Yellow Mt walking tour, China

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Yellow Mt walking tour, China


We visit the the villages of Xidi and Hongcun which are both listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. In this itinerary, we could have chances to learn about Huizhou architecture-one of the most important Han Chinese traditional architectural style. Brick , wood, stone as raw materials, mainly wooden frame.As an important part of the emblem of culture, has always been Chinese and foreign architects are respected. Often accompanied by a docent, clients also learn a lot about Huizhou Faction Art and how to protect the relics.

Wetakemeasures in order to prevent local ecological environment from pollution. For example, all the articles for daily usesuch as foods, vegetables and bed sheets are washed and sterilizedat the foot of the mountain,.and then carried to the top of mountain by manpower. There is an army of sanitation workers scattered in the scenic zone to deal with waste produced by tourists whenever and wherever possible.

In order to keep the environmental impact of our groups to a minimum,the least carbon intensive way to travel is Walking. For this trip, you will have enough time to explore the villages and mountains ON FOOT. We are proud to be actively reducing the waste produced and our impact on the environment.

It is certain that the water is very important during a trekking tour. We suggest to bring your own travel mug to fill in the boiled water before every morning instead of drinking the bottledmineral water continually. Even though the tap water is not drinkable in China, all of the hotels and restaurants we use will have a kettle which can be used to boil.Such measure could really reduce the amount of rubbish we produce.

It isadvocated to recycle paper and ink cartridges to reduce the waste in landfill sites. We turn off printers, computers, battery chargers and transformers at the end of each day and use energy-efficient bulbs and low-energy appliances.


Local Services: accommodation, meals, guide, driver...
You will spend the nights in a variety of locally owned hotels, lodges and inns. Using smaller businesses as opposed to luxurious hotel boosts the local economy.The developing tourism has produced a great of job opportunities to locals. For example, waiters and waitresses from the lodges in the villages of Hongcun and Tangmo , where visitors like to check in , are all native villagers. We use local guides and drivers services. All of them should get professionally trained first and their salaries are based on their service quality.

Local crafts and culture:
The guests will be encouraged to buy local handicrafts as souvenirs. And the farmers from the villages of Xidi, Hongcun and Chengkan are still living in aboriginal area. Ticket sales are divided into two parts: one is a source of income for locals, and the other is used for the scenic zone protection.

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