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SURFIRAN is an Iranian tour operator and travel agency offering tour packages to those interested in Iran. We provide our travellers with any services needed to travel in Iran, be that tours across the country, help with visa or transport arrangements.
Member since: 28 May 2019

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

Creating more job opportunities in local society by providing group and individual tours
Discovering new tourist attractions in different parts of Iran and fund raising for local people
Taking tourists to local market and improving the economic situation in local small businesses by purchasing handmade crafts and other souvenirs.
We are locals and we have tour guides, drivers and staff from around Iran.

In different parts of Iran, we have people who work with us. Many of them are educated but there are those who are not and we meet or call them and speak with them to help them improve their services.

In all parts of our tours these products are supplied by the locals.

We always work with local guides and we book local houses to stay in, as they are the most responsible and aware people of the importance and conditions of their zone.

Environmental responsibility

When you book with SURFIRAN it means that you take environmental and cultural matters and the protection of nature seriously.
We show our continuing commitment to environmental sustainability by:
Preserving the current resource base for future generations
Maintaining the productivity of the resource base
Maintaining biodiversity and avoiding irreversible environmental changes
Ensuring equity within and between generations
Reducing waste by recycling and promoting responsible use of resources
Preferring environmentally friendly suppliers and services
Raise awareness among our staff and guides

What we do here in our office is that we collect the used paper in a separate bag and then put them out into specific trash cans to be recycled. We use natural light during the day and do not use paper brochures normally as we advertise online.

we don't give clients any suggestions on how to reduce their water usage; but, what our tour guides do on our tours is that they give a certain amount of water to each passenger each day and if they don't use that amount during that day, they are asked to use it the day after or they can water the plants or trees on roads.

most of our tours are cultural tours where passengers don't have any contact with the wildlife ecosystems. However, when they take one of our nature adventures, our nature experts give the passengers the relevant suggestions in this regard.

We sometimes take our tourists to a place where the old carpets get repaired and become usable one more time. This is what can interest the cultural tourists who want to buy carpets.

most of our tours are cultural tours where passengers don't have any contact with the wildlife. However, when they take one of our nature adventures, our nature experts give the passengers the relevant suggestions.

We pay attention to the capacity of the areas that the passengers visit; whether it is a cultural site or an area within the nature. For example, we have never taken more than 15 tourists to visit Persepolis. And we schedule our fixed tours based on 6 pax.

Although we work on cultural tourism, your question gave us the idea of planting some trees on the Earth Day.

There won't be a trace of us after leaving an area. For example, when we go to Damavand mount for trekking or hiking, we never leave our garbage there

Instead of using disposable plastic logos on vehicles, we have provided fabric logos on headrests, so we can use them several times. Also, we used to have paper glasses but we are going to provide water bottles for our passengers with our logo.

We absolutelydo separate wet and dry garbage in the office and on our tours.

We have special training courses for the leaders to understand the importance of resources and areas

Social responsibility

Believing it is important to value cultural, ethnic, racial, sexual, religious and spiritual diversity.
We aim to adhere to these principles and continuously improve on our social management system.
Cultural exchange
Preserving the originality of the local society and protecting it from tourism and its potential unwanted effects

Travellers are provided with accurate pre-trip information on the social and political situation in each destination

Giving points on the local culture, we try to minimize the negative impact that tourists can have on locals

Our tour guides are from around the country and usually one of the cities visited by tourists is the place where they are from. So, in that certain place they are accompanied by a local. It is not feasible to change the tour guides from city to city but, there are places like the rural areas (e.g. Abyaneh) where a local guide accompanies the group and the main guide of the tour.

We visit local social projects and for special occasions such as Nowruz or the time when nomads migrate, we offer visits to special parts of the country where the passengers can see a unique event and the locals can benefit from this visit.

Not only the passengers of all generations are respected, but also we respect the elderly more.

In order to avoid causing offense to local people, we aim to raise awareness of cultural differences amongst all our tour guides and staff.

We are trying to inform local communities about the importance of the resources they have. We talk to them about their special features and try to persuade them for keeping their culture and customs.

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