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Cross-country skiing holiday in Finland

You will do cross-country skiing in genuine and beautiful Finnish countryside. The snowdrops are white and snowflakes make the ground shine like a diamond. During spring time sun can shine so bright and reflect from the snow that sunglasses are essential. If you are a beginner, You can attend a skiing school with other skiers. At school you will learn the basics of skiing with friendly and helpful guides. You will ski leisurely pace and you have time to be amazed by the views. If you are athletic or have an earlier experience of cross-country skiing, You can attend all-inclusive skiing tour. With friendly guides and other skiers you will ski from Guesthouse to Guesthouse which is about ...Read more >
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Cycling and food tour in Finland

Karelian, Local, Original, Nature, Hospitality and Trust are the key words in Karelia la Carte food brand in North Karelia, Finland. This summer tour gives you an experience of warm summer nights, when the sun is lighting the sky. In this tour you'll get to know the Finnish Cuisine by baking and cooking yourself. Your guides are friendly and happy hostesses Minna, Ritva, Anni and Henna of four unique guesthouses. This tour is also an active holiday by bike in the beautiful nature of Finland. Enjoy the silence: the sound you hear is birds singing, water flowing and leaves swishing. You can get the know the Finnish culture and meet hospitable locals. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE DATES ...Read more >
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