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Cambodia history and culture holiday

If you have an interest in both ancient and modern history, enjoy exploring beautiful rural countryside, and have a desire to immerse yourself in a local culture, then this is the itinerary for you. Our Cambodia History & Culture Holiday will take you overland from the amazing ruins of the Khmer Empire through picturesque landscapes of rice paddies and palms trees via a welcoming homestay and on to the country’s capital, from where you’ll continue to your final destination located on Cambodia’s dramatic coastline. Begin in Siem Reap, where you will explore the incredible temples of Angkor and visit countryside communities, floating villages, and learn about their farming and fishing ...Read more >
From £1,931 excluding flights

Laos & Cambodia Highlights tour

Laos and Cambodia are countries blessed with some incredibly beautiful landscapes, fascinating religious monuments, and delicious food. This Laos & Cambodia Highlights itinerary will introduce you to best areas to explore these themes and take you away from the usual tourist trail. You’ll begin in the former royal capital of Laos, Luang Prabang, a UNESCO World Heritage town with picturesque surrounding countryside. Explore its famous monuments, monasteries and streets lined with old French colonial villas before heading across the Mekong River to discover some less-visited temples and minority villages, where you will learn about the traditions and lives of the local people. Your time in ...Read more >
From £2,435 excluding flights

South Korea Highlights tour

South Korea is the rarest of the rare: a country that’s packed to bursting with quirks, charm and cultural riches, but that still – for now – feels like something of a joyous secret. In this South Korea: Cities & Culture itinerary you will discover the history which has shaped the country’s unique cultural identity, as well as experience first-hand the Korean Wave (Hallyu) of culture which has burst onto the international scene and gained global popularity. Beginning in the capital, Seoul, you’ll be introduced to some of the country’s most popular street food on an evening tour of the city, where you’ll explore Gwangjang Market and visit a delicious indoor Korean barbeque restaurant. A ...Read more >
From £2,110 excluding flights

Northern Malaysia tour

Malaysia is one of those destinations which can satisfy those with many different interests and travel styles. This Northern Malaysia Overland itinerary is as diverse as the country itself and perfect for those interested in a more culturally immersive travel experience. Beginning in Penang, you will dive straight into the heritage and food culture of this historically important city, once known as George Town, on an evening tour by trishaw (three-wheeled vehicle with pedals). You’ll be taken down streets lined with historical architecture and then on to the Red Garden Food Paradise night market, to try some favourite local dishes. Dig deeper into the cultural heritage of the city with ...Read more >
From £2,135 excluding flights

Vietnam food holiday

If you’re a fan of Vietnamese food and have a passion for cooking, this is the trip for you. Over the course of 13 nights, you’ll feast your way around Vietnam, sampling local specialities, visiting markets and learning how to replicate the wonderful tastes and flavours of Vietnamese cooking back in your own kitchen. From sampling famous dishes on the street corners of Hanoi’s Old Quarter with a local food blogger to enjoying a home cooked dinner with a local family, to learning how to prepare Vietnamese dishes with an illustrious chef to getting your hands dirty helping with rice cultivation and harvesting, you’ll leave Vietnam with a thorough understanding of the country’s foodie ...Read more >
From £2,785 excluding flights

Vietnam, Laos & Cambodia heritage tour

The region of former French Indochina has been shaped by many great powers and power struggles over the last millennium, from the great Khmer Empire through to the America-Vietnam war. This Heritage Tour of Vietnam, Laos & Cambodia will take you to the main destinations of each of these countries, with a focus on the abundance of interesting heritage sights which they are home to. In Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam’s largest city, you’ll visit the War Remnants Museum and be taken on a walking tour past some District 1’s most impressive colonial buildings. You’ll also meet a respected local scholar who’ll take you to some less well-known historical sights which have interesting stories behind ...Read more >
From £2,469 excluding flights

Thailand for families holiday

Thailand is one of the most family-friendly holiday destinations in Southeast Asia, and this Thailand for Families itinerary covers the best that the south of the country has to offer. Beginning in Bangkok, you’ll get to discover the capital on a treasure hunt through some of its historical and cultural sights, adding an exciting twist to your exploration of the city. No visit would be complete without a boat ride on one of Bangkok’s canals (khlongs). In this itinerary you’ll discover the Thonburi khlongs, a section which offers a glimpse into the capital’s rapid development, where traditional teak houses rub shoulders with modern mansions. From Bangkok you’ll travel overland to its ...Read more >
From £1,980 excluding flights

Borneo culture, nature & wildlife tour

The name Borneo conjures up images of impenetrable jungles and exotic wildlife, which there is of course plenty of, but the island also has much more to offer. This itinerary explores the states of Sarawak and Sabah, in Malaysian Borneo, where you will discover minority cultures, sumptuous street food, magical caves, paradise islands and colourful wildlife. Begin in Sarawak’s ‘Cat City’, Kuching, which is home to the island’s most diverse range of cuisine and the world’s highest concentration of cat statues. Meaning ‘cat’ in the mainland Malay language, Kuching is the regional capital and gateway for exploration of Sarawak. You will explore the city’s rich colonial history and ethnic ...Read more >
From £2,497 excluding flights