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Mongolia horse riding holiday, Zavkhan Classic

Mongolia is a land of horses and horsemen. What better way to really experience the country than on horseback? This trek takes you far away from the main tourist areas, to remote Zavkhan Province. The Area We Travel In This rarely visited area is a wonderful mix of steppe, forest, rivers, mountains and desert, populated by hardy nomadic herders. The riding is often said to be the best in the world - no fences, few roads, and terrain that allows you to gallop forever. Zavkhan sees almost no foreign visitors, and tourism has had no impact on the traditional way of life. The Horses and Riding Experienced riders will love the local horses, small but fast and strong, and perfectly suited to ... Read more >
From NZ $3,900 including domestic flights only

Mongolia horse riding holiday, Altai Taster

The rugged Altai Mountains, on the border with China, are remote even by Mongolian standards. This pack horse-supported trek takes us deep in to the mountains, far from roads or human habitation. It's not an easy area to reach, but the rewards are worth it. A few intrepid travelers do make it all the way to Mongolia's western province of Bayan-Ulgii, and some make it to the National Park. But the area we head to is a closed border zone, requiring special permission to enter. After six years of exploring this amazing area we are yet to encountered another foreigner! The mountains we ride through are a beautiful mix of dense forest, fast-flowing rivers and alpine grasslands. Ibex, elk and ... Read more >
From NZ $4,550 including domestic flights only
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