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Ethiopia holiday, tailormade

This tailor made Ethiopia holiday is a fascinating insight into this friendly and unique country. You’ll learn about its history, culture and religious life, see its dramatic architecture left behind by ancient civilisations, and explore its diverse landscapes and wildlife. This 17 day tour follows a route around the historical north of Ethiopia, visiting the country’s best known monuments, including the ancient Stelae of Aksum, a granite obelisk built in the 4th century, the medieval churches of Tigray and Lalibela, carved into the rock, and the beautiful castles of Gondar, dating from the 16th century. After exploring the north, travel to the south to discover Ethiopia’s beautiful ... Read more >
From £2,483 excluding flights

Ethiopia birdwatching holiday in Bale Mountains

Travel with a local tour operator on this Ethiopia birdwatching holiday to the Bale Mountain region, recently voted fourth on a list of the best birding sites by the African Bird Club. Our guides will take you to the best sites, visiting a different area each day, from Awassa Lake to Sannete Plateau and the Harena Forest. Each different habitat boats a variety of birds, with Ethiopia itself home to 830 recorded species, 23 of which are found nowhere else in the world. In addition to birdwatching, this tour reveals the culture, history and wildlife of one of the most beautiful parts of Ethiopia. Included in the 10-day trip is adventure trekking, wildlife watching – look out for hippos and ... Read more >
From £1,447 excluding flights

Ethiopia holidays, tailor made

Ethiopia doesn’t feature on any standard tourist trail, but this exotic and surprising country is ideal for exploring. This Ethiopia holiday is tailor made, and introduces you to the natural beauty, rich culture, long history and friendly people of this country. Visit Ethiopia’s diverse historical attractions, from the monuments, museums and markets of Addis Ababa to the ancient capital of Gonder and the iconic rock churches at Lalibela. Ethiopia’s beautiful, natural landscape is home to endemic wildlife only found here and trekking at the Simien Mountain National Park brings you closer to the spectacular scenery. This 14-day itinerary includes domestic flights, to reduce travel times ... Read more >
From £1,795 excluding flights

Ethiopia family holiday

Experience an Ethiopian tour following an historic route to Lalibela described as a creation of angels, Gonder - city of fairytale castles, the most breathtaking and dramatic Simien Mountains, Axum - the center of one of world's most powerful kingdoms, the spectacular Blue Nile Falls and island monasteries at Bahirdar. This tour features four of the eight Ethiopia world heritage sites recorded by UNESCO. Explore the dramatic ranges of Simien Mountains which is the last refuge for remarkable primates of the Gelada baboon, Walia Ibex, and Red fox which are found nowhere else on earth. Our guides are professionals trained in many disciplines such as basic guiding, first aid, map reading and ... Read more >
From £2,335 excluding flights

Wildlife and cultural tour to Ethiopia

This two-week wildlife and cultural tour of Ethiopia travels to the Omo valley, Ethiopia’s largest nature sanctuary. It’s an area rich in game and yet it’s one of the country’s least visited places. On this trip, you’ll meet some of the many small ethnic groups, famous for their artistic talent and traditions, that live in here, visit tribal markets and meet some of the local tribes. Explore the beautiful lakes of the Great Rift Valley, including Lakes Awassa, Shalla, Abiyata and Zeway and visit Harar, a Medieval walled city with a rich and wonderful history, impressive architecture and friendly people (including the famous Hyena Man, who feeds local hyenas scraps of meat each night). ... Read more >
From £1,997 excluding flights
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