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Vietnam South to North photo tour

Join Nathan on a brand new photographic adventure running from the sprawling metropolis of Ho Chi Minh City to the fascinating capital city of Hanoi and beyond. En route, we pass through the vibrant floating markets of the lower Mekong Delta, the colourful coastal town of Hoi An, and the historic capital city of Hu?. From Hanoi, we visit the beautiful Pu Luong nature reserve and the magical UNESCO-protected Ninh Binh. The tour caters to everyone from novices to experienced photographers, with an optional pre-tour technical and aesthetic workshop for those new to travel photography. Although many westerners might still view Vietnam through the lens of history and war, in reality, the ...Read more >
From US $5,950 including domestic flights only

Nepal photography tour, magical Mustang

Known as the Kingdom of Lo until as recently as 2008, Mustang means "fertile plain" and is a vast and arid valley, distinguished by eroded canyons, vividly coloured stratified rock formations and barren high-altitude deserts. Geographically, this cold steppe is a part of the Tibetan highlands, with altitudes ranging from 10,000-13,000 feet (3000-4000m). The area receives an average annual rainfall of less than 260 mm at Jomsom in the Lower Mustang and is generally dry. As the second least populated district of the country, it is rich in Buddhist culture, with local people's income derived largely through simple agriculture. Foreign visitors have been allowed to the region since 1992, ...Read more >
From US $5,950 including domestic flights only

Ladakh photography tour in India

Our photo tour of Ladakh has been carefully timed to include two Buddhist monastic festivals, which are the heart of all of the Indian festivals. Traditional dances are performed by monks wearing colourful silk garments and different facial masks, who swirl and dance as they portray old legends and stories – truly a portrait photographer’s dream come true. Far from the maddening crowds, the area comprises a sprinkle of ancient monasteries amongst high altitude passes, surrounded by snow-capped mountains sandwiched between China and Kashmir. Nomadic tribes with yaks, pashmina goats and Bactrian camels gently cross arid landscapes against cobalt blue skies. The dominant religion is Buddhism, ...Read more >
From US $5,950 including domestic flights only

North Vietnam Photography tour

There are three main aspects to our tour to Vietnam: the vibrant, bustling streets of Hanoi, the stunning rice terraces and ethnic minorities of Ha Giang, and the tranquil beauty of Lan Ha Bay. The combination will provide you with a colourful mix of cultural, landscape and portrait photography. Starting with a tour of Old Hanoi, you will get the chance to explore the streets like a local and photograph the bustling activity of people at work, play and roadside dining. After Hanoi, we travel to Ha Giang which, although somewhat less touristy than Sapa, is just as stunning. The region is close to the Chinese border, where landscape photographers will find themselves in seventh heaven, and ...Read more >
From US $5,950 excluding flights