Maldives boutique dive holiday, Dhigurah Island



Responsible tourism

Maldives boutique dive holiday, Dhigurah Island

Carbon reduction

Your holiday will help support local people and conservation. We must also reduce CO2. Learn about the CO2 emissions of this holiday and how to reduce them.

In a destination such as the Maldives there are many challenges to businesses to address and reduce carbon emission especially away from the luxury resorts at a local island level, however, we have worked hard with our partners to ensure we are making a contribution. As part of our annual property audits we encourage our partner properties to use signage in guest rooms to encourage conservation of energy and this is also conveyed direct to our guests in pre tour information and tour briefings. We are working with local partners and NGOs on a number of projects to support waste management, beach cleaning and have recently started working with Parlay to recycle plastic bottles used on our guided tours. Finally, all our guide teams are local negating the use of any additional travel and providing personal local insight for our guests.


The Maldives is a fragile environment. It is more fragile and more in danger than most other places on earth. The countryís existence relies on healthy coral reefs and a moderation of the sea level rise. The Maldives struggles to eliminate all the rubbish produced by over 1 million tourists per year and whilst educating locals in waste management is all part of a large project, as visitors to their home we encourage our guests to support in the following ways and help by leading by example. For this reason and for the obvious difficulty in eliminating several materials, we suggest to bring back the empty containers of shampoo, bath foam, conditioner, cream and photograph film. We also suggest to reuse plastic bags in shops. We are currently, in the process of designing and producing roll away shopping bags that will be given as a welcome gift to all our guests, with the opportunity for guests to purchase additional bags for us to distribute within the community.

We choose suppliers that match our environmental values. For example the rooms of the hotel we partner are designed and finished with a very traditional Maldivian style of cement flooring and coating. These floors are Eco-friendly & energy saving. They use less energy in production compared to any other flooring types and no trees are cut down. Itís recyclable and it does not contain harmful VOC (volatile organic compounds).

We recognise local campaigns and organise environmental awareness dives to clear rubbish from local island harbour areas. Whilst on dives, guides will show guests how to view marine life in a way which does not infringe on or damage the fragile ecosystem.


Travelling with respect
We work to create good relationships between tourists and the local community. We respect local customs and culture. We want our guests to learn about local customs and cultural practices whilst respecting local dress and cultural requirements.
Our welcome leaflet allows our guests to learn a few local phrases that offer a greeting in the local Dhivehi language.
Cultural tours on Dhigurah allow our guests access into the local community to learn more about the Maldivian culture first hand.

Campaigning for change
We recognise local issues and actively campaign to address them. We have this year shown support in conjunction with our partner PADI Dive Centres by involving ourselves in public awareness dives for various campaigns including, Dive for Diabetes, a condition prolific in the Maldives, Dive for Gaza with all funds raised being passed to the Maldives Gaza charity and Environmental Awareness dives to clear rubbish from local island harbour areas.

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