Bangladesh tiger safari holiday

Description of Bangladesh tiger safari holiday

Follow in the footsteps of the BBC's Lost Land of the Tiger crew and join Bhutan's leading naturalist on the trail of the countries elusive Tigers and other mammals.

Price Includes:

Everything mentioned in the itinerary is included. Including three meals per day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) where mentioned in the itinerary. There will be bottled water (approx 1ltr) available for each guest each day. We have our own private air conditioned vehicles with an excellent local driver for all transfers. The internal flight from Dhaka to Jessore is also included. The live aboard boat in the Sunderbans is included as are the services of the boats crew. We use two brilliant full time guides; first a professional zoologist (where available) or naturalist will escort you on all your excursions and also a very knowledgeable English speaking local guide who will also act as driver for all transfers. Your zoologist or naturalist escort is an expert in big cat biology and behaviour and will be able to help you identify the different species as well as interpret you what behaviours you are seeing. Your zoologist escort (where available) has spent time studying and working with big cats all over the world and he has experience tracking down big cats from 5 continents. We also use trained armed national park rangers whilst tracking tigers on foot in the Sunderbans. All park entrance fees, guided walks, spotlighting sessions, boat safari and sightseeing are also included. We include more individual tiger safaris per day than any other tour operator around; if we have a zoologist available for your tour we will stay up on deck of the boat after dark for as long as you want with a high powered spotlight to see if we can catch a glimpse of a tiger coming down to the water to drink. We also bring along camera traps to try and get footage of the tigers close up in the mangroves. A comprehensive species list (which states the relative chances of seeing animals based on past tours) is included in the pre-departure pack. There is also a reference book library available for your use throughout the trip as well as some documentaries on tigers which are available to watch throughout the tour.


From between late November to early May. For tiger watching in Bangladesh we recommend visiting from mid January to mid May (this is the best overall game viewing in the Sunderbans). This is middle and the end of the hot dry season (from the start of March to mid May the temperatures can get very hot) and offers the best chances of seeing tigers and other wildlife as the hotter and drier it gets the more the wildlife aggregate around waterholes as well as there being less vegetation blocking the view. This is just before the monsoon period so water levels in the Sunderbans should be at the lowest and this makes crocodiles, river dolphins and turtles easier to see as well.


We are specialists in tailoring wildlife watching and especially big cat safari holidays all over the world. We also have an unrivalled range of tiger safaris which cover over 5 different countries. We are the first tour operator in the world to offer specific tiger watching safaris to the seldom visited country of Bangladesh. This tour will bring you to the world’s largest mangrove forest and home to the largest continuous population of tigers in the world, namely the Sunderbans National Park. This harsh and almost impenetrable forest is home to an estimated 500 tigers and due to the inhospitable conditions inside the mangroves the area has always remained untouched by human settlements (an amazing feat when you think that India and Bangladesh are two of the world’s most densely populated countries in the world). But whilst here we will not just be searching out tigers but we also have a great success in spotting other rare and elusive mammals in this incredible tangle of water ways and forest. From Gangetic river dolphins, huge saltwater crocodiles, masked finfoot, chital, langurs, finless porpoises and freshwater turtles. We aim to showcase the tiger’s ecosystem in full whenever and wherever you join us for a tiger safari into the Sunderbans. On this tour the tiger watching is mostly done from the boat (whether the small boats we will use to get deep into the narrow and well covered waterways or on the larger boat where we can spotlight well into the night from the safety of the deck), but we will also walk into the mangroves, meadows and beaches here and track down tigers on foot. We are able to run this unique and pioneering tour because our background is from a scientific and zoological standpoint and so have a great network of colleagues and contacts all over the world who are the people on the front line in search of the best new locations for tiger watching in the wild. All of these reasons and many more make us experts in arranging and guiding tiger safaris and are able to tailor a tiger safari to any location (where tigers exist) to try to find them that and request. All you have to do is to get in touch with your budget and your group size and where you would like to go to try and find wild tigers.

