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Tailor made tours of Oman
Privately escorted mystical trip of stunning Oman, from £1760 (8 days) inc UK flights
Luxury culture holiday in Oman
Meet the Bedouin of Wahiba Sands and Turtles of Sur in Oman, from £1599 (7 days) ex flights
Oman small group tour
Ancient spice trails, Wahiba Sands, superb coastal scenery, from £1375 (7 days) ex flights
Oman holiday, Forts and Deserts of Oman
Explore the dramatic mountains and deserts of Oman, from £2290 (8 days) ex flights
Wild walking holiday Oman
Walk a wadi from Arabian gulf to desert, from £1720 (8 days) ex flights
Marine conservation holiday in Oman
Study coral reefs of the beautiful Musandam Peninsula, Oman, from £1480 (7 days) ex flights
Oman holidays, Arabian sands
An adventure across a diversity of terrains and cultures, from £1765 - £1799 (9 days) inc UK flights
Camping tours to Oman
Travel overland through the desert from Muscat to Salalah, from £2265 (9 days) ex flights
Oman walking holiday
Remarkable history of Nizwa and the ancient fort, from £1849 - £1899 (10 days) inc UK flights
Oman family holiday, tailor made
An amazing Oman off road adventure your family wont forget, from £5920 (14 days) ex flights
Holiday in Oman, Bedouin and fjords of Musandam
Meet the Bedouin and see the Fjords of the Musandam in Oman, from £1699 (7 days) ex flights
Oman holiday on a shoestring
Rustic excellent value-for-money holiday to Oman, from £1580 (8 days) ex flights
Oman adventure holiday
Explore the dramatic mountains and deserts of Oman, from £2150 - £2195 (11 days) ex flights
Oman cycling & trekking holiday
5 night cycling and trekking adventure in Oman, from £1895 (6 days) ex flights
Oman holiday, tailor made
Ancient forts, breathtaking deserts and incredible wildlife, from £3280 (14 days) ex flights
Oman trekking holiday
Trek with the local Bedu and experience their way of life, from £1650 (8 days) ex flights
Trekking holiday in Oman, the SAS route
Retrace the routes of the SAS, from £1895 (8 days) ex flights
Oman desert retreat camp
Your eco friendly stay in Wahiba Sands, from OMR40 - OMR60 per accommodation per night

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Tailor made tours of Oman
Driving through a Wadi with water flowing through it. Driving the sand dunes in the desert. The mountain scenery is great. (more)Adrian O Malley
The most memorable part was the surprise at arriving at the camp in the Wahiba Sands for our night of Wild Camping and instead of finding the little 2-man tent that we had expected we found a luxury tent complete with bathroom, proper beds, carpets, oriental cushions and lanterns which had been set up just for us. (more)Sally Frohlich
Driving down to Wadi Bani Awf. Awesome. Also the night in the desert where the operator found us a camp where we were completely alone, 8 km through the dunes from the main camp, itself small and remoter than the bigger camps. (more)Peta Constable
From £1760 including UK flights
Oman holiday, Forts and Deserts of Oman
Memorable parts? The desert, mountains and hospitality in Oman. Tips? Distances are long in Muscat so make sure you book a hotel with a convenient location. We made a tailor-made contract with the operator. However, the tour was subcontracted to a local travel agent - not ideal when problems arise! Often there was a miss-match between given itinerary and actual plan, not that we missed anything but somehow annoying. Book your holiday directly and you are in control! Local benefits? Not... (more)Kirsten Christensen
From £2290 excluding flights
Oman holidays, Arabian sands
I had a wonderful time...Traveling through and camping in the Omani desert was the most memorable part of the trip for me (more)Nancy Wiesenfeld
Camping in the desert was the most memorable part. (more)Julie Collins
From £1765 - £1799 including UK flights

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Oman travel information

At the south-eastern tip of the Arabian Peninsula, the Sultanate of Oman has a coastline extending for more than a thousand miles, with numerous beaches offering excellent sailing and diving facilities. Sumerian clay tablets from the 3rd century BC mention Oman as one of the outstanding Mesopotamian trade centres, a position that is reflected in the blend of Arabic, Iranian, Indian and African cultures, traditions and cuisine to be experienced in the major towns.

Archaeological treasures include the site of Souks Bausharios and fabulous collections in the National Museum at Qurum, while modern craftsmanship is evident in the traditional souks such as that at Nizwa, famous for its gold and silver handicrafts, and Bahla, known for its pottery. Stark deserts with their fascinating flora and fauna, including the reintroduced Arabian oryx, provide colourful contrasts to the turquoise waters of the Arabian Sea, in which several species of whale and dolphin can be seen.

The Sultanate of Oman, celebrating 42 years of Renaissance, has so much to offer that it is hard to know where to begin. There are literally hundreds of attractions in this country – and the diversity of choice will make almost any length of holiday seem too short to take everything in. Here are just 10 of the most popular things visitors see, do and experience to get the most from their visit.

