Crete self-guided walking holiday, Greece

“Experience Crete on two feet on a self guided week of moderate walking featuring route notes, local B&B's, luggage transfers and 24hr support.”


Heraklion | Sfakia | Loutro | Marmara | Agios Pavlos | Agia Roumelli | Samaria Gorge | Omalos | Agia Irini gorge | Soughia | Lissos | Chania |

Description of Crete self-guided walking holiday, Greece

This eight day tailor made walking holiday allows you to explore the largest island in Greece, Crete, with full support and advice from our experienced local team.

West Crete is wonderfully wild and this self guided trip allows you to encounter an array of natural and ancient sites rarely glimpsed by casual holiday makers.

Most of the daily walking routes are considered moderate and so probably best suited to experienced hikers who like rugged mountain tracks and traditional mule paths against a Mediterranean backdrop.

Either side of summer is the best time to go walking on Crete although early starts and a swim in the sea can be all that’s required to cool off from the heat of the day.

As full walking notes and 24hr phone support is included you’ll be able to trek with confidence and as luggage transfers are also included all you need to worry about is packing a day sack with water, sun block and snacks.

Coastal trails from Loutro to Agia Roumelli allow you to discover Venetian fortresses, rocky coves and Byzantine chapels prior to preparing to hike in Samaria gorge, part of UNESCO’s protected biosphere programme.

From traditional villages and archaeological sites to spending time on Chania’s waterfront, this is the best way to make the most of Crete and really get to know the land, the legends and the people.

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This trip can be tailor made throughout the year to suit your requirements

Responsible tourism

Crete self-guided walking holiday, Greece

Carbon reduction

Your holiday will help support local people and conservation. We must also reduce CO2. Learn about the CO2 emissions of this holiday and how to reduce them.


Our aspiration is to introduce a new rationale about travelling, one that balances knowledge and recreation. Essential knowledge and recreation which is based on the contact with the unadulterated nature of Crete, as well as its landscape, the natural relief,the geomorphology that has impacted local culture and the character of residents from time immemorial.
This is why, in our travels, we select hikes through unknown natural trails, we explore caves, climb mountain peaks, discover the ancient civilization of this land as well as its contemporary expression by those who keep the exuberant past alive.
The locations we select to visit are often significant habitats for sensitive flora and fauna species. Their very existence indicates a healthy natural environment. The least we can do is respect them and minimize the impact of our visit while we are there and after our departure.

If drinkable usually in villages we use water coming from water springs or from the village taps. If it is not drinkable then we use large bottles of water which we then recycle. When possible we use glass bottles and glasses.
For the walks/ hiking, we suggest everyone to keep their own metallic water bottles and if they do not have, then we can supply them.

We collaborate with small local and often family run hotels or apartments. One or more nights are spent in the Kallergi Refuge where organic waste management is processed.

Our mountain guides, our partners - experts are locals and very experienced guiding our guests with safety and sharing interesting information.

Discussions on the protection of local plants and wild animals varieties (wild goat, orchids etc.), on issues affecting local communities are being held.

We are active members of the Speleological Association of Crete participating in expeditions for the exploration and recording of caves and promoting the study of the caves of Crete.
They are also active in the area of empowerment of local communities as well as mobilized against the excessive building of wind farms and the desertification of Crete.


The accommodation we select for you, our travelers, are owned by locals who follow the rules of sustainability and use local resources for the function of their rooms. Breakfasts offered are always made of local fresh products.


This entire exploratory experience is based on the principle of local residents’ active involvement and the substantial contact of travelers with producers, entrepreneurs and residents of the territories visited, who are indisputably those who preserve our millennia-old culture.
Our vision is to contribute as much as we can to the indigenous growth of this land that excites us with its authenticity and exuberance, this land that we never stop discovering.
The human environment is as sensitive as the natural one. Respecting customs and the lifestyle of people in these traditional and truly hospitable places is a necessary condition for experiencing every trip as fully as possible.

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