Japan holidays and tours, 2014 and 2015

Our Japan holidays take in the best sites & off the beaten track places from Tokyo & Imperial Kyoto to the mountain villages of Kyushu. All our Japan holidays are provided by operators committed to supporting local people & the environment.
China and Japan holiday, Beijing to Tokyo
Incredible journey showcasing the best of two ancient cultures, from £2699 - £2849 (18 days) ex flights
Japan cultural small group holiday
A journey along the ancient Tokaido highway, from £1250 (10 days) ex flights
Japan tailor made tour on a shoestring
Japan's classic sights on a shoestring!, from £650 (8 days) ex flights
Japan small group holiday, Japan unmasked
Whistlestop Japan highlights with an expert tour leader, from £1750 (14 days) ex flights
Japan small group holiday
Japan's must-see cities and beautiful, rural countrside, from £2600 (14 days) ex flights
Japan golden route holiday
9 night classic Japan trip: Tokyo, Fuji, Kyoto, from £1210 (10 days) ex flights
Japan self guided walking holiday, Nakasendo Trail
Self-guided walking along Japan’s ancient Nakasendo trail, from £585 - £1650 (10 days) ex flights
Nakasendo Trail walking tour, Japan
Village-to-village walking on the historic Nakasendo trail, from £2265 (12 days) ex flights
Japan culture tour, Shoguns & Samurai
Ultra-modern Tokyo to Imperial Kyoto, from £2385 (14 days) ex flights
Kumano Kodo walking holiday, Japan
Village to village walking in the sacred Kii Peninsula, from £2025 (9 days) ex flights
Tokyo group holiday, a food adventure
Dive into Tokyo city’s incredible food scene, from £2315 - £2645 (12 days) ex flights
Japan holiday, ancient and modern
Explore the attractions of this vibrant nation, from £3699 - £3899 (15 days) inc UK flights
Adventure holiday in Japan
Japan's technology & temples, from £2649 (14 days) ex flights
Shikoku Island holiday, Japan, in the Footsteps of Pilgrims
Explore the sleepy island of Shikoku, from £2475 (15 days) ex flights
Japan cycling holiday
The contrasting faces of Japan by bike, from £3350 (16 days) ex flights
Japan tours, The Land of the Rising Sun
Journey by bullet train, boat and car across Japan's largest island of Honshu, from £2275 (14 days) ex flights
Hokkaido winter holiday in Japan
An ice festival, rare birds, snowshoeing & hot springs, from £2795 (15 days) ex flights
Japan cultural immersion holiday
Cultural activites and traditional experiences galore, from £2700 (15 days) ex flights
Yoga & volunteering in Japan, under the Gaze of Mount Fuji
Learn yoga & green farming at the foot hills of Mount Fuji, from £800 (7 days) ex flights
Japan cycling holiday, The Noto Peninsula
Cycle through crowded urban Tokyo to Noto Peninsula, from US $3950 (11 days) ex flights
Japan holidays, tailor made
Experience the culture and traditions of Japan, from £3130 (14 days) inc UK flights
Japan walking holiday, North from Tokyo
A walking journey, rich in spirituality and tradition, from £2240 (13 days) ex flights
Japan small group holiday, Kyoto to Tokyo
Journey into the heart of Japan - Kyoto to Tokyo, from £2805 - £3030 (12 days) ex flights
Yokohama backpackers accommodation, Japan
A budget hostel in Yokohama, from Yen3000 per person per night
Japan culture & samurai history tour
A special escorted journey through unknown Samurai Japan!, from £2345 (14 days) ex flights
Japan walking holiday, Mt Fuji and the Japanese Alps
Kyoto, Tokyo and the Japanese Matterhorn, from £3549 - £3699 (15 days) inc UK flights
Shikoku island tailor made holiday, Japan
Japanese culture & countryside on rural Shikoku Island, from £1790 (16 days) ex flights
Japan family holiday
Be transported into a world of cultural mystery and intrigue, from £3189 - £3505 (13 days ) inc UK flights
Holiday in Japan
Take the bullet train Tokyo to Kyoto, from £2530 - £3000 (14 days) ex flights
Kumano Kodo trail self guided walking holiday, Japan
Self guided walking on the Kumano Kodo Trail, from £510 - £1280 (9 days) ex flights

