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Classical Greece small ship crusie holiday

A memorable cruise which combines the whitewashed beauties of the Cycladic Islands, Crete and the elegance of mainland and Peloponnese. Visit the archaeological treasures of Delos, one of the most important sites of Greece and in the afternoon leave the ship to meet the night charms of Mykonos. Diverse pictures all in one day! In Santorini, walk around the villages in the Caldera, the most scenic island of Greece is waiting for you to explore. Taste the local wines to discover the delicate variations that the volcanic earth produces, and you'll be amazed, and don't miss the local fava beans. A traditional plate that's worth trying. While in Rethymnon, if you want to dig more intro Ancient ...Read more >
From €2,250 excluding flights

Gambia and Senegal river cruise holiday

Board your yacht in Banjul and sail upstream to Tendaba while enjoying your first dinner on board! On your second day you will leave the vessel with local pirogues to take an optional excursion to Kiang West National Park, the home of over 250 species of birds. During the excursion you will also pass by villages, to get the impression of the local life in The Gambia. Let the journey begin! In the afternoon who wants can visit the Bao Bolong Wetland Reserve where there are more bird species to observe. In the evening you remain docked in Tendaba. Early in the morning of the third day, the ship will sail up the Gambia River to reach Kuntaur. In the afternoon, opt for a 3-hr. motor pirogue ...Read more >
From €1,650 excluding flights

West Africa river cruise holiday

The experience of the cruise in the Rivers of West Africa is a combination of education, exposure and entertainment. You will be guided through Gambia’s history, bird and wild life, culture, traditions and village life. Discover the waterways of Senegal and Gambia with visits to no less than 4 Natural Reserves: Sine Saloun Delta, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and a birdwatcher's paradise; Djiffere fishing village; River Gambia National Park; Wassu mysterious stone circles, another UNESCO World Heritage site; Bao Bolong Wetland Reserve and Kiang West National Park in Gambia. Your on board Gambian River Naturalist will assist you in discovering the amazing flora and fauna and will be at your ...Read more >
From €1,650 excluding flights

Greece and Turkey small ship cruise holiday

Board our small cruise ship and enjoy a welcome cocktail and dinner with stunning views to the Temple of Poseidon at the southern edge of Attica! On your first day, you will swim in the turquoise waters of one of the most beautiful beaches of Ios island. At noon you will arrive at the island of Santorini, in time to either either visit the archaeological site of Akrotiri and the village of Oia, or explore on your own, go for a wine tasting, do some shopping, and enjoy the sunset while fine dinning! The third day you will wake up at the port of Rhodes. The island's medieval Old town is one of the best preserved settlements in the world. Explore its beautiful alleys and and after a while you ...Read more >
From €2,850 excluding flights

French Polynesia small ship cruise

Discover the world-famous Society islands of French Polynesia by small ship. Bora Bora, Taha'a, Moorea, Huahine, Raiatea - islands sculpted by sky-piercing, moss-green peaks and lined with vivid turquoise lagoons. Island hopping allows you to see every landscape, from geometric ridges strung with waterfalls on the high islands to flat, desert-like atolls where lagoons far outsize the landmass. There are many sides to the Islands of Tahiti, yet they are all connected by Mana. Mana is a life force and spirit that surrounds us. You can see it. Touch it. Taste it. Feel it. And from the moment you arrive, you will understand why locals say the islands are embraced by Mana. Choose between a range ...Read more >
From €1,950 excluding flights

Costa Rica to Panama small ship cruise

A Costa Rica & Panama Canal cruise is one full of adventures, excitement and lifetime memories. The jungles with their spectacular plants and wildlife, the unique white sand beaches and the crossing of the legendary Panama Canal, are only some of the myriad treasures this Panama cruise has to offer. Dare to deep into Manuel Antonio National Park in Quepos and our guest Naturalist will help you spot on the treetops for endangered white-faced Capuchin monkeys, howler monkeys three-toed sloths. Visit a nature preserve, the tropical rain-forest that occupies almost a third of the Osa Peninsula. Unleash your inner explorer, spot some of the most incredible wildlife living in the jungles of the ...Read more >
From €1,900 excluding flights

Tahiti, Society & Tuamotu Islands cruise

This is a dreamy cruise that will travel you to the best parts of French Polynesia. Your first stop is the idyllic Bora Bora lagoon there you will have a variety of optional activities to choose from such as meet the locals on a cultural tour or snorkel with the sharks!! In Taha'a, you will have the chance to admire a botanical paradise, visit a local pearl farm and taste fresh fruit! Snorkeling and swimming are always in the program! In Raiatea, the land of the ancient Polynesians, meet your guide for an intimate tour by mini bus. During the tour, you will visit the open - air temple of Taputapuatea which recently became a UN?SCO Heritage Site. In Huahine, once home to Tahitian royalty, ...Read more >
From €2,750 excluding flights

Greek Cyclades island hopping cruise

Get on board MS Galileo and imagine a place far from home that feels just like home, where the borders are delineated by the golden shores of the sea; and home is wherever the anchors drop. Sail and visit the breathtaking Cycladic Islands and enjoy dazzling whitewahed villages, golden beaches and clear turquoise waters. Their colors are blue and white like the Greek flag. The islands come in all sizes and, though the ingredients are the same – incomparable light, translucent water, heavenly beaches, lustrous white buildings and bare rock, each one has its own distinct character... During this cruise, a paradise on earth awaits. Poliegos is the biggest uninhabited island in the ...Read more >
From €2,070 excluding flights

Greek Aegean Island hopping holiday

Welcome on board to discover ten off-the-beaten track islands and get a taste of the true Greek culture. The Greek word for hospitality is "filoxenia" which is translated as: friend to strangers, so do get closer and meet the locals who are always proud to show what hospitality means! Join a cruise voyage unraveling the most authentic Cycladic and Dodecanese islands of Greece. Discover the less known gems that offer rich history, crystal waters, and heavenly beaches. Visit UNESCO World Heritage Sites, meet the famous Greek sponge divers, and visit the island that Luc Besson chose to film the "Big Blu" unforgettable movie! Although a tiny piece of the world map, Greece is a magical land ...Read more >
From €2,400 excluding flights

Egypt cruise holiday, Aqaba to Tel Aviv

Visit Sharm El Sheikh, the divers' paradise! If you are adventurous, take part in a snorkeling trip to discover the reefs and the beauties of the underwater life of Egypt! Alternatively you can take a ride to the Sinai Peninsula's top historical destination, St. Catherine's Monastery! It is one of the oldest working monasteries in the world, and is home to the famous "burning bush" of the Old Testament, as well as a museum showcasing some of the monastery's glittering collection of religious icons and ancient manuscripts that is revered as one of the finest in the world. In Luxor, take the tour to admire this magnificent Ancient City and the Karnak and Luxor Temples, the Valley of the Kings ...Read more >
From €1,650 excluding flights

Egypt, Jordan & Suez Canal small ship cruise

Board the cruise in Tel Aviv and enjoy a welcome dinner. Sail during the night to Port Said, the port that will bring you closer to the Capital of Egypt and the famous Pyramids. Wake up in Egypt where you'll have the chance to ride a camel through the sand and explore the area, visit the stunning Egyptian Museum and the collection of mummies and royal treasures! An expert Egyptologist on board and on shore will enhance your experience with insights that bring each destination to life for a very well-rounded perspective. In the evening of your second day, you will start crossing the Suez Canal. In the morning, canal crossing is still on so relax at the Upper deck lounge area, gazing at the ...Read more >
From €1,650 excluding flights