Late availability & offers wizard

Our late availability and special offers wizard allows you to add your own Product Deal straight onto your page in under 2 minutes. Just enter the details, choose which pages you want it to appear on and pick the relevant activities and your updates will go live the next morning.

It's really easy to do but we've written a step-by-step guide below. If you have any problems please contact your Account Manager. Please note that it's only possible to have one Product Deal on a particular page at a time.

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Add your offer or availbility in 10 very quick steps

  1. Log in to the console
  2. Go to the 'Deals' tab, where any deals you've previously entered will be listed.
  3. Click 'Add a new deal'.
  4. Enter a name. This won't appear on the site. Consider mentioning the holiday name (and/or ref), the offer and when it's valid. See the style section below for examples.
  5. Select a type. Choose from:
    • 'Last minute' (for departures within the next 3 months)
    • 'Special offer' (e.g. discounts, get an extra day free, or free bicycle hire if you arrive by train, etc)
    • 'Last minute and offer' (offers for departures within the next 3 months)
  6. Enter the details. This text appears on each holiday page that you choose and should only talk about the specific details of the offer (preferably discount amount rather than percentage) or late availability (specify departure dates/month), not general marketing information about the holiday. Think about the wording from the visitors perspective. Make it short and straight to the point with a call to action. Do not use CAPITALS, abbreviations or exclamation marks. It's better to use an actual amount off rather than a percentage if there is money off. Please be clear whether an offer is for bookings made within a certain period or holidays taken within that period. See the style section below for examples. If you're happy for the same text to be on the US version of the site, copy this down, or write the US version in the second 'Details' box.
  7. Choose the display dates that your deal will be shown on your holiday page (this is different from the departure dates), then click 'Next >'
  8. Choose the pages you'd like your deal to appear on. If you have different deals for different pages you will need to set up individual deals for each one.
  9. Choose which sections of the site your deal is relevant to appear in. (It will automatically be added to the main last minute and/or offer section, as well as any activity related sections - e.g. walking last minute or family special offer.)
  10. Click save. You will now see a list of all your deals. The last column (status) shows whether your deal is live yet. Deals are typically checked and put live the following working day.

Updating or removing deals

If you need to remove your deal before the end date (e.g. if your departure has been filled), open your deal and change the end date to today's date. The end date is the only field you can edit after your deal has gone live. If you need to change your deal and it is still pending you can open the deal and change it as per the steps above. If it is live you must end your current deal and start a new one as per the steps above.

A note on style

Examples of good names:
  • All accommodations - availability until Sept
  • Spain walking - 100 off bookings before 31 Jul
  • BRC Brazil adventure - late availability Jun, Jul, Aug
  • Europe trips - 140 off September dates

Examples of good details text:
  • Late availability on 19th July and 1st August departures
  • 7 nights for price of 6 for stays throughout June (subject to availability)
  • 15th June departure now from 489 for 7 nights - save 140
  • Late summer and autumn guided walking still at 2018 prices and an extra 10% discount for Responsible Travel clients. No single supplements.
  • 75 discount for travellers arriving by train
  • 50 off per person for tours that depart before 30 June 2020 - was 760, now 710
  • 120 off all bookings made before 31 July

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my offer is ongoing and doesn't have an end date?
We don't consider ongoing price reductions or price ranges as an offer - e.g. if there is always 30 off a 500 holiday, or if child prices are always 10% less than adults, or if winter dates are always 20% cheaper than summer dates. In these cases, please update your page's pricing.

However, if you always offer free bicycle hire to anyone arriving by train (for example) then this is something we are happy to keep on the site for a long period. Please enter an end date 6-12 months in the future and remember to re-visit your deal before it runs out to extend the end date. The end date is the only field you can edit after a deal has gone live.

The first departure for my late availability is in 2 weeks' time - is that the start date?
The deal start date is the date you want the deal to start appearing on your page on Responsible Travel. In almost all cases you will use today's date.

How late is late availability?
We class late availability as departing within the next 3 months. You can add a special offer for departures after this time but late availability deals will not be put live if they are later than this.

I've added a deal so why isn't it appearing on my page?
New deals are logged in our system as 'pending'. We check these and change the status to 'live' each working day. Our site is then updated overnight and new deals will appear on the site the next morning (UK time). Your deal may be delayed if it's the weekend, a Bank Holiday or if the wording you've used isn't clear and we have to check it. You can see whether your deal is live or not by logging in to the console, clicking on the deals tab and looking at the last column, which shows the status as live or pending. If you think your deal should have gone live already but is still showing as pending please contact your Account Manager. Please note that it is not possible to have more than one deal on a particular page at a time.

What will my page look like?
See our examples below.


Take a look at these examples:
  • Special offer on a product page
  • Late availability on a product page
  • Deals on a tag/results page

    See more examples of how product deals appear on our main late availability and offers pages, and in the search results.


    If you're having problems and you've already read through the steps above, our FAQ and the notes on style, please contact your Account Manager.

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