Greenland Northern Lights holiday, Kangerlussuaq ice cap

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Greenland Northern Lights holiday, Kangerlussuaq ice cap


Greenland as a country promotes excellent environmental sustainability through its low population density, minimal roads, and focus on hydroelectricity and recycling. The use of Hotel Kangerlussuaq for this trip is an excellent example of environmental sustainability. The building itself dates back to 1941 and was the former base of their US Airbase. Today it has been utilised as a hotel, with old buildings being restored and renovated, conserving the history and aesthetic of the building whilst also ensuring its continued use as a functional building which is important to the local community and economy.

During their stay guests will also be advised to respect the local wildlife population also. Conservation of the local wildlife is of great importance to the Greenlandic community and guests will have the opportunity to see roaming reindeer and musk oxen in their natural habitat. In addition, the husky safari which guests will participate in will feature Greenlandic Husky, one of the oldest dog breeds in the world, with dogs today being descendants of the first Inuit settlers who made their way to Greenland around 5000 years ago. This dog breed has been carefully preserved and cared for in Greenland, a country which still relies on dog sledding as an essential means of transport. Guests will have the opportunity to learn more about these animals and witness them in their natural working environment.


When it comes to the community, Hotel Kangerlussuaq remains an important local employer, supporting its staff with continual on-site training. The hotel owners are proactive in promoting year-round tourism in order to provide sustainable working conditions for its employees.

The town of Kangerlussuaq is also home to a handful of craft shops and traditional restaurants and our guests are encouraged to visit these in order to support the local community in which they are staying and to get to know better the cultures, customs and tradition of the Greenlandic community and its indigenous population.

Alongside this, this trip will include a visit to the Greenlandic Ice Cap which covers around 80% of the island and is not only an important place for eco-tourism but is also important to the international scientific community as an indicator of global temperature change. A visit here will not only be interesting to guests but hopefully, encourage them to consider the environment on the whole.

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