33 reviews for Japan holidays4 star overall rating

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Japan self guided walking holiday, Nakasendo Trail
It was all a very fine experience. Terrific organisation, didn't miss a beat anywhere; great choices of accommodation/food. The combination of physical, topographical and cultural stimulation provided by this sort of travel is very very hard to beat. There were several occasions where I was simply floaty with delight. A knockout. (more)David McRae
Excellent...in every way. The most memorable parts were... Seeing the old villages and towns along our walk - meeting so many friendly and helpful people in surroundings completely different from our own. And the food - different, flavorful, every meal exquisitely presented and excellent. (more)Gill Berry
From £585 - £1650 excluding flights
Japan tailor made tour on a shoestring
10/10...Hiroshima, sumo , Magome and Koyasan were the highlights (more)peter deen
Excellent. We had a nice mix of major cities, the Hakone National Park Region, and Miyajima Island. (more)Sally Vogl
We absolutely had a blast on the whole trip. It was a busy, we tried to see a much as we could but enjoyed the holiday...I would do this again in a heartbeat! (more)Rebekah Schultz
From £650 excluding flights
Japan small group holiday, Japan unmasked
The most memorable part is hard to sum up, so much of the trip was truly great, but would have to pick the Maiko session...Fantastic. Still raving about it. (more)Roslyn Fraser
I enjoyed everything that I did. The food and accommodation were as expected and mostly better as it was not an expensive tour. The Japanese people were delightful - very polite, helpful and thoughtful and were a highlight in themselves. (more)Gillian Armstrong
Excellent...The Japanese people are very nice and go out of their way to help you. The food is also fabulous! (more)Lisa Gould
From £1750 excluding flights
Japan small group holiday
Memorable parts? the whole holiday was memorable as we went from the busy metropolis of Tokyo to the quiet of the Japanese Alps. The travel was easier than expected due to the Japanese efficiency and all accommodation was satisfactory. Tips? Not as expensive as expected and Wi-Fi more available than anticipated. Local benefits? Local travel and local businesses were encouraged. Overall rating? Excellent thoroughly enjoyed it and would highly recommend it (more)Amanda Johnson
From £2600 excluding flights
Japan golden route holiday
Memorable parts? We enjoyed it all. The travel arrangements all worked perfectly. Hotels were fine. Amy at the tour operator was terrific. Tips? 6 hour day tour of Tokyo was a bit stressful for seniors, in the amount of stairs and walking particularly between subways. The guide could have given us more options for traveling. Two tour guides to Geisha district were poor and overly talkative The tour and experience was great. The two tour guides in Tokyo and daytime Kyoto were... (more)Howard Rosenthal
From £1210 excluding flights
Japan tours, The Land of the Rising Sun
Memorable parts? We chose the 'Narrow Road to the Deep North' tour, where , as part of an international party of 10 we followed in the footsteps of the poet and writer Matsuo Basho into the northern region of Tohoku with its soaring tree clad slopes, hidden monasteries and sand fringed tranquil lakes. The tour started and ended in Tokyo and included art galleries and museums, cafes and cobweb bars, parks and gardens, sushi and sake and convivial companions, we were loath to leave. As we moved... (more)Sue Jones
From £2275 excluding flights
Japan holidays, tailor made
The autumn colours were just amazing in Japan. Its a fascinating culture with so many memorable experiences, just a few spring to mind, walking the Nakesendo highway, staying at the Mitsui Garden hotel in Tokyo, the views are mind blowing from here, Geisha spotting in Kyoto... (more)Katherine Windibank
In all honesty it is very hard to pin point one defining moment. It was all brilliant. (more)Alan Brownlow
It's hard to say just which part was the most memorable because it all was (more)Janet Turnbull
