Eco lodge in the Gambia

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Responsible tourism

Eco lodge in the Gambia

Carbon reduction

Your holiday will help support local people and conservation. We must also reduce CO2. Learn about the CO2 emissions of this holiday and how to reduce them.


We are living with Eco values using solar, composting, recycling and grey water systems. Evergreen reuses all waste anything from cans, plastic and glass bottles, car tires incorporating materials for buildings and landscaping for example. There are many indigenous trees on our grounds; we have planted many more for the future of our environment to conserve nature and wildlife. Bamboo surrounds the grounds of Evergreen Eco Lodge, another good source for making furniture. Bamboo is a harvestable natural resource, which is by far the most Eco-friendly. Use of bush wood is used for our wood oven giving great flavor to food.. A small vegetable garden provides us with fresh produce. Rainwater harvesting is practiced during the rainy season. Waste recycling is very important making the best use from natural and surrounding resources. as we are part of the natural bio-system and there is civic infrastructure to take care of the waste and making good use of the surrounding nature.
Part of Eco living is to educated and share the knowledge with our visitors


We are committed to empower our local community by offering training and workshops in solar technology, farming, Eco building, sports and art for local youths with Marcus Garvey People Foundation. Workshops take place in Tujereng village and Evergreen Eco Lodge. We encourage Gambians with any skills to volunteer to teach local boys and girls. Offering work and training for locals at Evergreen Lodge with a sustainable income. They have now been trained in different aspects of the workings of the lodge in everyday jobs from kitchen, cooking, housekeeping, general maintenance and gardening. Giving opportunities to learn many transferal skills, providing scope for career promotion. Tribal dancers, drummers and local drama group come and perform for our guests giving them a taste of African tradition showing the celebration of weddings, births, harvests. Guests are given information and guidance regards local customs, costumes and traditions. Trips and activities arranged the money goes directly to local vendors. Volunteers can take part with work exchange holidays with any skills they can offer to benefit local communities.

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