient cultures, from £2999 - £3249 (18 days) ex flights
Japan cultural immersion holiday
Cultural activites and traditional experiences galore, from £2700 (15 days) ex flights
Southern Japan small group holiday
Off the beaten track in Kyoto, Nara & Kyushu, from £3040 (15 days) ex flights
Walking tours to Japan
Explore the backroads of Japan, from £2390 (15 days) ex flights
Japan walking holiday, North from Tokyo
A walking journey, rich in spirituality and tradition, from £3010 (13 days) ex flights
The best of Japan luxury cruise
Osaka to Maizuru via Kyoto; a blend of modernity & tradition, from £2849 - £28149 (9 days) ex flights
Cherry Blossom luxury tour in Japan
Experience Japan's most vibrant season, from £5387 (8 days) inc UK flights
Japan luxury holiday
An introduction to mesmerising Japan, from £4413 (9 days) inc UK flights
Japan small group holiday, Kyoto to Tokyo
Journey into the heart of Japan - Kyoto to Tokyo, from £2620 - £3020 (12 days) ex flights
Northern Japan tour
Off the beaten path in magical northern Japan, from £3150 (15 days) ex flights
Japan tour, winter festivals
An adventure of natural, cultural and artistic delights, from £1845 - £1990 (9 days) ex flights
Shikoku Island tailor made holiday in Japan
Visit Shikoku Island, the smallest of Japan's four main islands, from £3500 (16 days) inc UK flights
Japan holiday, secrets of Japan
See the very best of Japan on a small group tour, from £4565 - £5150 (15 days) ex flights
Japan small group tour, in the shadow of mountains
Western Honshu's coasts - Japan Sea and Inland Sea, from £3010 (12 days) ex flights
Japan tour, village traditions
Rural activities and traditional crafts in central Japan, from £1990 (10 days) ex flights

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Japan holidays, tailor made
The autumn colours were just amazing in Japan. Its a fascinating culture with so many memorable experiences, just a few spring to mind, walking the Nakesendo highway, staying at the Mitsui Garden hotel in Tokyo, the views are mind blowing from here, Geisha spotting in Kyoto... (more)Katherine Windibank
In all honesty it is very hard to pin point one defining moment. It was all brilliant. (more)Alan Brownlow
It's hard to say just which part was the most memorable because it all was (more)Janet Turnbull
From £3130 including UK flights
Japan small group holiday by bullet train
A ten plus. The whole trip was fantastic, from the neon lights of Tokyo to the countryside around Takayama. (more)Catherine Atkinson
It was fabulous and everything and more than we expected! (more)Michelle Rademeyer
Excellent thoroughly enjoyed it and would highly recommend it. The whole holiday was memorable as we went from the busy metropolis of Tokyo to the quiet of the Japanese Alps. (more)Amanda Johnson
From £2600 excluding flights
Japan tailor made tour on a shoestring
Best bit: The food! (more)Louise Larsen
Experiencing Japan- a fascinating, different and wonderful country to visit. We loved Tokyo and Kyoto and all the sights there. (more)Fay Berry
I absolutely adored Hakone...That entire leg of the journey was my favourite. I wish we'd had more time there. It was so relaxing, but at the same time there was mountain to explore! ...Our tour operators were fantastic, they couldn't do enough for us. (more)Jennifer Whiteside
From £1010 excluding flights
Japan small group holiday, Japan unmasked
The holiday fully lived up to expectations! (more)Rebecca Goulding
Amazing holiday would definitely recommend. (more)Jean Heap
My holiday was wonderful, William our tour leader, with his unique style made our holiday really special! (more)Lara Pallard
From £1750 excluding flights
Japan self guided walking holiday, Nakasendo Trail
Whilst the journey is a delightful walk, stop and enjoy the culture along the way. (more)Mark White
Best bits: Walking the remote sections of Trail. Tour of Nara (more)Michael Eagen
A great experience. We felt we had a very good introduction and understanding of Japan. We liked the combination of historic city, modern capital contrasting with rural Japan. Very well organized. (more)Elaine Blatchford
From £635 - £2125 excluding flights
Japan golden route holiday
There was always someone to speak to from the company if you needed any further assistance or advice. We found their advice and planning resulted in us having the best holiday ever. (more)Gareth Spring
Excellent and good value for money (more)Allison Krill
Excellent. We enjoyed it all. The travel arrangements all worked perfectly. Hotels were fine. Amy at the tour operator was terrific. (more)Howard Rosenthal
From £1560 excluding flights
Japan cultural small group holiday
Memorable parts? Really enjoyed the variety of visiting different regions of Japan e.g busy Tokyo, tranquil Hakone, beautiful Kyoto and Nara and Kamakura. I particularly enjoyed staying in the traditional Ryokan accommodation and having an open air onsen (hot springs ) at night. Tips? Embrace all elements of the trip and try some new experiences. Local benefits? The trip uses public transport throughout such as trains, buses and metro. Local restaurants are used. Overall... (more)Eva Jolly
