About us

Our holidays are more enjoyable because they do good

When your trip benefits others, you gain too. All our trips support communities and preserve nature - which helps you get closer to both. So when you travel with us, everyone wins.

And they should do more than minimize impact

Our holidays work with people and planet, and ensure maximum benefit to both. We manually screen each one, and publish the evidence on every holiday page. That way, you know any trip with us will be a force for good, as well as truly memorable. And, when you travel with us, we’ll fund a day out for a child - so they can experience something new and great too. We call it our trip for a trip.

Together, we’re making tourism better

We’re an activist company, founded in 2001. We are far from perfect, but try to lead by example, and campaign for change. By supporting our work and choosing our holidays, you’re helping create a kinder, more responsible industry for everyone.

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