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Along with personal customer cares and being achievement of a strongly DMC of worldwide travel companies, Asian Tour has grown to over a decade.
Continually providing our expertise and integrity, Asian Tour prides itself as a leading DMC Myanmar-based and helps customers imagine the far reaches of their travel dreams.
Member since: 28 Jul 2017

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

• We always employ Myanmar locals come from different ethnic and religious groups. Our guides in different parts of Myanmar are also locals. All our office staffs and guides receive on and off job training including : Tourism Management Training, Air Ticketing Courses, Language courses, ASEAN Australia Development Cooperation Program (AADCP), IATA Travel and Tourism Training Courses, Tourist Service Quality Courses, Marketing Courses, Customer Service Training Modules, CSR Training Courses, Sustainability Management for Tour Operators Program, etc.
• We strongly promote and organize CBT and CIT programs wherever possible. Moreover, we make use of local products in our tours. For example, in a CBT trekking program, the travellers eat food produced by the families with whom they're staying. Before the start of a trip, travellers receive a personalized itinerary with information about local services, such as where to buy locally manufactured products or where to consume meals from local communities.
• At the beginning of tour, guides inform travellers about the best places to consume from local sources during the visit. We introduce our passengers to local artists, productive projects and social cooperatives, promoting fair trade. All of the projects that are included in our tours and trips find another fundraising source in responsible tourism. Moreover, our passengers are invited to make additional donations and purchases to the social projects we visit, as a way of showing gratefulness for receiving us and in order to contribute to their mission and sustainability.
• As part of our commitment, we support orphanages, donate to the communities and social projects we work with and choose the charities production over regular providers whenever possible.

Environmental responsibility

• We encourage our office staff and guides to take an active interest in responsible and sustainable tourism and train them accordingly so that they can put our policies into practice.
• We well inform to our clients about sustainable offers such as sustainable accommodations and excursions etc..
• We distribute useful information sheet to our passengers which provides tips to travellers on best practices while travelling (codes of conduct / guidelines for sensitive excursions or activities).
• We well inform our passengers about sustainable issues in the destination. To do it, we commit to give them recommendations about illegal souvenirs, sustainable transport, sexual exploitation, protection and respect of children, detrimental effects of orphanage and school visits, preference for local services and goods, respect of traditional culture and customs, environmental issues and animal welfare etc..
• We educate local community and raise awareness about the environmental issues and responsible behavior.
• In our office we strive to take measures in order to reduce damage to the environment. This includes measuring, monitoring and reducing our consumptions. Regarding energy reduction, we strive to use sustainable energy whenever possible and to reinforce our light and office equipment “switch-off” policy.
• We manage our water usage to reduce measure at least 10% per year. To do so, we had replace toilet water tanks and shower heads to low volume units.
• We manage our office paper usage to reduce at least 10% per year. To do so, we commit to adopt a sustainable printing policy, to optimize daily printing efficiency and two sided printing policy.
• We set up a waste management system to reduce, reuse and recycle waste produced. Therefore we commit to measure our recyclable and non-recyclable, reduce the amount of packaging materials and plastic water bottles and finally to recycle batteries and toner/ink.

Social responsibility

Before arriving to Myanmar, we sent all our clients the ‘useful information ’ sheet about economic history, politics and general information the traveller might need. Upon arrival, our well trained guides explain more detail about Myanmar economics, history, politics, arts and culture.
• When booking a tour or a trip, the traveller is given a clear description of what the tours entail as well as information on how to minimize damage to local cultures. This is emphasized during the experiences by the local guides. We always work with local hosts and guides in every part the country. Our trips serve to preserve the way of being and living of the community and the exchange between different cultures they involve promoting respect and understanding.
• Furthermore, our trips contribute to diversify the local economies, to give employment to local communities as well as motivations for younger people. To do so, we commit to promote and organize : Trekking programs, home stay, cooking class in villages, border pass programs and CBT/ CIT project visits. During these programs we visit and interact with local communities and social projects. Local products & hand made souveniers points of sale at every property influence and promote official culture events calendar.
• We cooperate with Government, Other Agencies, NGOs, Partner Companies and Local Suppliers to protect the archeological sites and cultural heritages.