Why Choose this Tour:

• All of our tiger safaris are guided by a zoologist or naturalist guides as well as local gudies, drivers and also scientists or researchers where possible, this not only gives you numerous sets of trained eyes to find the animals but also gives you the chance to understand the behaviours and habits of the wildlife your watching.
• Our zoologist (where available) that escorts all our tiger safaris has great experience working with and studying big cats all over the world and has experience in tracking cats on 5 continents and big cats on all 4 continents that they live.
• We are the first operator to offer nocturnal spotlighting tours in Bangladesh, which aim to see the tigers when they are more active at night.
• We can also bring thermal imaging and night vision equipment (on request) to also aid in finding the tigers after dark.
• We use camera traps (where available) here which will increase the chances of getting close up pictures and movies of tigers and other rare nocturnal wildlife.
• In Bangladesh we offer the rare chance to tracking tigers on foot, this is an exhilarating experience and one that you will never ever forget.
• By joining this tour you will visiting a truly wild part of the world and one that very few foreign people ever visit, so you may enjoy some incredible tiger encounters without the crowds of people that often aggregate around the tigers in parks in India.
• We have explored all the areas we visit in depth and have found the best and most conveniently located accommodations to stay in whilst searching out tigers on this tour this includes staying on your own chartered boat during the cruise of the Sunderbans with your own fully trained and experienced crew.
• We have an unrivalled network of experts and guides throughout the tiger’s range that are able to find and observe other animals as well as tigers like Gangetic river dolphins, saltwater crocodile, masked finfoot, finless porpoise and hundreds other endangered, rare or endemic species throughout the tigers current distribution. Please inform us if you wish to receive more information about any of these locations and booking a tiger safari.
• Unlike many tour operators we are willing to run this tour for a single person (on request).


Being the only British based wildlife holiday operator which visits Bangladesh for wildlife watching and specifically tiger safaris all of our tours here are unique. The main tiger watching here occurs in the dense and completely wild Sunderbans Forest where you will be taken down the streams by boat as well as waking the forest in search of tigers and early each morning and in the evening we will spotlight from our chartered boat.

Fitness Level:

Anyone capable of walking for around 2-3 hours will find this tour easy, the temperatures can be hot but there is lots of shade and the walks are never very long. Most of the spotting is done from the small wooden boats or from the deck of the main vessel.


When you book onto the tour we will send you a comprehensive pre-departure pack which will include a full packing list of recommended equipment; the equipment list will vary from tour to tour and from location to location so it is best to contact us or wait until you receive the pre-departure pack after booking.

Minimum Age: 18 Years Old

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Departure information

This trip can be tailor made throughout the year to suit your requirements

Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Bangladesh tiger safari holiday


In Bangladesh we apply all the same ethics and principals set down by TOFT to all the tiger safaris. In Bangladesh and this is helping to establish a better code of practise for tiger safaris, as ecotourism is still in its infancy here. We aim to increase tourism here which will hopefully help local people find an alternative livelihood who would otherwise take to poaching or logging for a quick pay day will start to see the long term financial benefits of having the forest and the big cats alive and thriving. This is the basic model used throughout areas where poaching and deforestation has occurred elsewhere and we have no reason to believe that if this tour takes off the same principals would not apply. At the end of each we offset our carbon footprint (based on the number of tours we have completed and the number of passengers we have taken with us), with the Carbon Trust.

Wildlife Promise:

The Bangladesh we help the wildlife by making sure that all tiger sightings are logged and passed on to the park authorities. This means that the park can better manage the localised tiger populations. We also help to educate other tour providers who specialise in taking Bangladeshi families to the Sunderbans; these tour groups tend to be less inclined to follow environmental practises and we aim to help increase the sustainability of the tours and improve the environmental awareness of the Bangladeshi public.


In Bangladesh we help the local community by only employing local guides to each of the national parks we visit, this encourages the local people from close the national parks to pursuit eco training instead of the best guiding jobs going to graduates from Dhaka and other large cities. We are also in the process of training local naturalist guides to improve their livelihoods and increase their wages. We are also part of the Tour Operators for Tigers (TOFT) and while this initiative is based in India we bring their sustainable policies and community programme ideas to Bangladesh as well. By introducing these sustainable policies into Bangladesh now we aim to have them firmly established for when eco-tourism and wildlife watching becomes more mainstream in the region. We believe that by starting now we can ingrain the ethos in the local people and ground agents so that they never question the benefits of having locally driven and supported guides, accommodation and always use locally produced food and other products.

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