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Every time a customer books one of our holidays and opts in to our Trip for a Trip scheme, we organise a day trip for a disadvantaged young person somewhere around the world to see their local tourist sites, often for the first time.

Responsible Travel customers are helping disadvantaged children from All Out Africa’s neighbourhood care points enjoy a day out to visit the animals at Nyanza Stables in Malkerns Valley, Swaziland.

Children with a Christmas tree
Our latest trip to Nyanza Stables - 29th November 2018:
On a sunny and warm day a group of 30 children along with Swaziland supporting staff, volunteers, teacher, cook and All Out Africa volunteers visited the farm. The children were from Bethany Neighbourhood Care Point’s (NCP) and aged between four and six years old. They had an exciting time viewing the animals and enjoyed a Christmas lunch during their day too. Here is a quote from one of the children - “It was great to see and touch a horse. I only see horses on TV"
We have worked with our partner in Swaziland, All Out Africa to devise a trip for children that attend the local Neighbourhood Care Point (NCP) centres. These centres were started by the communities who live there and most of the children who attend have lost a parent, or in some cases are orphaned. The children have never visited Nyanza Stables, despite living nearby, so this trip gives the children a chance to see up close some of the animals they have heard of but never seen. Travelling by minibus and stopping for lunch ensures a fun packed day out for the children.

Nyanza Farm has been owned and run by a family for over 50 years. On it they have guest cottages, a family lodge, riding school, horse trails, a Jersey dairy herd and lots of farmyard animals, dogs and cats of all shapes and sizes. A lot of the animals are rescued and many of them have a story to tell. The farm is situated in the scenic Malkerns Valley, in the heart of the Kingdom of Eswatini. Eswatini has an enchanting mixture of beautiful scenery, culture and tradition. The local people are warm, friendly and helpful to visitors.

Children looking at tortoiseChildren looking at rabbit

What wildlife the children can see:
Domestic animals and a number of horses.

What the children will do:
Explore the farm and visit the domestic animals. Children will also enjoy a special and plentiful lunch of rice, fried chicken stew and orange juice which is quite a highlight in itself!

Some of our favourite parts of the day:
  • The Christmas lunch was amazing.

Children walking
Quotes from the day

"I had a happy and fun day with my classmates. Can we do this again." - Nkululeko Mkhambela (age 6).

"Touching the horse was the best part of my day." - Boy Masina (age 5).

"I had fun and seeing the domestic animals was exciting for me. Brushing a horse was also fun too." - Lungile Hlophe (age 6).

NCP teacher comments:

"The children seemed to have had fun. I also had an interesting time with my 18 month old son. He was pointing at all the animals he saw. On our way back from the trip, the children spoke about the wonderful time they had at Nyanza Stables. We are hoping to have more trips in the New Year. Thank you so much for the lunch and cake. It has really made our Christmas spirit very high. SIYABONGA!!!! THANK YOU." - Teacher from Bethany NCP
All Out Africa logoAbout our partner organisation:
All Out Africa is a social enterprise comprising of a group of companies and a non profit based in South Africa, Swaziland, Mozambique and Botswana. It caters for people looking for a wide variety of African experiences, from volunteering, tours, research, internships, and University field studies, whilst at the same time, building sustainable long term projects.

All Out Africa is serious about giving back to the community and the environment. That is why it set up a foundation to help expand and sustain its project development. This includes support to the six care centres for vulnerable children, a sports development program for local children and youth, community building projects, child sponsorship program to support vulnerable children at primary and high school levels to assist them with school requirements, and facilitate conservation research projects at the wildlife and marine research centres. All Out shares its passion for Southern Africa’s people, places and wildlife with the world and offers adventures that change lives.

Horse with rider
Children watching goat
Children doing a conga line
Calves in a barn
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