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We are a small agency based in Northern Spain with one simple goal; to offer our guests the best of Northern Spain. Through a high level of service and a good sense for authentic experiences, we offer our guests quality customized holidays, based on our own experiences and local knowledge.

Our office is in León, in the centre of Northern Spain. Its always inportant for us to have one’s finger on the pulse of what is going on in Northern Spain to provide our guests with the best adventures in the area, and our proximity grants us those advantages.

We know Northern Spain better than any other travel agency, as only we work this area – geographically, “our” area covers from Madrid northwards and Barcelona and westwards.

Northern Spain is covered in experiences of every kind. From charming hotels, impressive mountains, recent history and ancient history with everything from dinosaurs and 1 million old human remains, to roman city walls and amazing cathedrals. The excellent food is know throughout the world as well as its international wineregions such as Rioja, Ribera del Duero. We consider it our job to know and recommend the best. The company is owned by Virginia, who is from León, and Rasmus who is from Denmark, but has been enjoying the area for the last 15 years.

We are welcome numerous happy customers to Northern Spain from all over the world, and we still have hundreds of ideas to implement in our tours, so we can keep on displaying Northern Spain in the right way, and develop the area as an interesting region, where you always will be able to experience true Spain.
Member since: 17 Mar 2014

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Economic responsibility

Spain is More is located in the heart of Northern Spain, in the old historic town of León. Our prime focus is to show our guests the most authentic, most beautiful and loveliest parts of Northern Spain. We always share our guest’s experiences with the hotel and other collaborations partners we work with, to help develop local tourism into a sustainable and healthy destination, that is differentiated from similar areas in Spain, Italy and France. Its important for Us to give our guests an experience that is not reachable in other parts of Europe, though showing the real local life and hidden places, which our guest would never have found without our help.

Our guests typically look for a different experience and an alternative to large-resort-commercial-travels. The peacefulness, the small villages, the local food, “secret” beaches and amazing mountain hikes and not least 100% customized pilgrimage and keywords in our philosophy and daily work visiting and discovering new places for our guests. A wonderful side-effect is that we assist developing local tourist-based economies to smaller societies by using their local taxi-services, local guides, bars, restaurants etc. by showing our guests local specialities and hidden places, that you will never find in “normal” guidebooks.

Before their journey our guests receive a personal guidebook regarding the vacation, which takes in consideration the wishes of each traveller. E.g. if the traveller would like to visit small ecological wineries or discover the best examples of local architecture, our suggestions are all provided in the guidebook.

Environmental responsibility

A large part of our travels has a touch of (or is entirely) an active holiday, in the mountains or by the ocean. The wonderful enthusiastic work, which is being done to protect and maintain wildlife and national parks etc. are all dependent visitors and money to keep everything financially to improve. Quality tourism means for Us quality tourists, which are interested in not only to see secret, hidden places, but also has the knowledge to know what it takes to maintain these wonderful sight Northern Spain can offer.

Fortunately, our collaborators and we agree, that we are bringing sympathetic and intelligent tourists to Northern Spain. We are making more and more whale-, brown bear-, bird- watching, fishing from a fishing boat, collecting and preparing local food and gastronomy with ecological products, sustainable wine-tourism etc. And we hope we add our part of improving each field and at the same time, maintaining the small-scale business authentic and “something special”.

Social responsibility

Spain is More isn’t much without the magnificent and characteristic local culture. Our company depends on showing this variety of different cultures spread across a rather small geographic area. Mountains, beaches, wonderful coastal villages, metropolitan cities like Bilbao, San Sebastian and of course, Madrid and the historic inlands with amazing cathedrals, monestaries and ancient roman citywalls and all to be found with short distances, and the vacation can be of great variarity.

In our guidebook we tell the stories of small museums telling the story of e.g. local mining history, underground caves, romans or pre-historic dinosaur excavations or museums which in an interesting way tells about the significance of Camino de Santiago (St. James Way) passing though. Interesting local projects are many and what our guests wants to experience can most often be accomplished.

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