From £3130 including UK flights
Japan holiday, ancient and modern
Excellent... (more)Ruth Martin
Being in a totally different culture, the people were so friendly and helpful, it was the best! (more)Cindy Faithfull
My holiday was absolutely fantastic - I have never had such a great time, never loved somewhere so much, never actually had my breath taken away so often, absorbed so much atmosphere, relaxed so completely or felt so carefree and happy as I did on this trip to Japan (more)Julia Young
From £3699 - £3899 including UK flights
Japan cycling holiday
We are just back from a holiday in Japan. A great way to see Japan in a very personal way- being part of the scene, as you are when on bike. (more)Barbara Hickson
The highlight was the absolutely spectacular scenery we cycled across, past, over. The countryside and mountains in Japan are amazing! (more)Blake Mizzi
There were many high points, but the best of all was seeing the Miyako Odori (Cherry Blossom Dance) in the Gion district of Kyoto. (more)John Casement
From £3350 excluding flights
Small group tours to Japan
Memorable parts? Walking in the countryside - seeing parts of Japan that I would never have discovered on my own and being guided by a reliable expert. Asuka, Dorogawa and the Mitarai Gorge were particularly memorable. Also - wonderful exotic food, charming ryokans and soothing onsens. (And the company of like-minded fellow travellers.) Tips? Ensure that you are fit enough to do the walking required, get a really good rucksack and carry as little as possible. There are drinks and... (more)Una Dinning
From £2590 excluding flights
Japan culture tour, Shoguns & Samurai
The most memorable part of the holiday was getting a bit of an insight into the people and culture of everyday Japan by travelling on local trains and buses and staying in local inns in rural areas rather than faceless hotels. (more)Nicola Lindsey
It was a great trip, and Andy, our tour guide, was very knowledgeable and helpful. (more)Burkhard Green
I truly enjoyed each day and the new experiences we had, every place we visited was interesting. I loved travelling on the trains and buses, seeing the surrounding countryside with the crops of rice, tea and vegetables growing. (more)Ruth Hamer
From £2385 excluding flights
Hokkaido winter holiday in Japan
Memorable parts? The cranes in Hokkaido. Tips? None - it's so different for everybody. Local benefits? First no, second yes. Overall rating? Phil Colley is a very good tour leader. For me, personally, there was too much "town-stay" and not enough cultural visits. (more)Berrut Anne-Laure
From £2795 excluding flights
Kumano Kodo trail self guided walking holiday, Japan
Memorable parts? All of it was good. The highlight might have been the first sight of the Golden Temple in Kyoto, or the first proper Japanese meal. Tips? As it is primarily a walking holiday through woods, I would recommend one takes good walking boots and a stick. Local benefits? Mainly staying staying in small, traditional hotels (ryokan) must be good. Overall rating? Excellent. All the arrangements worked perfectly. (more)John Brennan
From £510 - £1280 excluding flights
Holiday in Japan
Superb. Would recommend it wholeheartedly. Thanks very much. (more)Simon Toller
A lot of good experiences - elephant ride on Christmas day - meeting a monk for meditation - Thai massage (ouch ouch ouch) and some great pampering. Food was often an adventure too. (more)Joanna Hughes
Really enjoyed visiting the ethnic minority villages in Sapa - our tour leader Hue enabled us to visit the villagers and take part in their new year celebrations. (more)Bethany Wright
From £2530 - £3000 excluding flights
Adventure holiday in Japan
Memorable parts? A painting exhibition in Hiroshima. Tips? It actually isn't that difficult getting around Japan but a few simple Japanese phrases help break the ice. Local benefits? We had very little interaction with local people and employed no local guides which was really a pity. We impacted on the environment just as much as any other tourists. Overall rating? Reasonable. (more)Margaret Good
From £2649 excluding flights

