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Elephant conservation and hill tribe volunteering in Thailand

This immersive six day volunteering experience in Thailand will take you into the mountainous jungles of the north where youíll find semi-captive elephants roaming free in the forests and traditional hill tribe communities living as they have done for generations. Assisting local villagers and helping out with on-going conservation projects is a fundamental part of this uniquely authentic experience. Time spent with northern Thailandís wonderful wild, yet captive, elephant herds is just the icing on the cake for animal loving volunteers. The opportunity to become part of a cultural and natural conservation experience is a real privilege and provides a much more in-depth understanding of ...Read more >
From £450 excluding flights

Elephant conservation project with hill tribes in Thailand

This four day volunteering experience places you in close proximity to the elephants living freely in the forests of northern Thailand. Wild camping allows you to become completely immersed in the natural environment whilst living as part of a Karen hill tribe community lets travellers become, very much, like one of the family. Meeting local villagers, on their level, is an absolute privilege and bound to resonate with volunteers looking for a deeper understanding of life away from Thailandís tourist hot spots. As the elephants live way off the beaten track, deep within forests, it is our aim to maintain this natural environment and ensure the balance between humans and animals ...Read more >
From £240 excluding flights

Stay with the Karen hilltribe and watch elephants in Thailand

This four day Mountain Adventure places you in the very center of a Karen hilltribe community, providing you with the unique opportunity of observing a small herd of captive elephants living in their natural habitat - the forest. From time to time we are honoured with the incredible opportunity of watching wild elephants wandering through the dense forest living in harmony with the village and captive herd. Residing in the heart of the village, you can see for yourself how your host families live and work; sharing stories and creating lifelong memories. Karen people are proud of their ancient and fascinating culture and happily demonstrate their traditional skills such as; weaving brightly ...Read more >
From £240 excluding flights

Stay with Elephants near Chiang Mai, Thailand

We are excited to offer a very unique and exciting experience observing our elephants living freely in their forest home. Our project is situated in the centre of a small close knit Karen community, where you will be welcomed into the very heart of the community. You will see for yourself how your host families live and work; sharing stories and creating lifelong memories. Our elephants are living deep in the forest, which is our intention for the rest of their lives. They are safe here and are able to wander freely foraging in the forest, providing them with a rich and varied diet. While our elephants are captive and used to people being around them, we encourage them to live as ...Read more >
From £290 excluding flights
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