Greece holidays and tours, 2015 and 2016

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Archaeology holiday in Greece
A small-group archaeology tour of Greece, from 980 (8 days) ex flights
Writing courses in Greece
Learn from distinguished writers in an idyllic setting, from 545 - 1245 (14 days) ex flights
Sifnos walking holiday in the Cyclades, Greece
Walk with us around Sifnos and discover "authentic" Greece, from 529 - 576 (7 days) ex flights
Peloponnese holiday, cultural tour in Greece
Varied historical sight seeing, from 1199 - 1499 (13 days) inc UK flights
Lefkada walking holiday in Greece
Walk with us and explore the lush green island of Lefkada, from 529 - 576 (7 days) ex flights
Liveaboard diving and sailing holiday in Greece
Combine a sailing and diving adventure in the Greek islands, from 790 - 920 (7 days) ex flights
Cyclades walking holiday, Greece
Walk ancient paths and enjoy stunning Cycladic sceneries, from 529 - 576 (7 days) ex flights
Multi activity holiday in Greece
A multi activity holiday in Greece, from 820 (8 days) ex flights
Cyclades walking holidays in Greece
A gently active holiday in the Cyclades, from 949 - 1099 (8 days) inc UK flights
Cyclades sailing & walking holiday in Greece
Combine a sailing & hiking adventure around the Cyclades, from 774 - 860 (7 days) ex flights
Sailing holiday in Greece, Mykonos to Santorini
The boat, the beach and inviting Greek villages, from 669 - 1080 (8 days) ex flights
Brown bear tracking in Northern Greece
Track wild bears & explore the wilderness with park rangers, from 559 (5 days) ex flights
Sailing holiday in the Aegean Sea
Unique sailing adventure off the beaten track in Greece, from 590 - 720 (7 days) ex flights
Walking holiday in Amorgos, Greece
Exclusive walking to the heart of island life and landscape, from 605 - 655 (9 days) ex flights
Yoga holiday in Greece
Sun, Sea and Yoga holidays in Southern Greece, from 595 - 695 (7 days) ex flights
Greece walking holiday, Naxos and the Cyclades
Walk and discover Naxos and the unspoilt Small Cyclades, from 761 - 822 (10 days) ex flights
Greek Islands sailing holiday, Santorini to Mykonos
Sapphire waters, whitewashed villages & history laden ruins, from 690 - 1025 (8 days) ex flights
Luxury Greek Island holiday accommodation
Private country estate by the sea on Greek island of Ithaca, from 2495 - 4950 per week (sleeps 4-6)
Walking holiday in Crete
Hike the Samaria Gorge and enjoy the beaches and simple life, from 949 (8 days) inc UK flights
Laconia cycling holiday in Greece
A fantastic seaside biking tour in south Peloponnese, from 735 (8 days) ex flights
Mount Olympus walking holiday, Greece
Unique trekking on Greece's highest mountain plus Meteora, from 735 - 815 (8 days) ex flights
Greek Islands cycling and sailing holiday
Cycle and sail around the Cyclades Greek Islands, from 1175 (8 days) ex flights
Walking holiday in Tinos, Greece
Independent & guided walking holidays in Greece, from 531 - 575 (8 days) ex flights
Dubrovnik to Athens tour
Join us on a whirlwind adventure through the Balkans, from 1810 - 1920 (15 days) ex flights
Life coaching holiday in Greece
Relaxation and life coaching workshops in Greece, from 545 - 1245 (14 days) ex flights
Greece yoga holiday
Yoga escape in unspoilt Greece beachside with infinity pool, from 395 - 790 (7 days) ex flights
Greek Islands sailing holiday, Dodecanese Islands
Experience remote bays and small non-touristy islands, from 531 - 590 (7 days) ex flights
Walking holiday in Greece
A week's walking, from 829 - 949 (8 days) inc UK flights
Paros walking holiday, Greece
Unique walking routes into Greek island life and landscape, from 531 - 575 (8 days) ex flights
Greece cycling holiday, archaeology tour
Discover Greek history and the Greek seaside beauty by bike, from 698 - 728 (8 days) ex flights

146 reviews for Greece holidays4 star overall rating

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Archaeology holiday in Greece
The most memorable part of the holiday was our hike along the Lousios gorge that ended with a wonderful picnic among the ruins of Gortys, an ancient healing centre...We would rate the archaeology activity holiday overall as among the best holidays we've had in Europe. (more)Ellen Taylor
The people we interacted with throughout our holiday, including Christos and his father, the drivers, the specialized tour guides, the hotel staff, and restaurant and shopkeepers were extremely warm and friendly. (more)Randi Morrison
The most memorable moments were unexpected. Our driver / guide took us up into the mountains to one of his favourite sites, ancient Orchomenos, where we stood in the lonely excavated theatre, just the five of us, with the majestic hills as the most perfect backdrop. Timeless! (more)Chris Thompson
From 980 excluding flights
Liveaboard diving and sailing holiday in Greece
I had a really lovely time. (more)Melandee Brown
Excellent...For me it was the opportunity to see some amazing places, both on land and underwater. The night dive on Polygaios with the bioluminescent plankton was mind-blowing, Avatar style! (more)Mathias Bredvei