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I am reborn! Simply the best holiday I have ever been on
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Some great stories to tell the grandchildren. Would recommend to a friend
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Very enjoyable
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It was OK
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A bit disappointing really

Japan Holidays and Tours to Japan

Japan is an island nation in East Asia, located in the Pacific Ocean. Japan is an archipelago of 6,852 islands, the four largest islands, Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu and Shikoku, accounting for ninety-seven percent of Japan's land area. Eco tourism in Japan started getting attention about 15 years ago and participates in TIES, the world's oldest and largest eco tourism organization, to promote the principles of eco tourism in Japan. Consequently, there is a wide range of eco Japan holidays. Honshu is the largest island of Japan and has everything that holidays to Japan should include; the bright lights and confusion of Tokyo; Osaka, Japan's fashion and culinary heartland; the historical cities of Kyoto, Nara, and Kamakura; and the awe-inspiring peaks of the Japan Alps. Japan's second largest island, Hokkaido, boasts huge national parks, vast empty plains, crystal clear lakes and soaring mountain landscapes perfect for a adventure holiday in Japan.

The third largest island of Japan, Kyushu, is an early centre of Japanese civilization, offering many historic treasures and natural beauty. Here you will find a country far removed from the bright lights of the ultra-modern cities, so you can experience your holiday in Japan at a slower pace. Although Shikoku is the smallest and least visited of Japan's four main islands, it should not be excluded when planning your holiday in Japan. Shikoku is home to some of Japan's most atmospheric towns, picturesque gardens, breathtaking mountain scenery and precipitous gorges. There’s a wonderful range of rewarding tours of Japan available that could be perfect for family holidays, your honeymoon, or cultural travel in Japan. You may find yourself on a tour to Japan, off the beaten track, exploring the deep north through a landscape of rugged coastline, volcanic lakes and holy mountains. You may accompany pilgrims on tour mountain temples in the Samurai quarters and castle towns, marvelling at snow-capped volcanoes. Alternatively, there are tours to Japan closer to the track where you may find yourself trying to absorb the modern and space-age society of Tokyo, enjoying a tea ceremony and local monuments, or relishing in Kyoto's famed gardens, learning something of the art of these gardens and Geisha traditions. There are also tours of Japan that are tailor made for a specific activity or interest such as cycling tours of Japan, cuisine tours in Japan, and guided walking tours in Japan.

Family holidays and tours in Japan are also popular. Modern day Japan is an unique blend of ancient and modern and offers families educational and Japan adventure holidays, from simple cultural travel in Japan, to in-depth geography related trips, to activity and adventure specific tours in Japan such as white water rafting or snow shoeing holidays in Japan. With the country's historical tales of courtly love pervading Japanese literature, as well as a combination of exciting city destinations, long white sandy beaches, hot-spring resorts and interesting cultural sights - a honeymoon in Japan is excitingly different. A honeymoon in Japan has so much to offer any newly-wed couple from city sightseeing, shopping and dinning combined with escape and relaxation in the dramatic countryside of the mountains or on the sweeping beaches and tropical islands. So whether it is a family trip, an adventure tour to Japan, or your honeymoon in Japan, it is certainly a destination which offers something for everyone.

Adventure Holidays and Adventure Tours in Japan

Away from the colourful excitement of the cities of Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo, Japan is a country of great natural beauty as it boasts huge national parks, vast empty plains, crystal clear lakes and soaring mountain landscapes perfect for an adventure holiday in Japan. Because of this, there are a fantastic range of adventures trips in Japan and adventure tours in Japan. You may find yourself on an adventure tour in Japan soaking up the history and beauty of Japan in imperial Kyoto and Nara, seeing the snow monkeys of Yudanaka hot spring, and visiting traditional merchants’ houses and mountain villages. There are also a number or cycling tours in Japan, walking tours in Japan and white water rafting in Japan if you’re looking for more active adventure trips in Japan. Japan cycling holidays usually tour at least two weeks and can take you along remote mountain trails, through ever-changing landscapes of rice paddies, active volcanoes, bubbling sulphur pools, lake sides, and remote agricultural villages. Walking in Japan is another popular theme of adventure tours in Japan. A walking holiday in Japan may be self-guided where you can follow the roads through the central mountains – one of a network of ancient highways. Alternatively, small guided walking tours in Japan are available, usually with no more than 12 people to keep it personal and memorable. Typically, these involve a wide variety of activities with ample time to visit temples, wander through small villages, and enjoy soaking in rural hot springs. Eco tourism in Japan has been a central part of the country's tourism for the last 15 years and participates in TIES to promote the principles of eco tourism in Japan. Therefore, it is good to remember when planning your adventure holiday in Japan, all the wonderful range of eco holidays in Japan available.
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