Our activism
Some of our activism work - campaigning against orcas in captivity and orphanage tourism.

At Responsible Travel we try very hard to promote only responsible tourism. We don’t always get that right, but we do have the feedback processes in place to learn and improve when we don’t.

However, when we look around the tourism industry we see a great many examples of irresponsible tourism and, sometimes, downright unethical practices, destroying some of our favourite places, or damaging people and wildlife. The conventional view is that businesses (like ours) should focus only on their business, and leave governments, NGOs and activists to tackle these issues.

This has always felt wrong to us. Why should business stand by and do nothing? Why should our staff who care about these things be told to pursue them out of office hours? And what about our customers, many of whom feel as we do?

We’ve always been a business that campaigns for change. We see this as a natural extension of what we do to play our part in creating a more caring tourism industry. Over recent years we’ve formed relationships with lots of activists, local communities, NGOs and people who think differently about tourism – they bring the issues to our attention if we don’t spot them first. Read more about our activism, including our petition to keep orcas out of captivity, and our work to put an end to unethical orphanage volunteering.
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