It was wonderful to visit islands that we would not normally visit, we particularly enjoyed that some of them were off the beaten track. (more)andrea jackson
From 790 - 920 excluding flights
Lefkada walking holiday in Greece
I had a fantastic time, enjoyed the wonderful walks, the natural environment and the great company! (more)Alex Pooley
Excellent. I will be back next year! I would not hesitate to recommend to a friend. (more)Violet Holley
From 529 - 576 excluding flights
Writing courses in Greece
Our Yoga in the morning with wonderful views, our teacher Shelley Weiner, our Demos in the mornings, our writing course and our fun evenings with singing, dancing and auctioning. Vaso's food was also a memorable experience. Our boat trips were also brilliant. All in all, very beautiful place, very interesting people and participants and very helpful staff. (more)Alexia Papageorgiou
The instructors, the food, the town, the people who ran it... It was the most perfect holiday. (more)Maya Van Kirk
From 545 - 1245 excluding flights
Greece walking holiday, Naxos and the Cyclades
I enjoyed eating island food, including greens picked from the wild and boiled hyacinth bulbs (the place was alive with tasselled hyacinths in bloom) and of course lots of raki on Amorgos in a rustic restaurant that was really our hosts' home was something I will never forget. (more)Steve Gattey
Late April is a wonderful time, still off high season: almost deserted beaches where you can already swim - although water is still a bit on the chilly side, and wonderful spring blossoms on every trail. Very relaxing, a real Greek "hanami", guided by an enthusiastic and friendly Greek woman! (more)Esteve Marie
From 761 - 822 excluding flights
Cyclades sailing & walking holiday in Greece
10 out of 10 based on the companionship, weather, knowledge and sheer good fun that was had by both of us during this holiday. (more)Rebecca Coker
First-rate. A great and memorable experience. It also introduced us well to the people of these smaller islands and their way of life. Happy to recommend strongly. (more)Lawrence Holden
One night we went swimming off the boat and saw stars in the water. It wasn't a reflection of the sky but light that tiny sea creatures gave out when we touched them. When we came out of the water it seemed that we were sparkling too!...A rare and very special holiday! (more)Janet Grimwade
From 774 - 860 excluding flights
Cyclades walking holidays in Greece
Memorable parts? That walks amazing a must do Tips? Local benefits? I think so as ate in different local places and met many nice locals Overall rating? Excellent (more)raquel miranda
From 949 - 1099 including UK flights
Cyclades walking holiday, Greece
The most memorable parts of the holiday were walking in Syros & seeing the beautiful scenery & wealth of wild herbs & flowers. Also Annie was a great guide and very attentive to us, and helped the group in many ways. (more)Catriona Collum
The scenery, food, culture and company were all fantastic. A fantastic introduction to Greece. I will be going back to explore some of the other 1000 islands! (more)Sarah Day
Excellent. Walking along tracks and hidden footpaths over rugged hills filled with wild flowers and fragrant herbs, down to secluded beaches. (more)katrine Chapman
From 529 - 576 excluding flights
Greece cycling holiday, archaeology tour
Memorable parts? Going to Mycenae by cycle and a very enjoyable evening at one of the recommended restaurants with live music in Nafplio. Tips? Be aware that there are some hills to cycle up and you will be covering about 30mls a day. The bikes have suitable gearing for the hills. Be aware that there are some feral dogs in Greece. Local benefits? Yes and the holiday company supports reforestation following the countryside fires in 2007. Our final hotel did not appear to operate... (more)Christine Mitchell
From 698 - 728 excluding flights
Laconia cycling holiday in Greece
Memorable parts? I recently completed the Discover Peloponnese cycling tour in Messinia. It was a fantastic trip and this question took some thought -- quite a few memorable and exciting aspects within the six days of cycling in some beautiful and historic locales. If I had to highlight one part, my choice would be the day I cycled from Petalidi, on the Gulf of Messini, south to the town of Koroni with its charming waterfront and impressive Venetian castle. The course then took me back... (more)Andrew Wallace
From 735 excluding flights
Brown bear tracking in Northern Greece
Memorable parts? Seeing a brown bear was the highlight of the holiday but this was definitely the icing on the cake. The friendly people, wonderful mountain scenery, incredible views, amazing walks, butterflies, orchids and peace and quiet made the holiday memorable at all times. Tips? Be prepared to do plenty of walking over rough and rocky ground, possibly in high temperatures. Enjoy the local people, food, culture and scenery as much as possible. Don't expect to find bears, just... (more)Liz Pitt
From 559 excluding flights
Walking holiday in Naxos, Greece