From £1250 excluding flights
Walking tours to Japan
We particularly enjoyed Kyoto which gave a mix of city living with the cultural experiences. We visited Sanjusangendo temple which holds 1001 life sized statues... (more)Lisa Thompson
This was an excellent trip. ...Walking in the countryside - seeing parts of Japan that I would never have discovered on my own and being guided by a reliable expert. Asuka, Dorogawa and the Mitarai Gorge were particularly memorable. Also - wonderful exotic food, charming ryokans and soothing onsens. (more)Una Dinning
From £2390 excluding flights
Japan holiday, ancient and modern
Excellent... (more)Ruth Martin
Being in a totally different culture, the people were so friendly and helpful, it was the best! (more)Cindy Faithfull
My holiday was absolutely fantastic - I have never had such a great time, never loved somewhere so much, never actually had my breath taken away so often, absorbed so much atmosphere, relaxed so completely or felt so carefree and happy as I did on this trip to Japan (more)Julia Young
From £3699 - £3949 including UK flights
Holiday in Japan
Superb. Would recommend it wholeheartedly. Thanks very much. (more)Simon Toller
A lot of good experiences - elephant ride on Christmas day - meeting a monk for meditation - Thai massage (ouch ouch ouch) and some great pampering. Food was often an adventure too. (more)Joanna Hughes
Really enjoyed visiting the ethnic minority villages in Sapa - our tour leader Hue enabled us to visit the villagers and take part in their new year celebrations. (more)Bethany Wright
From £2535 - £2935 excluding flights
Japan culture tour, Shoguns & Samurai
The most memorable part of the holiday was getting a bit of an insight into the people and culture of everyday Japan by travelling on local trains and buses and staying in local inns in rural areas rather than faceless hotels. (more)Nicola Lindsey
It was a great trip, and Andy, our tour guide, was very knowledgeable and helpful. (more)Burkhard Green
I truly enjoyed each day and the new experiences we had, every place we visited was interesting. I loved travelling on the trains and buses, seeing the surrounding countryside with the crops of rice, tea and vegetables growing. (more)Ruth Hamer
From £2850 excluding flights
Kumano Kodo trail self guided walking holiday, Japan
Memorable parts? All of it was good. The highlight might have been the first sight of the Golden Temple in Kyoto, or the first proper Japanese meal. Tips? As it is primarily a walking holiday through woods, I would recommend one takes good walking boots and a stick. Local benefits? Mainly staying staying in small, traditional hotels (ryokan) must be good. Overall rating? Excellent. All the arrangements worked perfectly. (more)John Brennan
From £635 - £1650 excluding flights
Southern Japan small group holiday
Memorable parts? Seeing Mt Sakurajima look very peaceful and then erupt and having an Onsen by the beach. Tips? Pack lightly and be prepared to spend a lot of time on public transport as you travel large distances. While it is called a walking tour you don't actually walk large distances most days. Local benefits? Yes, We stayed in family run accommodation about half the time and ate a lot of local food prepared by locals rather than big companies. Overall rating? Very... (more)Barbara and Peter Gray
From £3040 excluding flights
Japan honeymoon tour on a shoestring
Memorable parts? Japan is a fascinating and exhilerating place to visit. The cultural differences are marked, and with so many great sights, both traditional and modern, there is so much to see and experience. The people are very welcoming and really do want you to have the best time possible. Tips? Take adavntage of the felxibility offered by the holiday provider but stick with their main ideas/routes. Their experience really helped. Local benefits? It definitely felt that... (more)John Hayes
From £1260 excluding flights
Hidden Japan holiday
Memorable parts? Everything! Travelling extensively using the local transport - every type, meant we saw such a large range of places, did lots of activities, experienced historical and modern displays, interacted with the local people and tasted a big variety of food. Tips? Travel light. Prepare for lots of traditional Japanese food. Bring comfy shoes. Local benefits? Yes. We travelled by public transport most of the time which is very efficient. We engaged with many locals... (more)Susan White
From £2600 excluding flights
Adventure holiday in Japan
Memorable parts? A painting exhibition in Hiroshima. Tips? It actually isn't that difficult getting around Japan but a few simple Japanese phrases help break the ice. Local benefits? We had very little interaction with local people and employed no local guides which was really a pity. We impacted on the environment just as much as any other tourists. Overall rating? Reasonable. (more)Margaret Good
From £2699 - £2899 excluding flights

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