Seascape, Denmark

The vibrant capital of Muscat

…Selected as the Arab Tourism Capital 2012, Muscat’s charming beauty, cultural events, luxurious accommodations, The Royal Opera House Muscat, the Muttrah Souq and Corniche, Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, aquatic activities, and wild water sports bracing its coastline alongside traditional dhows are some of the features that appeal to all tourists. What is striking about Muscat is the breathtaking intermingling of ancient cultural heritage and modern style. You will see authentic houses, gates, old markets, small shops, and winding roads side by side with modern malls buildings and streets. This allows Oman to preserve its historic character, and at the same time enjoy its contemporary spirit. Oman has developed its own architectural style that allows its historic buildings to blend comfortably with modern edifices.
Seascape, Denmark

6000 years of History and Culture

The ancient ramparts of Bahla Fort, Aflaj Irrigation Systems of Oman, Archaeological Sites of Bat, Al-Khutm and Al-Ayn are now UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the carefully preserved Jabrin Castle dating from 1670, or the art of Dhow building that has come down through generations of Omanis, all help visitors to relive the glory of an ancient civilisation. Explore a land where Shahrazad’s stories from ‘1001 Nights’ or the legendary Sinbad the Sailor come alive and visit hundreds of castles, forts and archaeological sites steeped in mythology. 24 of the 500 Omani forts have been renovated including one currently being turned into a boutique hotel.
Seascape, Denmark

Fjords of Arabia…The Musandam Peninsula

is a rugged and starkly beautiful region. Musandam overlooks the straits of Hormuz, one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world. The natural beauty of this region is Breathtaking with the cliffs of the Hajar Mountains falling steeply into the Arabian Sea from a height of almost 2,000 metres.
Seascape, Denmark

Nature, Wildlife and Adventure

Oman has a rigorous ‘green’ policy and a fascinating array of animals thrive in the many protected areas. Oman features and protects five of the world’s seven species of turtle, each year green turtles nest on Omani beaches, visitors can watch as these tiny creatures hatch between September and November in Raz al Hadd. Approximately 400 birds have been recorded in Oman including many migratory species. With its 1700 kilometres of unspoilt coastline and beaches Oman offers so many opportunities for adventure; visitors are rewarded with the sight of dolphins and whales, divers also enjoy moray eels, corals and a spectacular array of tropical fish. Not to mention the chance to participate in water sports, fishing, sailing, climbing, trekking, caving, horse and camel racing and off-road driving.
Seascape, Denmark

Responsible and Sustainable Tourism

Oman has embraced responsible tourism and has been awarded the accolade by the United Nations Environmental Programme of having one of the best records in environmental preservation. Not only have the government put in place firm environmental laws to protect the beautiful landscape and architectural sites but they have also started many projects which are aimed at protecting endangered species such as the Arabian Oryx; and protecting Ras Al Jinz to be used solely for turtle breeding. Hotel groups have also started their own initiatives by recycling and limiting washes and waste.

Oman calendar of events

The Sultanate of Oman is a land of festivals and celebrations, most of them with a traditional flavor such as camel racing, dancing or poetry, or major international events such as the Muscat Festival, end of January – February 2013, including the annual International Tour of Oman Cycling Race, or the Salalah Festival (mid September). Whatever the size, they provide an exciting opportunity for visitors to gain an insight into Oman’s culture and heritage.

Dhow Dolphins Turtle JANUARY
- Muscat Festival January/February
. Located at Qurum National Park and Naseem Park the festival highlights include a showcase of both Omani and international culture and heritage. Dedicated to the “Year of the child”, this year’s Festival is particularly focused on creating educational, fun, entertainment for children:

- Traditional Boat Races
. With a display of Dhow boats and Old Houri, New Houri and Al Shash boat races, the event will pay tribute to Oman’s rich maritime traditions.
- Oman Food Festival. Held at the Qurum Natural Park, the Oman Food festival is run in association with expert chefs and students from the Oman Tourism College and it will give visitors the opportunity to experience the very best of Omani cuisine.
- Tour of Oman. 128 of the world’s greatest cyclists will be competing in the Tour of Oman including Cavendish, Schelck and Canncellara.

- Oman International Salsa & Dance Festival
. Learn from the best in the Latin dance industry. From the absolute beginner to the advanced dancer, there is something for everyone. You can choose from Salsa, Bachata, Spins, Cha Cha, Mens and Ladies Styling, Cuban Salsa, Zaire, Reggaeton, Belly Dance, Hip Hop, Samba, Zouk and more.

- Salalah Festival (from June to September)
. This festival is held annually in Dhofar Province between June and September, when a tropical climate dominates Dhofar. In July, Festival activities include various artistic and cultural shows, in addition to parades. Visit:

- Dolphin and Whale Spotting
. July is the ideal time to spot dolphins and whales along Oman’s 3165km coastline. Join escorted tours from the local marina or organize a private dhow excursion.
- Ramadan, the Muslim holy month starts July/August

- Eid Al-Fitr (End of Ramadan)

- Turtle season
. The beaches of Ras Al Hadd and Ras Al Jinz provide nesting grounds for an estimated 20,000 turtles each year that migrate from the Red Sea and the East African coast. Turtles can be seen year round, but September is the best time to see large numbers.

- Eid al-Adha (Feast of the Sacrifice) October

- Islamic New Year
: A celebration of HM Sultan Qaboos bin Said followed by a week long national holiday of festivities.

Throughout the year
Nizwa Goat Market - Every Friday, held in Nizwa, next to the main souk, two hours drive from Muscat. Starts at 7am followed by the castle market, 9.30am.

For more information about Oman please contact:
Oman Ministry of Tourism Representative Office in the UK and Ireland
Sangita Makwana/Alicia Iglesias Cortes
Tel: + 44 208 877 4524
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