Memorable parts? Discovering Greece through Naxos. Tips? That your advice was excellent and accurate. Local benefits? It was some income for locals who are on hard times between their debts and Euro needs. The islanders seemed to feel that a return to the drachma was not an option. Overall rating? Very good. (more)Anne Leaver
From 531 - 575 excluding flights
Walking holiday in Greece
Memorable parts? Visiting the Temple of the Dragons on the top of Mount Oci, Evia. Tips? Make sure you have stout walking boots. Local benefits? Yes. Overall rating? Excellent. Will book again. (more)Jan Pryer
From 829 - 949 including UK flights
Sailing holiday in the Aegean Sea
There were so many highlights it is hard to pick out the best - snorkelling in clear blue waters, visiting deserted beaches, wandering through the streets of ancient villages far away from all the tourists, eating marvellous local food, seeing ancient ruins, sailing under starry skies.... (more)Madeleine Minto
Awesome! I recommend everyone to try it. (more)Ruben Campos
It exceeded my expectations on all points. Great atmosphere, great company, delicious food, hilarious moments, beautiful moments, new friends,... Writing this down, I miss it again. (more)lijs beke
From 590 - 720 excluding flights
Greece yoga holiday
Memorable parts? There were so many memorable parts. The house was stunning and the view was even better! Our hosts were wonderful and very welcoming. Our fab yoga teacher was very attentive and perceptive and I left feeling my practice had improved significantly. And the food cooked by our chef was absolutely delicious! Tips? The days were lovely and warm but it was a bit chillier in the evenings than I thought it would be - I would take a few more warmer items. If you think... (more)Ragani Lindquist
From 395 - 790 excluding flights
Sailing & conservation holiday in Greece
The whole experience was wonderful. Sotiris, our skipper was fantastic , very professional, kind and fun. This holiday was could not have been better...we should have stayed longer. It really was a very unique experience, very special to me. (more)Joanne David
Excellent! Every aspect was amazing. My partner and I are both deeply grateful to everyone who works for the operator for making such a special and memorable experience. We will almost certainly be booking up again! (more)Alison Crawford
A fabulous holiday. Sotiri and Melita were delightful and knowledgeable hosts. Annie who did the reservations was efficient and friendly. The boat was well equipped, safe and comfortable and the fellow guests good company. (more)Susan Sargeant
From 774 - 860 excluding flights
Sailing holiday in the Ionian Sea
Every moment on the boat was highly enjoyable, the islands we travelled to were extremely beautiful, the food was exquisite, the sea so clean and blue as you would only imagine on postcards. The most memorable moment of the holiday was a night swim and snorkel amidst the luminous plankton. (more)Carolin Sommer
Fantastic we were well looked after, and very welcome on board the sailing boat. Swimming and sailing also the Greek food and Taverna's recommended by Annie and Satera were fantastic. (more)Vanessa Sutcliffe
From 590 - 720 excluding flights
Luxury Greek Island holiday accommodation
Pretty much perfect!.....The tranquility, the love and care in every detail and the warmth and generosity of our hosts. (more)Michelle Aloof
The wonderful view of the sea from the cottage, and the fantastic swimming in the clearest, blue sea water i have ever seen ... Just go - you will be rejuvenated! (more)Raju Bhatt
The estate is absolutely beautiful and we really did feel at home. Overall - great holiday! The most exciting thing was hiring a boat and exploring and discovering deserted coves in this beautiful, unspoilt island. (more)Francesca Gill
From 2495 - 4950 per week (sleeps 4-6)
Multi activity holiday in Greece
Superfabulous...Overall the holiday was very memorable & exciting, however, rafting was the best as we could take even a seven year old. Nafplio was just an amazing place to be (more)Cheryl Suares
Excellent, we all really enjoyed the different activities. The rafting was brilliant, although in fairness all the activities were excellent, well organised and suited to all abilities....We will definitely be back! (more)June Nelson
Every day was special and exciting and We would repeat every day again...Everybody in the organisation did their best to make everything wonderful (more)Nicolescu ion
From 820 excluding flights
Peloponnese family activity holiday in Greece
It was lovely and authentic, not mobbed with foreign tourists, we felt we got to meet local people in their setting. Fabulous part of Greece with so much to see and do. Tripoli is not a tourist destination, which was nice in some ways but we stayed there a little long, the hotel could do with a pool, could be nice to also have a couple of nights elsewhere. (more)Julie Dickerson
Absolutely wonderful. Every day was different, but wonderful. We really enjoyed the scenery, the food, the people and the activities. (more)Angela Terrill
Fantastic holiday. Will certainly go there again. We spend the following week in Creta and enjoyed beaches and diving. Will have to there again to see other Greek wonders, including vineyard and olives trees. (more)Celine Bergeron
