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Burma 15 day tour

Our tours have a maximum of 14 participants, the full time services of an experienced tour leader, local guides and airport meet and greet transfers included. Beginning in the busting ancient capital of Mandalay, you’ll enjoy a breakfast with locals in one of the city’s famous tea shops, learn the ancient art of making marionettes, explore the famous historical sites of the city and take a boat trip up river into the rural countryside for a day with local fishermen. The stunning temple landscape of Bagan awaits where, as well as exploring some of the most spectacular of these ancient sites, understand local arts and culture with visits to lively markets, monasteries and artisan ...Read more >
From £3,295 excluding flights

Cambodia and Vietnam small group tour

Get beneath the surface on this action-packed 15-night small group tour, filled with opportunities to get 'hands on' and learn about local customs, traditions and creative arts. As you travel through Cambodia and Vietnam you'll take part in a myriad of activities, ranging from wood carving to lantern making, fishing and working the land with local farmers. You'll learn about traditional dance and performance arts one moment and try your hand at cooking local dishes the next. Whilst you'll spend the majority of your time in Vietnam and Cambodia's most popular destinations, you'll also have the opportunity to venture off the beaten track, explore rural villages and stay with the locals.Read more >
From £2,950 excluding flights

Cambodia and Laos holiday

Explore two of the least known, but most fascinating and friendly destinations in Asia on this 14 day guided tour. From ancient temples and colonial towns to rural villages and mountainous landscapes, visit the very best of what these captivating countries have to offer. Beginning in Siem Reap, we pay a visit to the ancient temples of Angkor, home of the Angkor Empire almost a millennium ago. From the ancient to modern day, journey to the city of Battambang, a booming art and culture hub where you can jump on two wheels to cycle through the colonial heart of the city to the surrounding villages, and through some beautifully green scenery before travelling to Cambodia’s bustling capital, ...Read more >
From £2,490 excluding flights

Beautiful Burma tour

Eulogised by Kipling in the days of Empire, Burma has spent much of the post-war period isolated from the outside world. With recent political reform has come a process of change that is gathering pace as confidence grows in a more secure and outward-looking future for the Burmese people. This makes the current moment a fascinating point in history to visit this surprisingly huge (Burma is roughly the same size as France) and relentlessly beautiful country. Our Beautiful Burma tour visits the country's most celebrated destinations, combined with a few unusual twists to provide an in-depth introduction to Burma's friendly people, fascinating history and glorious scenery. We stay in ...Read more >
From £2,895 excluding flights

Vietnam food holiday

If you’re a fan of Vietnamese food and have a passion for cooking, this is the trip for you. Over the course of 13 nights, you’ll feast your way around Vietnam, sampling local specialities, visiting markets and learning how to replicate the wonderful tastes and flavours of Vietnamese cooking back in your own kitchen. From sampling famous dishes on the street corners of Hanoi’s Old Quarter with a local food blogger to enjoying a home cooked dinner with a local family, to learning how to prepare Vietnamese dishes with an illustrious chef to getting your hands dirty helping with rice cultivation and harvesting, you’ll leave Vietnam with a thorough understanding of the country’s foodie ...Read more >
From £2,995 excluding flights

Cambodia and Vietnam 16 day tour

Our tours have a maximum of 14 participants, the full time services of an experienced tour leader, local guides and airport meet and greet transfers included. Cambodia and Vietnam are two of the most diverse, cultural and creative countries in Asia. On this 16 day tour we will traverse these astonishing destinations whilst getting beneath the surface and learning about local customs, industries and creative arts. From rice farming to traditional dance, from local fishing to lantern making, and from beautiful boutique hotels to rural homestays, this tour is filled with unforgettable experiences. We'll begin our tour amongst the ancient temples of Angkor, once home to one of the most ...Read more >
From £3,850 excluding flights

Vietnam & Cambodia small group tour

The histories of neighbours Vietnam and Cambodia have intertwined throughout the centuries; power and influence ebbing and flowing regularly between the two. Our 14-day exploration picks out the highlights of these two contrasting but equally fascinating and beautiful destinations, and traces the common bonds that link them together to form such a remarkable pair. Commencing in the great northern capital, Hanoi, we journey south through Vietnam, seeing history unfurl through the imperial and colonial eras, and into the dark days of more recent history, before stepping back in time to conclude in the heart of one of history's most remarkable civilisations, at the temple complex of Angkor. ...Read more >
From £2,590 excluding flights

Vietnam highlights tour

Our tours have a maximum of 14 participants, local guides and airport meet and greet transfers included. You will be accompanied in every destination by an English-speaking local guide, who will not only ensure that every aspect of logistics is taken care of, but will also give you a fascinating insight into Vietnamese culture and society, providing an invaluable link to the communities you visit. If the tour has more than 6 participants, then you will also be joined by a full time Tour Leader for additional support. This twelve night Vietnam holiday, covering many of its wonderful cultural and natural highlights has an itinerary that includes no less than six UNESCO World Heritage ...Read more >
From £1,895 excluding flights

Indochina tour, 16 days

One of the great pleasures of a tour that combines all three of the Indochina nations is the remarkable contrasts of culture, cuisine, scenery and atmosphere that unfold as your journey progresses. The histories of Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos have intertwined over many centuries, but each retains a distinct character and identity: it is this combination of neighbourly similarity and cultural difference that makes this such an unforgettable tour. We commence our journey in the Pearl of the Orient, Phnom Penh, the elegant colonial capital of Cambodia, and travel clockwise through the region exploring the awe-inspiring UNESCO World Heritage site at Angkor before flying on to Luang Prabang in ...Read more >
From £2,790 excluding flights
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