From 820 excluding flights
Sifnos walking holiday in the Cyclades, Greece
Excellent...we stayed at a family run guesthouse, ate at local taverns, tried local products, used public transport and walked to get to places. We cleaned up a beach after having a picnic. Our guide in general provided useful information about the local flora and fauna, the culture, economy and environmental issues (more)Xenia Karantani
Very interesting and enjoyable. We're very pleased with the experience. The hiking was great exercise. However, I think the most memorable part will be the good company we had in Annie Antonatou, our guide and host. (more)Deborah Pearson
From 529 - 576 excluding flights
Lesvos holiday accommodation, Greece
Memorable parts? Just being able to completely relax and read and enjoy ourselves. The sea is beautiful and clear. The whole atmosphere of the place is very chilled. Batteries definitely fully recharged. Tips? Vatera, Lesvos is a place to go if you want a completely chilled 'do nothing' kind of holiday (which we did). It was perfect for our needs because it enabled us to wind down, read a lot, swim a lot, and not a lot else. If you like a holiday with things to do or lots of exploring... (more)Emily Hunka
From 35 - 99 per accommodation per night
Walking holiday in Tinos, Greece
Memorable parts? It's impossible to just pick out one thing. The places we stayed were well chosen and really nice to be in. The walks were all wonderful - varied and interesting. The instructions beforehand and those for the actual walks were excellent and included lots of information about the island. Our manager was very knowledgeable and friendly and efficient and made it possible for us to walk on our own in places we would not have otherwise ventured, knowing that we had total backup... (more)Hazel Hayhurst
From 531 - 575 excluding flights
Walking holiday in Amorgos, Greece
Memorable parts? Arriving on foot at some of the the most ancient settlements in Greece and having them all to ourselves. Walking on old mule tracks through the mountains, eating picnics by sacred water sources, swimming in the turquoise Agean. Tips? We enjoyed being able to customise this holiday to suit our level of fitness and we built in quite a few days of lazing around on the beach as well as walking. The weather in late September was still fairly hot so walking early was a... (more)Helen Grove-White
From 605 - 655 excluding flights
Family sailing holiday in the Cyclades, Greece
Memorable parts? Jumping off the boat into the beautiful blue sea, the stunning scenery & sights enhanced by our knowledgeable guide and sleeping under the stars. Tips? Take less clothes than you think you need and more books!! Local benefits? Yes. Our guide arranged meals at local tavernas on some evenings and told us that he varies them each trip to share the income around and keep quality up. We were encouraged to use local shops and produce and discouraged from littering... (more)Maria Nichols
From 930 including UK flights
Peloponnese holiday, cultural tour in Greece
Excellent...Getting to Mycenae early enough to go straight to the top of the sight and having five minutes absorbing the atmosphere on our own. (more)Nicholas Rigby-Jones
The mountains around Nizwa in Oman and the night spent on the dhow off the coast near Muscat was the most memorable. (more)Vicki Neech
From 1199 - 1499 including UK flights
Naxos holiday accommodation, villa and B&B, Greece
We stayed with Gilly as bed and breakfast guests for a week in early May this year and I thought I must write to say how friendly and welcoming Gilly and Robin were. They gave us a delicious breakfast each morning and made our stay very special by giving us lots of excellent information on exploring Naxos and tips on tavernas to eat at. Our apartment was very thoughtfully decorated and equipped, the rooms light, pretty and tasteful, in a simple Greek style but with personal touches and everything... (more)Kate Hay
From 40 - 200
Villa holiday in Crete, Greece
Memorable parts? I went on holidays with my 96-year-old mother, which is memorable in itself... At the last minute she had some health problems so it seemed we had to cancel the holiday but she was so keen to go! And we had a great time. Tips? Get a car to go around, the place is unreachable otherwise and not easy to find if not with very clear directions; by night almost impossible. Local benefits? The environmental impact is definitely low, no air-conditioning and solar... (more)Laura Palmucci
From 24 - 70 per room per night
Walking holiday in Crete
Excellent!...The beautiful scenery, excellent guide and amazing Greek food. (more)Anne Robson
The highlight was the group-- a great bunch; and the scenery (more)Lisa Najavits
From 949 including UK flights
Turtle volunteering in Greece
Memorable parts? Discovering new turtle nests. Tips? The information from the tour operator was disorganised - make sure you get confirmation that information has been passed on. Local benefits? Yes. Overall rating? Good. (more)Andrea Richardson
From 995 - 2995 excluding flights

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